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Laptop GPS Compared
Posté le 05 mars 2005 à 20:11:53 par gpspassion.

6. iGuidance v2.1

iGuidance 2.1 – What’s new...

Thanks to GpsPasSion I received a copy of the upcoming new version of iGuidance 2.1 last night and today I spent 12 hours driving with it. Here are my first impressions:

● iGuidance 2.1 now has four pre-set color themes: Yellow, Grey, White, and Fuschia.

Color Theme: Yellow is the same color theme as in the previous version 2.0, which was yellow background during the day and dark blue at night.

Color Theme: Grey (Day and Night)

Color Theme: White is my favourite.

Color Theme: Fuschia (My 8 year old daughter will love this one when she sees it)

● iGuidance now includes Full Canadian Map Coverage. Up until now MS Streets & Trips was the best source of Canadian navigable maps for consumers. Now in iGuidance 2.1 I see street level map coverage of several small towns located in remote areas of Canada, which are not covered in other products yet. I see even very little towns, some consisting of only a couple of roads, e.g. Paradise River, Mary's Harbour, Pinware, Red Bay to name a few. These and other locations may only be a small dot in other navigation software, but iGuidance 2.1 already has street-level coverage for them.

● iGuidance 2.1 responds now fast in all zoom levels. Previous problems have been fixed.

● iGuidance 2.1 brings Full Screen View mode now even to the laptop version. Unfortunately I cannot locate any keyboard shortcut for this function, so the only way to switch to and from Full Screen view mode is by the pointing device of your laptop or a computer mouse, unless you have a tablet pc or a car pc with a touch screen.

● iGuidance 2.1 introduces easy access to weather information, providing you have Internet access in your vehicle. By hitting W-key on you keyboard you will see in your web browser weather information for the area where you are currently traveling. Actually, you may right-click any place on the map and on the sub-menu that opens up select “Weather” to get instant weather information for that particular area. Nice touch iGuidance! Next step could perhaps be to overlay the weather info right on the map.

● Car repair facilities are missing from POI’s for some strange reason. They used to be in the Transportation category, Auto Service sub-category. They are gone, but cars are not getting any more reliable so I think car repair garages should come back in the next version. They should actually be expanded to include a separate category for “Dealers”

● The previous version 2.0 introduced “True Width” in 3D-view mode. This created an occasional problem of some highway lanes blending together, especially in areas where highway road network is busy with express lanes, collector lanes, transfer lanes, and lanes going in both directions. I was hoping the roads would be narrowed down a bit in version 2.1, but it hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps this could be later addressed by a downloadable .ini file.

● There is at least one other reason I wish for a downloadable .ini file. I’d like to be able to increase map font size.

Over-all, iGuidance 2.1 is an improvement over version 2.0. iGuidance, thanks again, and keep the good work. I’m already looking forward to version 3.

Available at Semsons for $99 (before GpsPasSion Club discount)

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