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 Skin-Changer & Can-Opener "Unlock" Functions
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Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  03:51:50  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No need to Unlock the C310x or use ActiveSync to change skins or to
do most other "mods". Use the Skin-Changer instead, from an SD card.

In the root of your SD card, a copy of the small StartSC.exe program
is renamed to become the "auto-run" program for the device.
For an SD card in a C310x, this is "C310auto.exe".

Your skins go in a "Skins" folder on the SD card.
Write these via an SD card reader/writer on your PC (or Mac, or
even with Vista!). No need for MioTransfer or ActiveSync.

No changes to the C310x are needed, except (of course) when
the Skin-Changer writes a new file into the C310x.
Remember to backup the default standard skin first.

I am adding support for other devices, enough so that full
"unlocking" will only be needed by the real experimenters.
Skin-Changer version 1.5.3 auto-detects the C220, C310x, and C520.

In the root of your SD card, a copy of the StartSC program is
named such that it becomes the "auto-run" program for the device:
1. for the C310x, this is "C310auto.exe" (verified)
2. for the C220, it is "Oscar91aDM.exe". (verified)
3. for the C520, it is "MioAutoRun.exe". (verified)
4. for the Navigon 2100, it is "AutoRunCE.exe". (verified)

For the following, I need more information, and a tester:
1. for the C250, try "Oscar91aDM.exe".
2. for the C520t, try "MioAutoRun.exe".

I have a tester:
2. for the C710.

Download the latest Skin-Changer (v1.5.7, 103 KB zip) from:

Just unzip to the SD card that already has the
Can-Opener files on it.

Or, download the whole Can-Opener, including the v1.5.7
Skin-Changer and the companion files and folders (50 MB zip) from:

Unzip the Can-Opener to the SD card root, add then add the latest
Skin-Changer files (see above) to the root of the SD card.

Please read the included ReadMe file before asking questions.
And, yes, I do need to improve the ReadMe file further.

Can-Opener Features:

1. Play Video Movies and View Pictures:
TCPMP is the already-installed PLAYER application
that is included in the Can-Opener.
A short (12 MB) ".avi" video that one might use for
testing the PLAYER is now included in the Can-Opener.

Skin-Changer Features:

Skin-Changer v1.5.7 can edit txt, ini, and inf
files and has built-in mini "file/folder explorer".
It can write a file containing the file and folder
names, from both the SD card and the internal memory.

In Skin-Changer v1.4.4, one can run any of the Shortcut
"links" (those found in the "Links" folder on the SD card).
The links are arranged alphabetically on the page(s).

I have added the ability to set a custom path to the main
"Nav" program. See the included new "SkinCngr.ini" file.

Preparing to investigate supporting the C220 and C520,
I have added a "Make-Model" entry to the "ini" file.

In Skin-Changer v1.4.0, a button to start the MioTool keyboard
was added to the Skin-Changer's main screen.

In Skin-Changer v1.3.9, the Script-Selector was enhanced to select
and run GpsGator Scripts from a "C-Scripts" folder on the SD card.

In Skin-Changer v1.3.8, a Script-Selector function was added,
to select a Mort-Script from an "M-Scripts" folder on the SD
card and then execute it with MortScript.

In Skin-Changer v1.3.7, a Route-Changer function was added,
to Save the current route into a "Routes" folder on your SD card.
It allows you to enter a name for the saved route, or use a default
name and rename it later. The name can be "anything-route.dat" where
the "anything" helps you remember where the route went. Then, you can
select from the saved routes, and "Load" the selected route for
MioMap 3.2 to use the next time MioMap is started.

---- older -----
Skin-Changer v1.0.10 - Use Notes - by "garygid"

This version of the Skin-Changer is a stand-alone program intended
for use with a C310x, and run from an SD card. You can write files to
the SD card on any computer with an SD card writer, and keep everything
needed to do basic "transformations" on the SD card, to easily re-modify
after a Hard-Reset (often needed after the battery runs down too far).

Copyright VIPS, 2007, with all rights reserved. However, for your
own private, non-comercial use, you may use the Skin-Changer program,
totally at your own risk. This is a work-in-progress and I guarantee
absolutely nothing, and accept no responsibility whatsoever.
Features might be incomplete or have totally unintended side effects.

