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 Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs
 Update v3.20 is here!
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Posted - 18 mars 2004 :  22:59:57  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Here are the changes:
1. Faster GPS acquisition time.
2. Fixed loss of audio file problem.
3. Fixed occasional unit lock-up on start-up. Would stay on blue screen or Magellan screen.
4. Fixed loss of address book problem.

Proceed here for the download (3.6Mb) - if this doesn't work, right-click and select "save target as..."


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Posted - 19 mars 2004 :  09:04:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just installed it on my RoadMate 500 - it works fine. Can't tell any difference right away, the unit had good view of sky at all times. But faster GPS acquisition (even a little bit) always helps :-)
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Posted - 19 mars 2004 :  18:30:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When trying the link once, all I get is a blank page. Double clicking gets me a lot of "gibrish" Any ideas?

Best Regards, Art
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Posted - 19 mars 2004 :  20:59:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This happened to me also. To successfully load the update, I opened the MRM 700 folder (one of the unzipped folders in the download). Then I opened the enclosed system folder. Inside this folder is the executable loading program for the 700 (USB732015.exe). If you double click on this folder, the program should start.

As others have commented the update makes the touch screen much more responsive. A brief tap now reliably actuates the soft keys.
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Posted - 20 mars 2004 :  02:53:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks. Got it. It works...

Originally posted by LBOCEAN


** To download the file, Right-Click on the above link, then Save to your local drive **

Moderator - Don't forget the GPSPassion Club!

Best Regards, Art

Edited by - asagy on 20 mars 2004 02:53:56
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Posted - 20 mars 2004 :  21:13:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Where did you find the list of what was fixed? Is that a comprehensive list?
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Posted - 20 mars 2004 :  21:26:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I ran the update on my RM700. I had firmware 3.11 and installed the 3.20 version from the forum.

Everything went okay. I did have to restart the roadmate like the instructions indicated I might...

As far as what I could tell it fixed... the touch screen action is much better.

Anything beyond that... I cant tell any difference. I wish Magellan would post what it fixed. If the touch screen is the only noticable change, this is not much of an update.

Magellan needs to get in gear with some updates.
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Posted - 20 mars 2004 :  21:29:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I didn't check the tutorial before I upgraded to 3.20, but it looks like that has been updated as well. There are a couple of topics at the end that I don't recall (e.g. how to use the trip computer).
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Posted - 21 mars 2004 :  10:17:21  Show Profile  Visit LBOCEAN's Homepage  Reply with Quote
First Round Update, Not so good.

Model 500 - Purchased Dec 2003 @ Costco, Signal Hill, Ca.

- Performed Update as instructed
* Unit did shutdown after status bar went full
* Unit would not power up with button and required power cable disconnect/reconnect as suggested.
- Unit completed upgrade after power-up

* While performing "Inititalize GPS" task, upon selecting "yes", unit powered off.
- Second attempt to "Initialize GPS" was successful

- Used unit about 5 mins.
* Screen seemed very sluggish, not responsive as others discribed
* Upon pressing power button, screen went black, but power remained on.

* Continuous pressing of power button = no response. Disconnected power cable to power down unit.

* First day of use, unit touch screen response sluggish
* Unit reset one time during "Calculating Route" task.

Moderator - Don't forget the GPSPassion Club!

Edited by - LBOCEAN on 21 mars 2004 10:23:05
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Posted - 21 mars 2004 :  18:10:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Whoa, careful, there. There are two DIFFERENT firmware upgrade packages, one for the 500 and one for the 700. I have not experimented to see what happens if you try the wrong package on your machine, so I'm not sure if it refuses to load, or if it loads but fries your machine, or if it makes no difference at all.

The zipfile pointed to in the first message in this thread contains BOTH upgrade packages. If you only need one of them, it'll be more efficient (especially if you're on a low-speed connection) and also helpful to prevent inadvertently attempting to load the wrong version onto your machine if you download directly from Magellan's site only the one you need, here:

According to Magellan's website, here's what the update fixes (below). It's clearly not a complete list, though, because it doesn't mention the "livelier" response to the touchscreen that I and some others have noticed.

