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GPS Receivers for PDAs and PCs in 2005
Posté le 04 août 2005 à 15:12:44 par gpspassion.

1. Introduction and Types or Receivers Compared

January 2006 Update - New Nemerix v3.2 iBlue vs Globalsat SS3 BT-338 - >> LINK <<

While "All-in-One" GPS navigation systems by Garmin, Magellan, Navman, Cobra, Lowrance or TomTom have been making a large dent in the GPS market over the past year, "Do It Yourself" GPS assisted navigation remains the most flexible way to navigate, as you can choose your software (road/all-terrain), hardware (PDA, VGA PDA, Laptop) and change the components as new and more powerful options become available. This article will be looking at the GPS receiver component.

Nearly 20 GPS Receivers are included in this comparison article, with the latest GPS SiRFIII based receivers, but also receivers using less well known chipsets. In terms of form factor, Bluetooth GPS receivers have taken over the market since the Emtac was launched in late 2002 thanks to their overall convenience, but this article also includes compact flash and "mouse" receivers that can be preferrable in some cases.

Various form factors

Index :
1. Introduction and Types of GPS receivers Compared
2. Comparing the Specs and Battery Life - >LINK
3. Performance - >LINK
4. Conclusion and Where to Buy - >LINK

If you have questions or comments, you can use this discussion thread in the forums

  2. Comparing the Specs and Battery Life >>

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