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 HPC Media Player (Improved TCPMP .72)
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Posted - 02 déc. 2006 :  04:54:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I found this HPC Media Player, which is basically an improved/modified version of TCPMP .72 including tons of movie and music format plugins. I was running the .81b version of TCPMP, but I like this one better on my Mio C310x. Below are some details:

Download Link of Latest Version as of 12/01/2006

Update 1/10/08

Latest 1.07 Version - Customized by Gear2003

Patched 1.07 exe (thanks cmonex) for devices that give errors about CE3 devices


Gear2003's Forum Link

Description by Gear2003 (author of cab)
As you probably know, the TCPMP project is dead: it has been replaced by the commercial CorePlayer project. Unfortunately, no HPC version of this new player has been announced ( only WM2003+WM5 for PPCs and Smartphones). A GPL successor of TCPMP has been planned, but we don't know if it will still support older devices and HPCs... Even if it does, it will only have a few free basic plugins: most advanced plugins will be payware.

So, I have made an all-in-one distribution to support most Multimedia Files on HPCs. This distribution is based on the latest TCPMP build (0.72 RC1) made by Picard and the CorePlayer team, with several changes and add-ons.

The following changes have been made to the original standard package:

-1) brand new artwork: new icons, news buttons (basic skin) to update the boring TCPMP look-and-feel,
-2) the following official plugins have been included: ffmpeg, ac3
-3) added: unofficial AAC plugin
-4) added: Windows Media 9 plugins for MIPS and ARM ( this is a required component to play all WMV files with sound on CE versions lower than 4.20)

The following CAB files should work with all CE 2.11+ devices; however, some components may not work correctly on old devices ( Windows Media playback has not been tested on CE2.11).

The supported video file containers are: AVI, MOV (quicktime), WMV, MP4, MPG.

I also included k-matsu's GAPI as an extra package: Most new ARM devices can use the excellent GAPI implementation made by WinCE Soft
However it is quite difficult to find a working GX.dll for MIPS and CE 2.11 devices.
The included GAPI version works very well with this media player.

Unlocked Mio c310x | Navigator 2.2b Shell | HPC Media Player 1.07

Edited by - stroths on 10 janv. 2008 16:58:36



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Posted - 05 déc. 2006 :  03:10:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a Mio C310x
I was able to install the ARM file no problem. for some reason the MIPS doesnt work.

Is it not supported?

Setup Failed.
The application cannot run onthis device type. Please install the application specific to this device type.
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Posted - 07 déc. 2006 :  02:17:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
MIPS and ARM are two different types of processor. The MIO uses the ARM. No program designed for MIPS will work on the MIO.
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Posted - 07 déc. 2006 :  03:09:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was running TCPMP .81 without any problems. I uninstalled and installed HPC Media Player. My video ran very smooth on TCPMP .81, now it runs "choppy" on HPC Media Player. I am back to TCPMP .81 until I can resolve the problem. Anyone have any ideas why and how to resolve the "choppy" video play?
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Posted - 07 déc. 2006 :  08:01:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Finally got the hack working with video. I'm lovin' it. Need to check out to help reduce the size of video. I was wondering has anyone thought about installing Slingplayer on this mio. I got the program installed but it wont run saying application not designed for Windows CE. I even tried looking into any missing .dll but could not figure it out. I'mI hav a Sandisk Wireless SD card that can be plugged into mio. If the wireless works it would be great to have slingplayer on this. Any thoughts..
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Posted - 25 déc. 2006 :  22:01:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
How do I install this on c310x? Can anyone guide me>?
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Posted - 26 déc. 2006 :  02:22:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was having trouble playing quicktime .mov files in hpc player(works fine in TCPMP) and was unable to play wmv 9 in TCPMP.

I decided to do a bit of tinkering. I mixed the files of both players into the same directory in a somewhat random way and amazingly on my first try I got the best of both players. I now have the interface of the hpc player, the ability to play quicktime movies smoothly, and wmv 9 support. Really weird to get the right combination on my first try and have it all work right.

Here it is, just copy over the folder and run the player.exe.

What do you think of it?
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2 Posts

Posted - 26 déc. 2006 :  08:34:55  Show Profile  Visit layoutworx's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I cant seem to get wmv 9 audio support. It says its not supported on this player. The video looks fine, no audio. Is there any way, or is this the limits of the 310?? Thanks.

