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Laptop GPS Compared
Posté le 05 mars 2005 à 20:11:53 par gpspassion.

1. Laptop GPS Software Compared

While laptops are the original devices that were used for mobile GPS Assisted Road Navigation, they have largely given way since 2002 to PocketPCs, and now Smartphones. Still, laptops remain much more powerful than PDAs and that can come in handy for long distance routing or complex trip planning and some environments can accomodate their size (trucks, RVs, etc...) and with devices like the OQO they can be used anywhere.

Here's an article by Marvin, moderator of our forums and experienced Laptop GPS user who shares his experience with iGuidance v2.1 by iNav Corp, Streets and Trips 2005 by Microsoft and CoPilot Live by ALK

Here's the "menu":
1. Index
2. iGuidance - UPDATED for v2.1 - >>HERE<<
3. Streets and Trips 2005
4. CoPilot Live
5. Conclusion

You can join this discussion thread for questions, comments and updates.

  2. iGuidance v2.0 * >>

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