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Advanced GPS Settings
Posté le 26 mars 2005 à 18:30:32 par gpspassion.

Advanced GPS Settings with SiRFdemo and PocketPC tools


Update - New PocketPC tools available here - Update

Most of the default settings of our GPS receivers are best left untouched, but "Static Navigation" is one that should be looked at closely especially with the arrival of the new SiRFstarIII based receivers. These ultra-powerful receivers take GPS reception to a new level buy working with very weak signals but when such a situation arises, accuracy can be impacted. Observations over a 24 hour period show that with good signals, 95% of the positions reported by the GPS will be within a 15 meter radius, while with weak signals, 95% of the positions will be within a radius of 50 meters.

While this may seem a bit technical, it could directly impact how you use your GPS especially if you're into geocaching, this advanced GPS configuration tutorial shows you how to fix it.

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