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 [TIP] Raw logging on nuvi 2xx/5xx/7xx/1xxx/37xx
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Posted - 19 mars 2009 :  20:09:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by neadrenalin

SD logs feature is not embedded yet.

Hi, sorry - i meant for nuvi 200?

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Posted - 20 mars 2009 :  14:22:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Gamed-on yesterday for about 5 hours. Using a SirfStar 750, I have a folder generated with yesterday's date contatining gps.bin (585kb), nav.bin (32kb) and traffic.bin (4,816kb). Using nutrak v0.15, no matter which file I select or just select the entire folder either on the nuvi or copied to my desktop, I keep getting the error message "Wrong header format".

What am I doing wrong?
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Posted - 20 mars 2009 :  14:31:17  Show Profile  Visit beetle-m's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Get a newer version of wNutrak (v0.16) from popej's website:

nüvi 3490T (105-01652-00), nüvi 760 (006-B0754-00) & still 250W (006-B0737-00)

Edited by - beetle-m on 20 mars 2009 14:32:50
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Posted - 20 mars 2009 :  15:17:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm an idiot! ;)

In my defense, however, I would've sworn that that was the version I'd downloaded. Works like a charm. Can hardly wait for the SD card mod
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Posted - 20 mars 2009 :  18:58:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by neadrenalin

>Anyone in a similar situation?
I tried vmware under macos and there were some problems too. So I advise you to use native OS and drivers properly installed.

why don't you start the game now?

Yeah, that did the trick. Updated on my laptop and worled like a charm :). These logs are neat. Thanks to whoever patched the firmware.
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Posted - 21 mars 2009 :  17:28:11  Show Profile  Visit neadrenalin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
hi there!
I have created version with tracklogs for 2x5w series units.
Size : 9369321 (both versions - usual storage and sd storage included)

I have noticed interesting feature in 2x5 series: after access service menu, it enables screenshot function, that starts to shot into the \garmin\logs folder (if tracklog function is stopped), and in \garmin\logs\ddmmyy_hhmmss folder - if function is running.
Also in sd-version it stores screenshots on sd card. If there is no sd - there are no complains about it, some glitches with update UI when access the menu, but I think it does not matter.
Also error logs will be stored on SD if any appear.
So, insert SD and run.

As for another SD-enabled firmwares - somebody can create them to, this published firmware is a good example how to patch.
Probably I will do it too.

From the disadvantages and what I'm missing very ... I have found 5-6 sec delay in code, patched, but it does not work. So long access to the speedometer for this firmware is still required. Button Dump now is the tracklog function.

Any pleased comments appreciated :) Thank you for your patience.

Upd. Something strange with gps.bin file. It is absent sometimes. :(

Edited by - neadrenalin on 03 avr. 2009 23:05:27
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Posted - 22 mars 2009 :  08:30:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Could you still do 760TW? (
We all love the work you do
Donations we can can only do when you setup site

Nuvi 200w, 260w, 750, 780, 1410, 200wTW, 760TW - Data logger's
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Posted - 22 mars 2009 :  09:59:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
thanks neadrenalin! much appreciated. can you update the old patched versons(2xx,2xxW,7xx) in order to enable SD recording? this will be a major help - protecting the nuvi flash
is this 2x5w vesrion ok fr 2x5 series too?

Edited by - gadev on 22 mars 2009 10:02:11
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Posted - 22 mars 2009 :  11:24:36  Show Profile  Visit neadrenalin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I can update. Somebody else can do it too. Why not? I have very short weekend and try to help you all.

>is this 2x5w version ok for 2x5 series too?
No. You have to use 2x5.

Nuvi 2x5, HWID=0851
Size: 4699759

What else is needed to patch: xx5, 2x0, 7x0 different taiwan/japan versions;

Probably done with european 7x5 and sent for testing.
Nuvi 7x5, HWID=0870
Size: 6666925

>Could you still do 760TW?
Probably yes. :) Done:
Nuvi 7x0 Taiwan, HWID=0836
Size: 5229890

Edited by - neadrenalin on 03 avr. 2009 23:06:21
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Posted - 23 mars 2009 :  06:44:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Converting the raw tracklog to .gpx. The altitude is missing. Is the altitude not logged on the raw tracklog or is Nutrack unable to convert it to .gpx?
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Posted - 26 mars 2009 :  22:22:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Apparently, per popej's post some time ago, the altitude data is NOT there.

