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Laptop GPS Compared
Posté le 05 mars 2005 à 20:11:53 par gpspassion.

2. iGuidance v2.0 *

* - 03/13/05 - Review has been updated for the upcoming v2.1
See what's new and improved >>HERE<<



Installation is simple and straight forward. You will be asked which states and/or provinces you wish to install. I installed it all, excluding Hawaii. When I clicked on Hawaii I was informed “Hawaii state map data cannot be combined with other states map data.” That is no problem at all, if you wish to vacation in Hawaii you may install the map at a later date before your trip. It will be a quick few minute process to just install that one state.

iGuidance version 2.0 has excellent map coverage of the whole USA, including Hawaii. Alaska is not included yet, but NavTeq, the company which provides map data for iGuidance and others, released its first navigable map of Alaska to its direct customers last month, December 2004. My guess would be that Alaska may be included in iGuidance version 3.

Canada in version 2.0 is limited to map coverage of only a few select areas. I live in Toronto and maps here and the surrounding cities are excellent. Major cities in Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta may enjoy the same, or almost the same, quality of maps. Some other provinces like Manitoba and Saskatchewan, even though they are on installation CD, they only include major highways and no local streets. East cost provinces have no coverage at all in version 2.0, but a new version 2.1 is expected to be released soon (Q1 or Q2 of 2005) and very likely will have Full Canadian Coverage. (Version 2.1 includes Full Canadian coverage. Read more >>HERE<<)

Points of Interest (POI’s)
Pictures of POI menus and submenus are likely more interesting than my writing:

The restaurant sub-menu offers the choice of 55 restaurant types: from African, American, Austrian all the way to Vegetarian.


The routes generated are generally speaking of excellent quality. Upcoming version 2.1 will address some routing related issues and the quality will be even better.

Voice Prompts
A lot of thought must have gone into implementation of the voice prompts feature in iGuidance. It doesn't say an unnecessary word. It is straight to the point, very succinct and it doesn't waste your time. In my humble opinion there is almost no room for improvement here.

The application uses a pleasant and easy to understand pre-recorded real human voice. The moment you complete your turn, iGuidance always lets you know the next instruction, even if it is 200 kilometres (or miles) away from where you are right now. When you start approaching the next turn or highway exit, you again are given another voice prompt. The number of voice prompts you get depends on your speed and proximity to your next turn.

Entering of destination address

Most of the time all I want to do is to enter street name and street number. To get to the "Enter Street Name" dialog box all I need to do is hit Enter on my keyboard 4 times. Type-ahead feature simplifies entering street names.

After you enter your street name , "Enter House Number" dialog box opens up, showing you a valid number range of the street(s).

Other features
* Both Laptop version and also Pocket PC version are included

* Side of Street Notification tells you which side of the street your destination is on, making it easier to locate the right building when you arrive.

* iGuidance has some very useful keyboard shortcuts. You will not see them in the product manual so you may want to print this:

- left / right arrows: switch map views
- up / down arrows: zoom in / out
- enter: opens main menu window
- r: toggles route list window
- g: toggles GPS info window
- n: toggles map orientation (north up / heading up)
- v: toggles guidance volume window
- m: mute on / off
- p: POI's on / off
- 3: 3D-View on / off
- space: voice prompt

It is hard for me to believe that iGuidance is only in its version number 2.0, yet it feels like a very mature software application that has been around for many years. The good people responsible for bringing us this navigation tool have done an exceptional job of making the program very intuitive. It has almost no learning curve. I have successfully taught a few people how to use iGuidance while sitting beside them in their cars, and it literally takes no more than 5 minutes to show everything there is to know.
The only issue that I can think of new users may stumble upon is that the application may stop responding or it may respond very slowly when zoomed out beyond certain level. This may happen especially while driving and more likely in 3D-view mode. Knowing that, I just avoid zooming out beyond that level while moving. If I wish to zoom out a bit more, first I switch to 2D-view, where it allows me to zoom out a bit more while still responding fast. If it stops responding, you don't need to restart iGuidance; if you have easy access to your GPS USB plug, unplugging it for a second will correct it. For more experienced users this is a non-issue as this does not occur at the zoom levels that are practical for navigation.(New version 2.1 fixes the problem. Read more >>HERE<<)

Available at Semsons for $99 (before GpsPasSion Club discount)

You can join this discussion thread for questions, comments and updates

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