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Mio GPS v2 - Presentation in Paris
Posté le 12 novembre 2004 à 16:26:54 par gpspassion.

Mio 268 and Mio 269

Introducing the Mio GPS v2
Mio chose the Digital Living Festival organised by CNET in Paris on November 10th, to introduce the Mio 268 and Mio 269 previously known as the Mio 188 (see news).

Before going into some of the known details concerning these two devices, let's specify that the choice of the navigation software that will power the Mio GPS v2 hasn't been finalized yet and that the various models on show ran either the "blue" version of Navigon MN4 (just launched as OnCourse in the US) and Destinator v3 and v4.

The Specs :
- WindowsCE 4.2 without the PocketPC "layer" (Excel, PIE, Word, etc...)
- It's possible that there will be a special Mio "layer" (see first picture below) with some simple apps (contacts, calendar) and an MP3 player.
- Common features include the classic Xscale chip running at 300mhz, 32/64Mb of RAM, an SD slot, a SiRF XT2 GPS, a mini patch antenna, but no removable battery.
- The 269 features a 2.5Gb mini hard drive that will contain pre-loaded maps.
- Release date is planned for January 2005 in Europe with some competitive pricing, especially for the 269 with a hard drive. No known release date for the US at this time.

The Pics

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