Currently, the Skin-Changer appears to:

1. Backup, Rename, and Change skin ( Files.
2. Flip the WinCE between Portrait and Landscape mode.
3. Turn the Screen Power off and back on.
4. Do Date, Time, Timezone, and other Settings (all except Language).
5. Do a Soft-Reset.
6. Do a "full Unlock" (not needed for the other features).

Function Decriptions:

1. To change the GPS navigation skin, put your skins on your
SD card in a root folder named "Skins". The files found in that
folder should be useful replacements for the file
normally found in the "My Flash Disk\miomap\miomap\" folder.
The file names (in square brackets) should appear in the
on-screen list-box. Choose one, and the "Load Skin", "Rename",
and "Delete" buttons should operate on that file.

NOTE: Before changing the skin of a new system (or after an Upgrade
that replaces the default skin), you should use the Skin-Changer
to Backup the current skin (backups are written to the skins folder).
Select <** Current Skin **> in the dropdown list and, if desired
and able to do so, edit the suggested name with a keyboard.
Then tap the Backup button. You may Rename the backup file later.

2. A convenient button allows you to flip to Portrait mode (with the
four external input buttons at the bottom) and back to the normal
Landscape mode (with the input buttons on the right side).

3. Although entering the Skin-Changer is not the most convenient way
to turn the Screen's power off, it may be useful. However,
turning the power back on is very convenient: when the screen power
is turned off by the Skin-Changer, simply tap the screen anywhere
around the center of the screen, and the screen power comes back on.
The checkbox is checked to Exit the Skin-Changer program after
turning the power on and unckecked to stay in the Skin-Changer program.

4. The "Set.." button brings up the normal "Settings" screen, but, right
after a Hard-Reset, the Language part is missing its language choices.
Apparently the default language for the US model C310x is English.
If your desired language is something other than the default,
then remove the SD card, do a Hard-Reset, and choose a language that
you understand. Then, turn "off" with the right-side button, re-insert
your SD card, turn back "on", and do a Soft-Reset.
Now, the language settings will be available.

5. A "Soft-Reset" button allows you to do the normal Soft-Reset from
within this program, instead of having to find a paper clip or
toothpick. A Soft-Reset is usually done after a full Unlock.

6. Although it is not necessary to do a full Unlock to use new Skins
on your C310x, some people will want to Unlock. Put any "unlock"
CAB file that you might want to use for this purpose on your SD card
in a root folder named "Unlock". When the "Unlock..." is clicked,
it the Skin-Changer looks in that folder for for files whose name
begins with "Unlock" and ends with ".cab". It then gives you a
chance to "install" each "unlock" file. It tells the installer
to use the CAB's default install folder/directory (NOT ask for a
destination folder) and to NOT delete the CAB file.

NOTE: For safety, I make all CAB files on my SD card "Read-Only".

Placing and naming the Skin-Changer file:
Although the Skin-Changer file (SkinCngr_V1010.exe) can be called
anything and located anywhere, I rename mine to "C310auto.exe" and
place it in the root of the SD card. Then, on a "stock" (not Unlocked)
C310x, the file is automatically executed whenever the SD card is in
the unit and a Soft-Reset (or Hard-Reset) is done. This greatly
facilitates unlocking, skin changing, etc. on a "stock" C310x unit.

Unlock files:
The traditional "510" unlock file (of French origin) uses a
few French names that are inconvenient for many US users.
Now, there is an "" unlock file, that does not
install the french language file, and has the shortcut and program
names in English. Three unused shortcuts have been eliminated.
It still changes the Registry the same way the "510" unlock did.

Suggestions and Bugs:
The Skin-Changer and, to a lesser extent, the C310x Unlock are
works in progress. Please leave your suggestions in this topic
at this great forum. Thanks, Gary

Edited by - garygid on 30 déc. 2007 21:18:36



2031 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  04:03:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Where can we download this bad boy, Gary ?

Moderator ... MIO, AIO Forums
Mio C310x,C520, Moov 300, Navigon 2100, Rightway GPS (various)
"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day- Teach a man to fish and he eats for life"
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1322 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  07:42:09  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I need somebody to tell me if I may upload to the forum.
If I may, then how to do so.

Also, I now have an "" that I would
upload. It:

1. does not turn the WinCE sound off.
2. includes the "iGuidance versions" of 4 dlls
(one was already there).
3. has a few other changes.

