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GPS Testing in Manhattan
Posté le 14 octobre 2005 à 20:05:39 par gpspassion.

1. Index and Introduction

Since the site was launched in 2002, we've tested dozens of different GPS receivers in various environments and gradually came up with new testing methods and ways to analyze the results. Still, the goal is the same as it was three years ago, "sharing the user experience", so that readers can get a sense of what their own experience will be when they set out on the road with their GPS. This is what Paul's "Driving Report" in Part I aims to do, how do these receivers behave in real life? Once this qualitative aspect has been answered, it's also interesting to take a look at the quantitave side of things and see what the actual performance was by analyzing the raw tracks, a method I devised for the GPS Chipset Comparison article earlier this year.

What better setting than Manhattan in NYC, with its massive skyscrapers and narrow streets in the financial district, where satellite signals will bounce around as if in a giant pinball machine, it doesn't get any worse than this for GPS receivers !

1. Introduction and Index
2. Part I: Driving Report - BT338, BR335 and Rikaline 6033 - >link<
3. Part II: Analyzing raw GPS Performance - >link<
3. Part III: Using an external antenna - >link<

If you have questions or comments, you can use this discussion thread in the forums.

  2. Driving Report - BT338, BR335 and Rikaline 6033 >>

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