(Magellan's) List of enhancements and fixes for the Magellan RoadMate:

Versions 2.3 to 3.14

Cold temperature start-up of the internal hard drive
Added "Initialize GPS" and "Set GPS Position" options to Diagnostics Menu
Version 3.14 to 3.20

Enhanced the satellite reception and performance.
Fixed disappearance of Address Book entries.
Fixed occasional unit lock-up issue
Example: unit stays on the blue screen at power up.
Fixed disappearance of audio prompt
Example: when switching from the female to male voice prompt.

Edited by - akahan on 21 mars 2004 18:10:57
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Posted - 21 mars 2004 :  22:00:43  Show Profile  Visit LBOCEAN's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Correct. I did see the two different directories after downloading and unziping the file.

The update I selected was for my model unit, the 500.
(I actually removed the 700 directory prior, because I did'nt need it)

Edited by - LBOCEAN on 21 mars 2004 22:01:54
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Posted - 22 mars 2004 :  20:56:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Another possible benefit of the update: My 3.20 update was installed by Magellan when I sent my Roadmate 500 in for repair because it kept "forgetting" all the user settings, including the addresses I'd entered. I figured that they had done something else to fix the unit, and that the update was just done as a matter of course. But I just called Magellan to inquire what repair they had performed on the unit, and they said the ONLY thing they did was update the firmware, and that doing so should fix that particular bug. I'm not sure I'm convinced, but the thing has not yet lost its memory since it's been back in service, which is nearly 2 weeks. Time will tell.

So it is *possible* that if you're one of the people who's been having the problem with the Roadmate losing its memory from time to time, updating to version 3.20 might fix that.

Has anyone had the "memory loss" problem AFTER upgrading to 3.20?

Edited by - akahan on 24 mars 2004 22:14:16
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Posted - 26 mars 2004 :  15:49:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Want to update to 3.2 software but have some questions concerning the "mechanics" of the entire process .... I will explain what I think has to be done and would appreciate any corrections:

1. Bring the RM700 and the "cradle" into the house to my computer.
2. Attach the cradle to the RM700.
3. Connect DC Power to the cradle?????
4. Connect one end of the 5 pin mini USB cable to the USB connector on the cradle.
4a. Connect the other end of the USB cable to a "powered USB port" on the computer
5. Download the RM700 3.2 software onto my computer harddrive from either the Magellan web site or the GPSpassion web site.
6. Unzip the downloaded file
7. Turn the RM700 on via the power button?????
7a. Using MY COMPUTER check that RM700 looks like a HardDrive to the computer .... should be able to see a directory of what files exist on the RM700???
8. Click on the ".exe" file to start the upload process?
9. Follow instructions provided by the .exe program??

Would appreciate any comments/suggestions/corrections to the above process (I haven't done it yet since I need to go buy a mini USB cable). It would appear as though the cheapest USB cable that can be bought at BestBuy or Circuit city would cost $19.95 (6 foot Beldin cable ... does that make sense?). My main reason for wanting to do the upgrade is that I have read that maybe it might correct my "memory loss" problem which I just experienced one time about 4 days ago. Although I have heard that some people have upgraded and still experience the memory loss problem.
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Posted - 26 mars 2004 :  17:27:42  Show Profile  Visit LBOCEAN's Homepage  Reply with Quote
There will also be an instructional "read me" file within the installation itself which you can print out before you begin to confirm your steps.

Also, If you have a Target or Walmart or something similar, you may be able to pick up that cable for 1/2 the price you mentioned. If you have a digital camera, check to see if a cable came with it that can be used, my Olympus came with one (although I don't need it), that can save you the trip and the dollars.
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Posted - 28 mars 2004 :  20:15:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The "readme file" that came as part of the download does not say anything about connecting 12V power to the RM700 ... It only says connect the RM700 to your PC and then start the update process and further instructions would appear. It does say however not to remove power from the RM700 during the update process. I am confused as to whether that means the USB power provided by the USB cable or the 12V power provided by the power cable? I would like to know what some of these instructions will be prior to connecting the RM700 to my PC.

Would appreciate a response from someone out there that has sucessfully gone through the computer "update process" for the RM700?

Again I would like to know if 12V power needs to be applied and if so (1) When is the power turned on? (2) What RM700 buttons/screen touches are needed to put it in the correct state for the update process?
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Posted - 28 mars 2004 :  21:33:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yes, you need the 12V adapter (RS etc.) to power the unit up...
It's quite a painless process, did it twice (to 3012 then to 3.20) w/o any issues.
Good luck

Best Regards, Art
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