For more info on that, see the topic:
Thanks, Gary
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211 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  08:03:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I used to upload my file.

The file will then be available as
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37 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  15:18:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Can anyone tell me if the "unlock-********-v3.2_cab" file can be deleted once the cab file is run?
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Character Zero

32 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  16:40:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What do the skin names need to be in the "Skins" folder. Do they just need to be a .zip file or do they need the name, such as "". Does the changer rename the file to "". Or do they have to be in a folder such as "Skins\Roscoe\"? Also the V1 unlock .cab is just an English version of the original without any other tweaking? I am really interested in this sinc eif I am on the road and I get a hard reset this will make the unlock and new skinning so much easier. It would be nice to add an "Install" button. Put all other install cabs into a "Cab" dir (like media player, shells, etc) and then you could install cabs into their default locations.
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1322 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  18:05:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Any file in the Skins folder is considered a "skin".
It is just copied to replace in the internal flash,
thus the copy is a "renamed" version of the one in Skins folder.

No sub-folders in Skins.

I name all my skins where the "something"
reminds me what skin it is. But the names can be anything.

The "V1" is just missing the French, and some unused links,
but there is a "V2" that does less to the Registry, and uses
three more up-to-date dlls. I will describe more later, but
today I need to go have some surgery.

I will upload "V1", "V2", and the Skin-Changer (see another
Topic) shortly.
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1322 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  18:16:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The two new "Unlock" files (about 3 MB each) are available at:
Enjoy, Gary
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1322 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  18:30:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The Skin-Changer V1.0.10, Version 1.0.11, Version 1.0.12,
and Version 1.1.4 have been replaced with a later version.
See the first post in this topic.

Edited by - garygid on 25 nov. 2007 20:21:54
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102 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  19:02:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
why you have 2 versions for unlock? What are the difference?
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1322 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2007 :  19:11:36  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"V1" is essentially the "510" with English instead of French
and eliminates some unused links.

"V2" is the next step: It has a few updated dlls (as needed
for iGuidance), does not turn the WinCE desktop sounds off,
and adds a desktop shortcut to the SD's C310auto.exe program.

For more info on these, please see the English Unlock topic:

Cheers, Gary

I will try to get better descriptions available in a few days.
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1322 Posts

Posted - 14 janv. 2007 :  00:49:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just added a ReadMe file to the Skin-Changer zip file:

The Skin-Changer also Unlocks, turns the screen On and Off,
flips screen orientation, and can do a Soft-Reset.
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24 Posts

Posted - 14 janv. 2007 :  03:57:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, I was unable to get past the skinchanger screen. I loaded it onto the sd card. Renamed it as instructed above. The skinchanger screen came up. I changed to one of the other loaded skins. But, there was no instructions as to what to do next. I hit the soft reset button, the unit reset and came right back to the skinchanger screen. When I exit the skinchanger, the MIO screen is completely blank, as there was no CE window. So, I used MioHack and renamed the skinchanger file back, reset and everything seems ok. Yet now, when I attempt to "unlock" manually, I still get a blank screen with only the Mio logo in the upper left. No buttons, files, or anything. Soft reset does bring everything back. What did I do wrong (I'm sure plenty, but...)? It would sure be fun to be able to switch skins on the fly. Thanks!

Lost in Dallas
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Posted - 15 janv. 2007 :  04:46:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
To get going you can take the SD card out and do a soft-reset,
I think. Sorry for the inconvenience.

However, I need to add a button on the skin changer to
get you (on an unlocked MIO) back to the MainShell.

Done (though not totally elegant).
Version 1.0.11 of the Skin-Changer is available (with ReadMe) in:

Edited by - garygid on 15 janv. 2007 05:22:11
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24 Posts

Posted - 15 janv. 2007 :  06:29:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you!! It worked. I reloaded your new version. It came up upon a soft reset. I loaded a different skin and it worked beautifully. My CE desktop is still missing. But, your screen added button put the new skin in place. I still don't know what I did to lose my CE desktop. With the sd card removed and a soft reset/unlock (two middle buttons held down) the unit still has the blank screen (except for the Mio logo on the upper left). I or someone will figure it out. Thanks again. Now for some more skins!

Lost in Dallas
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24 Posts

Posted - 15 janv. 2007 :  06:36:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ugh!!! I had "auto hide" checked! Fixed!

Lost in Dallas
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