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 Cutting maps of the World with Google MV 2
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Posted - 14 avr. 2007 :  18:47:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I don't know what's the reason that it only shows "Russian" language on my computer; unless the contain of the files has changed since after. Can I ask a big favor to test it see if it's the case from the "backup link" you provided at the top; Or else e-mail me with the proper english program. Thanks.
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Posted - 14 avr. 2007 :  18:49:36  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Obviously I did it before posting my message yesterday. You really can't miss them!

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Posted - 15 avr. 2007 :  19:38:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Finally, I got it works in English. It's funny if I un-zipped it with the ZIP program I get it in "Russian" language only; but if I un-Zipped it with WinRAR program, I get a choice of 4 languages. Very strange indeed.
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Posted - 06 mai 2007 :  11:47:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Its seems that Google block the IP after download about 10 pictures.
Does anybody know how to operate this SW without multi threding (I have the time) so google will not block the IP.
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Posted - 08 mai 2007 :  20:17:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Can anyone tell me how this program saves the ozi map file? I tried the export tab in the settings with the oziexplorer option ticked. If this saves the map files, I can't find them....

I'd also be interested in turning off the multiple download threads. I don't want a ban!

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Posted - 06 juin 2007 :  18:01:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
GoogleMV is just the tool I was looking for. Too bad it doesn't work for me. Too bad I can't read French either, because that topic about GoogleMV is much longer.
Here's is what I've tried so far:
-I've downloaded GoogleMV again
-I've set the sources to the ones at the beginning of this topic.
-I have a folder c:\temp
-I've changed the cachefolder to a new one and pushed the convert-button
-I've allowed my firewall all traffic by GoogleMV

I did not download one map yet but maybe I am already banned. How can I check if I am banned? Is there a way to bypass this with a proxy or something.

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Posted - 08 juin 2007 :  10:54:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

You can check to see if you are banned simply by visiting in a browser and check each of the different map views (Map/Satellite/Hybrid). You'll get a message displayed instead of the map if you've been blocked/banned.

The settings I currently use are:

(I'm in the UK)



Alternatively, you can follow these instructions...

Originally posted by cpasoft

It's very easy...
* Open the URL with firefox
* Choose the imagen you want (satellite, hybrid, map)
* Go to tools->page information
* Check the URL for one of the images on the "media" tab

If you can understand spanish, go to this topic:

Best regards... ;)

Edited by - imt21 on 08 juin 2007 10:55:12
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Posted - 08 juin 2007 :  18:53:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Tanks imt21, but no luck yet.
I tried the website and I´m not banned. Then I´ve downloaded firefox and filled in the sources (a zillion times already!!). I also tried your sources. I must be doing something wrong. It's getting on my nerves, I'd better go for a walk (Too bad I have no map in my GPS!!!!!)
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Posted - 10 juin 2007 :  13:15:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Have you check your firewall or your antivirus soft?. Maybe the GoogleMV cannot access to inet...
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Posted - 11 juin 2007 :  18:09:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have ZoneAlarm and GoogleMV is allowed both Internet access and to act as a server. Today I tried again and now I had a picture which was partly good. The rest was "downloading failed -rtqrtq......"
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Posted - 01 juil. 2007 :  18:37:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am getting the same grey screen loading qtr issue... it's set in my firewall and the settings have been updated... was there ever a reason found for this? Would love to try this program. Thanks!
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Posted - 13 juil. 2007 :  05:01:51  Show Profile  Visit AlbertaGPS's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I can use googlemv at work and get about 1/2 hour of downloading a day. But I cant seem to get it to work at home. Not sure what the hangup is. Google just seems to have a limit on downloads but they don't ban you as I have taken more than a gig of maps.
It is great though, I got most of Alberta at zoom level 13 and put that on my pda with oxice. Now i got to download all of alberta at level 14.

Where is that confounded bridge?
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Posted - 08 août 2007 :  16:38:30  Show Profile  Visit rodneysparks's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I used GoogleMV yesterday to grab a bunch of imagery for my camping trip this weekend, and it worked great. I'm using OziCE on my C310X for off-road navigation. Of course, I had to reset my DSL router and get a new IP after every 5MB or so, but it wasn't too bad...

Good stuff!


Mio C310x, Quicksilver 5 v1.0 Skin
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Posted - 11 août 2007 :  13:34:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have been using the latest GoogleMv 2.9.1 to capture hybrid maps for use in GPS Tuner on my Loox N560 PPC. I had a few problems getting calibrated maps into GPS Tuner but I now have a method that works. Basically I need to convert the .map files to .gmi files

I found that Maptogmi.exe, mentioned in this thread, is not working correctly for me: Tuner locks up if I use these gmi files.

But the application ‘Maptogmiconverter’ is working with some minor editing of the created gmi file

I found two versions on the net of this application and both have the same problem:

V 0.1.0

V 0.2.0 has an extra option to select GPS Tuner format

The file created from either version has this as the first line:

‘GTM Calibration data file v2.0’

and GPS Tuner doesn’t recognise the calibration file

If I change this line to this

‘Map Calibration data file v2.0’

then GPS Tuner recognises the map as calibrated.

You can edit the gmi file with notepad but to make life easier I found a free application called TextCrawler that can find and replace the ‘GMT’ text with ‘Map’ on batches of files.

I hope this helps someone.

Nuvi350, LooxN560
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Posted - 11 août 2007 :  18:03:45  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for sharing, although I never made the move to GPSTuner myself, Ozi it is ;-)

I'm also getting locked out by Google very quickly now, they must have put a filter for GoogleMV as it wasn't the case earlier this year. I wonder if we'll get a version that uses proxies at some point.

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