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Posted - 28 mars 2009 :  14:26:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
please....i need rgn file for my nuvi 760 id 754 after i update my UNIT ESN change and can not see usb internal disk drive...

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Posted - 28 mars 2009 :  14:55:34  Show Profile  Visit neadrenalin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I have updated files for SD tracklogs:

nuvi 2x0 HWID = 0660, v.5.00, tracklog on SD enabled.
Size : 2827422
Please redownload.

nuvi 2x0 HWID = 0760 (taiwan version), v.4.10 and higher

nuvi 2x0 HWID = 0834, v.5.00, tracklog on SD enabled.
Size : 2811144

nuvi 2x0w HWID = 0780, v.3.80, tracklog on SD enabled.
Size : 4090000

nuvi 2x0w HWID = 0737, v.4.00, tracklog on SD enabled.
Size : 2654429

nuvi 2x0w HWID = 0835, v.4.00, tracklog on SD enabled.
Size : 2624233

nuvi 2x5 HWID = 0851, v.5.00, tracklog on SD enabled.
(this firmware also suits to the units new fashioned as 2x0 - with the glamour menu)
Size : 4699797

nuvi 2x5w HWID = 0827, v.5.00, tracklog on SD enabled.
(this firmware also suits to the units new fashioned as 2x0w - with the glamour menu)
Size : 9369321 (both versions included, SD and internal)

nuvi 2x5w HWID = 0932 (taiwan version), v.2.50 and higher

nuvi 2x5w HWID = 0933 (japanese version), v.2.20 and higher

nuvi 7x0 HWID = 0754, v.3.10, tracklog on SD enabled.
(DO NOT use this version if you have already 4.xx version inside your unit. Use version 4.60 listed below!)
Size : 3843299

nuvi 7x0 HWID = 0754, v.4.60, tracklog on SD enabled.
Size : 3829992

nuvi 7x0 HWID = 0836 (taiwan version), v.3.10, tracklog on SD enabled.
Size : 5229840

nuvi 7x5 HWID = 0870, v.3.30, tracklog on SD enabled.
Size : 6666949

Note1. Fast access via speedometer is not enabled on 2x5, 2x5w, 7x5 firmwares. You need to hold on for 5-6 sec.
Note2. To access tracklog menu on nuvi 7x0, 2x5, 2x5w, 7x5 you need to press on speedometer and then press on 'Del' ('Dump') button.
Note3. There is no possibility at all to unhide tracklog on nuvi 610/660/670/680 and zumo 450/500/550 - there is no hidden tracklog there.
As for TODO items - please specify, do you need them too?
If you know that another HWID exists, please let me know.
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Posted - 28 mars 2009 :  16:53:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Fantastic, thanks for all your time and effort on these programs. They are greatly appreciated.

One other NOTE and correct me if I'm wrong but these SD enabled updates mean that the tracklog will now ALWAYS be recorded in the Garmin\Logs folder on the SD card. There is no option to record the log to the Nuvi's internal storage.

I'm not sure how useful it would be, but would it be possible to have a version where the user had the option to record the logs to internal storage OR SD card? I'm not really asking for this, it's just a question in case some folks were wondering as well.

Rick James - Nuvi Forum Moderator
Nuvi 350 - Nuvi 760 - Nuvi 1695LM - Nuvi 3790LMT (with ecoRoutes HD) - Nuvi 2460LMT - Nuvi 3597LMTHD (with ecoRoutes HD) - DriveLuxe 50LMTHD also TomTom 540S for side by side comparison >> Here <<
2016 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ 6 CYL AWD and 2006 Chrysler Town & Country Limited (Arizona Vehicle)

Edited by - NanaimoRick on 28 mars 2009 18:01:32
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Posted - 28 mars 2009 :  18:30:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Wouldn't it be somewhat safer to record to an SD card so you don't run the risk of bricking the nuvi's internal flash memory?
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