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 GPS Receivers for PDAs and PCs
 HOLUX M-1200 and M-1000B
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Posted - 03 sept. 2008 :  15:09:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Which file did you used? Could you give me a download link?
And with which cable? Do I need the original cable?
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Posted - 08 sept. 2008 :  08:01:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I use original Holux cable, other Serial RS232 to TTL cable, did not work. I used files from You (lalamper) first file (not for Nokia version).
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Posted - 08 sept. 2008 :  16:21:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I was using following cable:

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Posted - 13 sept. 2008 :  21:13:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Edvarvas!

If I could get this cable I would do the update...
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Posted - 21 sept. 2008 :  19:14:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just got a Holux m1000b and would like to flash the firmware, as it came with the first release.
The problem is I don't have the Holux data cable, and can't find a place to buy it in my country?
Is it possible to flash over BT as it was for Holux SiRF devices?
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Posted - 22 sept. 2008 :  19:59:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I made some trial short walks(~1km) under clear sky with my m1000b and I am very disappointed.
The worst positioning is when I stand in one place. It can miss track my position by up to 100m and jumps wildly :(
It's better when I'm on the move, but not by much.
Makes it unusable for my intentions, which involve walking speed and less.

Maybe a firmware upgrade would help, but it seems I'll have to build the cable myself and find the firmware :/

I'm using it on Vista, Vistumbler and Google Earth.

Is there anything I could to to make performance better?

update: Tried it in a car, and it works fairly well. Until you stop the car, when it gets hit by the LSB again.
Oh, well, will have to upgrade or buy another.

Edited by - hitodenashi on 25 sept. 2008 09:42:53
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Posted - 24 sept. 2008 :  08:42:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi to all, probably the answer to my question is already somewhere in this forum, but i did not find it...

I have succesfully built a RS232 serial interface for my Holux M-1200. It works well at 38400 baud with a PC that has only a RS232 interface (no usb).
Now the question: is it possible to change serial baudrate? I have an application on that PC that supports 4800 or 9600 baud.
MiniGps lite shows firmware version B-core_1.0 0013.

Thank you.

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Posted - 26 sept. 2008 :  08:23:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by lalamper

I contacted with Holux about firmware update on M-1200 receiver
and I got the following files attached to do the update.

How did you manage to get them to give you the firmware?
What did you write them?

In any case I sent them an email asking for M1000b firmware, have yet to receive a reply.

If someone has a M1000b firmware, please do post it here.
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Posted - 30 sept. 2008 :  21:27:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hehh.. The story is the following...

Dear Holux!

I have a M-1200 GPS receiver using firmware B-core_1.0 0013 and I still have the LSB (Low Speed Bug) problem with the device.
When I don't move, the receiver displays my speed at 2-4 Km/h.

Is there any firmware update for this product? Can it be done by myself?

Thank you for your answer!

Best regards,
Lajos Nagy

Dear Sir :

Thanks for your mail, again..

You have to use the data cable as attached file to update the firmware.
If you don’t have data cable pls. try to contact your local retailer to buy it.

We wouldn’t suggest you update the firmware by yourself except you persist.
If you really want to upgrade the firmware, you can contact to your reseller or retailer for support, they can help you.

Thanks and best regards.
HOLUX Technology Inc.,
tel: +886-3-6687000
fax: +886-3-6687111

Dear Sender!

Of course, I can do the update, but I could not find any downloadable firmware or any program that could be used.
Also there is no information about latest fw too on your website. I have checked sereval sites, including of Holux.

I have bought my device via Internet, perhaps the seller from Chine would not know anything about upgrading possibility.
Your product is a "grab and pay" in any shop. Or could you recommend someone in Hungary? I dont know any.

Can you help me?

Best regards,
Lajos Nagy

Dear Sir :

Thanks for your mail, again.

Pls. try to use the attached file to check again.
Pls. try to make sure your content of firmware version? Then refer the attached files of SOP to choose the suitable FW for your M-1200

If you not sure how to do the update procedure, you can contact your local retailer for support.
If you can't find out the retailer, please contact our local sales, they will provide the retailer's information for you.
USA area :
Europe area :

Thanks and best regards.
HOLUX Technology Inc.,
tel: +886-3-6687000
fax: +886-3-6687111

How to build that cable? Do you have schematic image?

Edited by - lalamper on 30 sept. 2008 21:31:28
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Posted - 01 oct. 2008 :  10:17:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
@lalamper: this one here:
I plan on building it today, hope I manage to do it right.

Holux came through, and I got the firmware.
It's dated 16.09.2008, which is very recent.

Any tips on the flashing procedure?
I plan on doing a readback to backup the current FW, extract the BT address, edit it into the new FW and just download the whole thing to the receiver?

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Posted - 01 oct. 2008 :  10:53:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I own Holux M1000, B-core_1.0 0012, and recently came upon the news, that Holux released firmware updates for these receivers. Building a cable with RS232 driver is not a problem for me, but the only binary i found in the net is the one for M1200, that was shared in this thread.

@hitodenashi: Although I believe the firmware is the same for M1000, M1000B and M1200, I'll be grateful if you share with us the firmware for your M1000B, that you've got from Holux!

Meanwhile, I found that here, in Bulgaria, an e-shop offers M1000SE, and claims it has the newest firmware :-). A friend of mine will probably buy one these days, and if so, I'll extract its M1000SE firmware and will also post it in the forum.

Edited by - jdl on 01 oct. 2008 11:38:05
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Posted - 01 oct. 2008 :  13:43:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
@jdl: I upped it on Rapidshare:

As I'm a electronics noob, some stuff:
I plan on using this:
Saimhe used 0.1uF and 0.33 uF capacitors (with the same max232 chip), but the diagram states that I should use 1.0 uF ones?

Which one should I use?
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Posted - 01 oct. 2008 :  15:24:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
@hitodenashi: Thanks for the M-1000_update_procedure!!!

I recommend to use 1.0uF capacitors, as MAX232 is designed for these values. If you use MAX232A, then the caps should be 0.1uF, as described in the pdf. Anyway, I suppose that any values in range 0.1-1.0uF would work fine in our case, but if you have capacitors with exact values (1.0uF), use them!

Once again, thanks for the file you shared!!!
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Posted - 03 oct. 2008 :  07:51:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well my version of the cable didn't work :( LOL
Please advise if you have any more tips or suggestions.

Did you follow the saimhe scheme exactly or did you make some adjustments?

I used MAX232CPE. Maybe I got the wrong capacitors?

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10 Posts

Posted - 03 oct. 2008 :  08:10:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've built the cable according the schematic and it works OK. I haven't updated M1000 firmware yet, but successfully read its own firmware with FlashTools.

The chip I use is the same: MAX232CPE. Did you powered the MAX with 5V?
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