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Seidio goes SiRFIII - G4850 and BlueGPS RBT-2010
Posté le 31 décembre 2005 à 16:53:54 par gpspassion.

G4850 and BlueGPS RBT-2010

Seidio are a well know maker of accessories for PDAs, going all the way from cables, to connectors, chargers to cradles and they have gradually extended their range to include GPS accessories as well.

They broke some new ground in December 2005 with the arrival of the G4850, the first PDA cradle sporting a SiRFstarIII GPS and compatible with the Axim x50/x51, the HP4700 and the Treo 650. This is a very sleek device that I have been using with my Axim x50v and you can catch a full review by site visitor lawman >> HERE << in the forums.

For PDAs that cannot benefit from the G4850, Seidio have come up with another SiRFstarIII solution, Bluetooth this time and based on the Royaltek RBT-2010 GPS, an RBT-2001 (tested in the 2005 GPS for PDA/PC Guide), with a 1700mAh battery. You can read a full review by site visitor lawman again >> HERE << in the forums.

If you have questions or comments, you can use the respective discussion threads.

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