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GPS Performance Compared
Posté le 13 septembre 2009 à 19:02:21 par gpspassion.

6. March 2007 - GPS PDAPhones - SiRFstarIII vs Qualcomm gpsONE and the impact of A-GPS

Mio A701, Asus P535, M700, M650

Integration is the key word these days and most new mobile platforms are PDAPhones with many of them including a GPS module. The first one was the HP hw6515 in 2005 with a Globallocate GL-20000 chipset, followed in 2006 by the SiRFstarIII based Mio A701 and Eten G500. The newcomer in 2007 is the Qualcomm gpsONE chipset used on the HTC P3600/Orange SPV M700 and possibly on the upcoming HTC S730.

GpsPasSion regulars know that GPS performance varies a lot from one chipset to the other and even with the same chipset, depending on the design of the device (type of antenna used, interference, etc...), so here is a new "side by side" comparison of four GPS PDAPhones, the Mio A701, the HTC P3300/SPV M650, the Asus P535 and the HTC P3600/SPV M700 to sort through their GPS behavior in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and speed of acquisition. As a reminder you will find an HP hw6515/6915, Mio A701, Loox T830, Eten G500 comparison in this article published in 2006.


The Qualcomm based HTC P3600 is clearly not on par with the SiRFstarIII based PDAPhones with irregular and inaccurate tracks that would likely make it difficult for navigation software to provide accurate guidance. The Asus P535 also lags in the more difficult areas.

Signal Analysis

Again, the HTC P3600 has the lower numbers with little margin above 3 (required for a fix) in the average number of satellites in the fix for the more difficult areas.
The higher HDOP is an indication of lower accuracy on average and this is consistent with the track analysis above.

"Cold Start" Analysis

Getting started after being turned off for 4+ hours, the quickest out of the gate in 5 seconds is the HTC P3300/Orange SPV M650 thanks to the full Assisted GPS (A-GPS) setup provided by Orange with its SUPL servers. The Mio A701 with its simple "offline" A-GPS setup (more details here) is fast too at 15 seconds. The non-assisted Asus P535 takes 55 seconds to get a fix (this includes 30 seconds to download the ephemeris data) and the HTC P3600 is much slower at 3+ minutes (201 seconds) a combination of the lack of A-GPS and likely limited correlation power of the Qualcomm chipset.

While the Qualcomm gpsONE chipset of the HTC P3600 performs better than on the Siemens SXG75 Linux Smartphone where it could take 10+ minutes to get a fix, it remains much less effective than the SiRFstarIII chipset used on most current GPS PDAPhones . This comparison also shows the impact of GPS Assistance (A-GPS) to get a fix and reduce the time to guidance. Even the "offline A-GPS" of the Mio A701 helps significantly, while the "Full A-GPS"(SUPL) of the Orange SPV M650 will bring extra speed and more so as the conditions deteriorate.

Overall, the GPS performance of the SiRFstarIII PDAPhones is excellent and does not pale in comparison with the performance of dedicated GPS systems like the TomTom AIOs as seen in this comparison done in the same area. Let's hope the upcoming GPS PDAPhones like the HTC X7500, the Eten X800, the Mio A501, etc...will maintain these high standards.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, you can use this thread of the forums

<< 5. November 2006 - Manhattan Testing : MTK vs SiRFstarIII vs NemeriX 7. July 2007 - Pedestrian Mode Comparison - SiRF vs MTK >>

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