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Cobra NavOne - HD On Board
Posté le 14 novembre 2004 à 11:22:41 par gpspassion.

Cobra NAV ONE 3000 - Index

GpsPasSion member Rich Heimlich * shares with us his discovery of the Cobra NAV ONE 3000 from opening the box to making suggestions for improvement after some serious road testing - see what he has to say about it - he shared his first impressions in this thread of the forums

Cobra NAV ONE 3000 - Cobra Attempts To Lure the Masses
By Rich Heimlich

Cobra Electronics has just released a new competitor in the GPS navigation market--The Nav One 3000. I've been shopping for a navigation system for quite some time and have tried several products that all ended up going back to the store. In-car solutions aren't appealing to me. They’re overly expensive (both in initial cost and for subsequent upgrades) and you need one for each vehicle. Handheld solutions have presented their own problems. They’re often underpowered, lack features, lack intuitive display information (due to their inherently small screens) and are often a mess of cables and intermittent or low accuracy. They also suffer from a lack of memory so they require lots of pre-trip setup to load all the various map segments along your route.

Garmin and Magellan have come out with some decent products of late in their StreetPilot and Roadmate lines but I didn't find a solution that fit me well there either. I then found the Cobra Nav One 3000 and did some research on it. That wasn't easy to do as Cobra Electronics did not initially do a very good job of presenting the Nav One on their website. At the time I purchased it, you couldn't download a manual to research detailed features and the demonstration on their site was far too basic for my tastes.

The key feature of the Nav One is that it’s an all-in-one solution. It’s built around an automotive grade 20GB hard drive so there's no need to create your trip offline and then transfer that data and maps to the device via memory cards or other means. Everything you need is already built into the device. That also means there are no additional maps to buy. Many competing products make their money by selling the device less cheaply and then charging you for map data. This approach doesn't appeal to most people.

Something about the Nav One appealed to me so I took the risk and managed to pick one up for $799 which is quite a savings off the $1,299 list price.

1. Introduction
2. Setting up the Cobra
3. Where are you Headed ?
4. On the Road
5. Room for Improvement
6. Comparison Shots and Conclusion

* Rich Heimlich is a recent fan of navigation systems and previously was an editor, columnist and reviewer for several multimedia publications. He's also the author of the best-selling "Sound Blaster; The Official book" series.

  2. Setting up the Cobra >>

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