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Reporting from 3GSM 2005
Posté le 18 février 2005 à 12:08:47 par gpspassion.

New GPS Hardware and Software

The 3 GSM World Congress that took place in Cannes for the last time this year (moving to Barcelona in 2006) was a good opportunity for the GPS industry "players" to introduce their latest hardware and software solutions and from what I saw there it seems the user experience is only going to be getting better !

SiRF - GPS at the power of III !

SiRF had a nice spot in Hall 4, K14

The SiRF "chips" - from left to right, 1. the RF component, 2. the SS3 chipset (cpu/dsp and RF) and 3. the "single chip" design (SS3 all in one).

SiRFstarIII breaks new ground with its incredible signal crunching power (x1000 that of SiRFstarII) that allows it to "correlate" signals that were previously unusable. As a result, performance is more predictable regardless of the environment, for instance, you no longer need to wait to get a fix before driving out of a parking garage, whether you wait or not, the fix won't take more than 45 seconds when it could take several minutes with SS2 if you got started right away

SiRF was using a sophisticated unit to simulate various configurations in various reception environments, autonomous SS3, aided SS3, SiRFSoft (RF component only) with and without aiding, etc...with none other than Kanwar Chadha, founder of SIRF, as a guide!

From left to right, the Leadtek 9553 and 9700 (first all in one with SS3), the Royaltek RBT1100, taking over from the successful RBT1000 and the famous Gizmondo that does exist after all !

TomTom Mobile 5 - first "hybrid" steps

TomTom used the 3GSM to launch TomTom Mobile 5, likely the first member of the "TomTom 2005" navigation platform. Compared to the current TomTom Mobile, more connectivity (Weather, maps, POIs) and more options (type of trip, compass display, speed, etc...)

Another surprise guest on the TomTom booth for 3GSM, a new bluetooth GPS based on the new and very powerful SiRFstarIII chipset (see above)

GPS and Mobility

From lef to right : Mio was showing the rather hefty Mio268, ALK was taking people for a ride to test out CoPilot, Gizmondo seems to be coming to life...

So long Cannes, Cheers Barcelona !

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