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GPS Chipsets and Receivers Compared
Posté le 06 avril 2005 à 15:34:34 par gpspassion.

1. Introduction

UPDATED 10/2007 : 2007 GPS Chipsets reviewed : MTK, NemeriX, Skytraq >> HERE <<
UPDATED 01/2006 : New SiRFstarIII vs Nemerix comparisons >> HERE <<

As in many other fields, especially those that are technology related, there was a time when GPS was "easier", simpler times so to speak, when there were a few handheld receivers by Garmin and Magellan and PDA/PC dependent receivers in serial or compact flash formats based on the SiRFstarII or Evermore chipsets. That was pretty much the situation in mid-2002 with some notable additions like wireless bluetooth receivers appearing in late 2002 and some high sensitivity (Xtrac) SiRF firmware apparing in 2003 (XT1) and 2004 (XT2). However, over the past six months, concurrent with the growth of GPS especially in Europe, the pace has picked up with the appearance of GPS receivers based on chipsets by Nemerix, Sony, uNav, uBlox, Fujitsu in addition to SiRF's new ultra powerful SiRFstarIII chipset. While performance on the field will depend on what designs are implemented around these chipsets, experience shows that overall performance is largely dependent on the chipset and this is what this article will focus on, with pages comparing performance in typical environments (driving, pedestrian, coated windshields, etc...) and with pages dedicated to the most common chipsets with lists of GPS receivers using these chipsets and notable differences between models. As with other articles on the site, the plan is to "share the experience" from a user perspective to help with decisions when it's time to jump into the world of GPS or upgrade from an existing setup.

1. Introduction
2. Overview of Specs and Observations - >LINK<
3. On the Road - >LINK<
4. Coated Windshields - >LINK<
5. On the trail (pedestrian) - >LINK<
5. Indoor Use - >LINK<
7. SiRFstar II - ST Chipset and Receivers - >LINK<
8. SiRFstar II - XT2 Chipset and Receivers- >LINK<
9. SiRFstar III Chipset and Receivers - >LINK<
10. Other chipsets - >LINK<
11. Conclusion - >LINK<

If you have questions or comments, you can use this discussion thread in the forums

  2. Overview of Specs and Observations - SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) >>

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