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 MS Streets and Trips, AutoRoute, and MapPoint
 What's new in Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008
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Posted - 22 août 2007 :  04:04:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Marvin, great review. However, I am diappointed in this version.

Marvin, since you use both would you say it's practical to buy/use S&T 2008 or use Iguidance 4.0? In addition, unless I am mistaken Iguidance gives text to speech, like turn left at Main Street.

Edited by - ELEGEND_YVR on 22 août 2007 04:05:26
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Marvin Hlavac

6904 Posts

Posted - 22 août 2007 :  04:30:14  Show Profile  Visit Marvin Hlavac's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Yes, iGuidance 4 pronounces street names, too. But the feature is really a personal preference – some people may like it, some may not. I personally disabled the street names in iGuidance (a simple registry change can achieve it).

Which to buy? S&T 2008 or iG4? That's a difficult question. A few times I have answered it by suggesting to first try the more expensive iGuidance. If iGuidance cannot do for you everything you need, then try the less expensive Streets & Trips.

* iGuidance is easy to use for GPS navigation.

* Streets & Trips can do much more than GPS navigation, but the navigation aspect of it requires more technical skill of the user.

* iGuidance can be taught to anyone in 5 minutes or less.

* I cannot imagine trying to teach a not-technically inclined person how to use Streets & Trips for navigation. But if you are a geek at heart, or if your specific needs cannot be met by iGuidance, then Streets & Trips may be the way to go.

For those who are considering Streets & Trips version with "Connected Services", visit the blog of S&T Team. They just posted a short video which briefly shows how the new Connected Services work. Here is the link:!FDEF586E035CD203!350.entry

Marvin Hlavac
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 22 août 2007 :  22:08:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This activation business sounds annoying, as I'm the sort of person that re-installs Windows a lot and if you only get 2 activations before it blocks you, that could turn out to be very frustrating.

Does the old trick of copying the map data files from 2008 into the 2007 directory still work, so that you can run 2007 but with the updated maps?

Also, does this traffic feature work through the internet when you're at home, so that you can use S&T to quickly check the traffic situation before leaving home? And how do you select which roads it downloads traffic information for?
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Marvin Hlavac

6904 Posts

Posted - 23 août 2007 :  00:14:40  Show Profile  Visit Marvin Hlavac's Homepage  Reply with Quote

1.) There should be no problem when you re-install Windows. I was curious about it, too, and this was the answer I got:

"Users who install ST2008 then format their machine and reinstall windows can re-install ST08 and activate online."

2.) The traffic service in Streets & Trips doesn't require Internet access. The data is received via the FM receiver. However, if you wish to just check the traffic at home before you depart, you may also use free online map service.... click me or click me

Marvin Hlavac
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Marvin Hlavac

6904 Posts

Posted - 23 août 2007 :  00:43:22  Show Profile  Visit Marvin Hlavac's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Is anyone out there using Franson GPS Gate with this new S&T 2008 version? I'd like to know if everything is working fine.

I came across an odd issue, but I had very limited time to test, and I only tested this with two different GPS receivers. And I may not even have the latest version of Franson GPS Gate. I observed that when a GPS signal is not going directly to Streets & Trips 2008, but instead it is going though Franson GPS Gate, the new automatic re-routing is not working. I get the same result with a Microsoft GPS unit, and also a non-Microsoft unit. When Franson GPS Gate is used, re-routing in my setup is not working, but when I close Franson GPS Gate, all is OK.

Can someone confirm this?

Marvin Hlavac
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540 Posts

Posted - 23 août 2007 :  09:23:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I always like S&Ts routing information and planning except for the inability to change your speed settings which has disappeared post S&T 2004.

I guess Iguidance hasn't added the route planning in their latest version. Like cjuk, I am one to reinstall Windows frequently as well. I don't like this activation nonsense but I understand why Microsoft has gone this route. Too much pirated software around and I don't believe there will be sufficient interest to warrant a key generator or crack for S&T 2008 or Iguidance 4. I would imagine getting through Microsoft will be a pain and you will need to show that you own S&T. Then again, I was told XP was limited to 3 onboard peripheral upgrades before it would stop working.
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Marvin Hlavac

6904 Posts

Posted - 23 août 2007 :  14:29:22  Show Profile  Visit Marvin Hlavac's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Some similar products, CoPilot by ALK, and the new iGuidance 4 by iNav, do allow users to de-activate the program on one PC on-line, so it can be activated on another PC. With ST08 this would I'm afraid require a phone call and a good explanation.

Marvin Hlavac
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Posted - 23 août 2007 :  20:08:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"Connected Services

I cannot properly review the new "Connected Services" functionality because the service is unavailable outside the USA at this time. But here is at least a little bit of info I'm able to provide."

Try Selecting buffalo NY then it tells you that Toronto & Hamilton are selectable selct Toronto and if gives you:

"Your location is within the MSN Direct coverage area.
Some areas may have limited traffic coverage.
Learn more about traffic coverage.
Check another location

The following nearby locations are also within the MSN Direct coverage area:

Buffalo Hamilton Kitchener"

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Marvin Hlavac

6904 Posts

Posted - 23 août 2007 :  22:52:41  Show Profile  Visit Marvin Hlavac's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I suspect that's how it may work when activating a different device for MSN Direct service, but not the FM receiver for Streets & Trips 2008. I do not see an option to select any Canadian city at any stage of activation. I was able to select Buffalo, NY, that's I guess the reason I see gas info for that city, but I'm receiving nothing else. The signal is here, but just no traffic/gas data. I was not really expecting it either, because as per the MSN Direct web site no Canada city has traffic coverage (as of today).

Marvin Hlavac
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66 Posts

Posted - 23 août 2007 :  23:58:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One thing that I don't like about S&T is the zoom. In 2007 the local road data is only viewable at 30km / 18 mi. I'd like to be able to see this data when zoomed out further. Has this changed in 2008, or is it the same?

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2 Posts

Posted - 24 août 2007 :  03:20:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
How accurate is the GPS? I have been using S&T (or earlier program) since the mid 90's and I need a GPS that can put me within 10 feet of a point for estimating land property lines.

Edited by - rmiltonw on 24 août 2007 03:22:16
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22 Posts

Posted - 24 août 2007 :  11:36:55  Show Profile  Visit int's Homepage  Reply with Quote
And About AutoRoute 2008? for when?

From Portugal
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7 Posts

Posted - 24 août 2007 :  17:25:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, Marvin,

Is it confirmed that S&T 2008 won't be able to select both "dynamic turn view" and "perspective map"? If they can be selected together, then it will be really good.
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33 Posts

Posted - 24 août 2007 :  19:44:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If Amazon is delaying shipment, do we know of any other online stores selling it, or does anyone know if it is in stores yet? Best Buy in my area does not have it yet (as of last night).
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163 Posts

Posted - 24 août 2007 :  23:04:20  Show Profile  Visit Alan_'s Homepage  Reply with Quote
After reading Marvin review, I'm less than thrilled about S&T 2008.

I still using iG4 and S&T 2007 with Franson GPS Gate. I'm considering getting S&T 2008, but I'm hearing from Marvin post that S&T 2008 new automatic re-routing feature will not work for him with Franson GPS Gate. Can someone please confirm the problem?

Within a few years, I bet there will be good wireless coverage with an on-line GPS solution that has a rerouting feature with voice guidance. I don't want to put up with product activation nonsense and sloppy programs that are full of bugs.
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