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Laptop GPS Compared
Posté le 05 mars 2005 à 20:11:53 par gpspassion.

5. Conclusion


I wish ALK CoPilot Laptop 8 (North America) used map data by NavTeq just like their European version does I believe, instead of the proprietary maps, which I have found to contain higher level of errors and omissions that I haven’t experienced in other products. I should put a disclaimer here, though: I only tested CoPilot in and around Toronto area. Users elsewhere, or outside Canada may have better experience with the product.

My personal #1 choice for in-car navigation is iGuidance. There is almost nothing I can think of that could possibly be improved about this remarkably well designed piece of software.

I would not leave home without Microsoft Streets & Trips either, though. I use both iGuidance and Streets & Trips daily at work while driving. I use each for its strengths. S&T is very inexpensive and anyone who travels a lot would be wise to get a copy.

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