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i-Blue - "wakes up" on BT
Posté le 15 janvier 2006 à 23:30:52 par gpspassion.

i-Blue - First GPS that "wakes up" on Bluetooth and Nemerix on the Rise !

We've come a long way since the first Bluetooth GPS, the Emtac BT, was released in late 2002, each year bringing advances in GPS performance, Xtrac v1 in 2003, Xtrac v2 and Nemerix in 2004 and of course SiRFstarIII and RFMD in 2005 (see the GPS Chipset Article for more details) and at this point, it seems that other than bringing A-GPS to these receivers, performance has been "maxed out". This leaves room for improvement for other features such as Bluetooth management and this is where ITER's i-Blue GPS comes in.

The i-Blue PS-3200 GPS has a fairly standard form factor, close in size to the Globalsat BT-338, but does sport a shiny hologram ! It uses a Nemerix chipset with a 3.7 firmware revision and enjoys 30+ hours of battery life in continuous operation. Where it really breaks new ground though is that the GPS engine can go to sleep when the Bluetooth connection becomes inactive and then "wake up" when the PDA or PC connects again via Bluetooth with a standby mode rated at 350 hours.

After spending some time with the i-Blue receiver I became quite impressed with its performance compared to previous generation Nemerix based receivers and thought it would be a good idea to do some side by side testing with SiRFstarIII receivers as an informal update to the chipset comparison article published earlier this year and already updated in the 2005 GPS Guide article published in September.

The i-blue is available at Semsons, for $95 ($85 for GpsPasSion Club members), in black or white, see details in the Semsons forums.

>>Click here<<
for the tracks and tables that paint an interesting picture.

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