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CeBIT 2005 GPS Report
Posté le 26 mars 2005 à 18:34:47 par gpspassion.

1. GPS at CeBIT 2005

After the 3GSM World Congress show that took place in Cannes last February, GPS also got a prime spot at CeBIT this year. It was my third trip to Hannover after those of 2003 and 2004 and GPS seems to be gaining in momentum. While the same actors are there for the most part (software editors, manufactuers from Taiwan, etc...) booths are more lavish and most are now grouped in one of the giant halls (Hall 11 this year) which strengthens the impact. As in Cannes, the actors of the GPS world are now striving to optimize both the software (quick start modes, connected solutions, etc...) and the hardware (All-in-One systems, SiRFIII) to reach out to a larger public and no longer to the "early adopters", for the benefit of all users and fans of GPS !

Index :
1. Introduction
2. New "consumer" solutions - >LINK<
3. New hardware "made in Taïwan" - >LINK<
4. See you in 2006... - >LINK<

If you have questions or comments, you can use this discussion thread in the forums

  2. New "consumer" solutions >>

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