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Posted - 08 janv. 2007 :  05:10:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If anyone's interested, I did a detailed newbie-type installation guide for installing a player and watching movies on the C310x (using the two button unlock technique and installing everything to an SD card). Last time I posted a guide like this (for making your own voices for the C310x), GPS Passion moved it to the Index thread. If a moderator will let me know the easiest way to get it there, I will (sometime Monday).

Moderator ... MIO, AIO Forums
Mio C310x,C520, Moov 300, Navigon 2100, Rightway GPS (various)
"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day- Teach a man to fish and he eats for life"
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195 Posts

Posted - 08 janv. 2007 :  05:28:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Supremo

If anyone's interested, I did a detailed newbie-type installation guide for installing a player and watching movies on the C310x (using the two button unlock technique and installing everything to an SD card). Last time I posted a guide like this (for making your own voices for the C310x), GPS Passion moved it to the Index thread. If a moderator will let me know the easiest way to get it there, I will (sometime Monday).

Supremo, I would like to see your installation guide. I have been looking for an easy detailed way to do it.

Can you post the details here?

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9 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2007 :  16:33:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Any player can support RMVB format on Mio 310? Thanks

Edited by - can2000 on 21 janv. 2007 16:33:31
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6 Posts

Posted - 03 mars 2007 :  16:25:16  Show Profile  Visit tek79's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Stroths Thank you sooo much for the link to the HPC media player. I have been reading all these posts for about 6 hours or so. Not knowing anything about windowsCE and just finding out tonight you can do what you can to the 310x it took me awhile. I didnt want to make my GPS a paper weight. I still havent fully unlocked it to make it a Shell. I have Moonbears Skin and I used the 2 button boot up to get to the WindowsCE shell. the tcmp Video player wouldnt install. Yours did. And it plays the matrix vid great. But the pocket Divx encoder wont shrink my movies. I get this error. "mencodersh.exe has stopped working" everytime I click the encode now button. Im using Windows Vista. If you have any advice or know of another program that would be great. Now if I can only get up the nerve to unlock it to the point of a full shell I can use Moonbears awesome Applebee shell.

One last thing while im posting. I put in my cd that came with it and clicked restore to make it out of the box new. Knowing if restore worked i wouldnt be so worried about doing more to it. But when i click it from the cd menu it says theres no PNA connected. And I cant restore it. Which is why im worried about doing more to my mio. In fear i cant get it back if i need to. I saw a post hours ago with someone who had this problem but i cant find it again. If anyone knows how to fix it that would be great. But from what i read it seems if i fully unlock it to where it boots into a shell all the time and no matter what else i do to it, if i totally screw it up i can hardboot and it will be out of the box new. But im not sure about that.

Thanks ahead of time. Over the last few hours you all have been alot of help as i sat here and read page after page.
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2031 Posts

Posted - 03 mars 2007 :  17:01:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There's very little you can accidentally do to screw up the Mio to the point of needing it sent back. A hard reset fixes all the stuff in RAM, and as long as you install most everything on an SD card you're fine (a hard reset won't change anything in MyFlashDisk).

The 2-button unlock is probably the best place to start. Hey, look at the number of posts I have, and I'm just getting around to begin to think about considering an "automagic" unlock. The only benefit I can see in the C310AUTO or method is that, in the event of a lockup or other event that a soft reset won't get you out of, your retore process is much more labor and time intensive.

If you really WANT to live on the edge and most likely screw up your Mio, you can with certain functions in Control Panel (like "format disk"), accessing factory-only functions (never tried it, but I hear tell that a soft-reset during a hard-reset will get you to a "blue screen of death" with strange functions on it).

Your issues on Windows Vista and the utilities like PocketPC converter really haven't been explored in depth here yet, so your on the "bleeding edge" with that one (but you knew that, using Vista like you do).

And BTW, welcome to the Forum. Most newbies ask first then read and research, you're a welcome exception and destined to become a valued contributor. Have fun.
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118 Posts

Posted - 03 mars 2007 :  17:41:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I am using Vista now and I use Pocket DVD Studio ( I've also played around with Nero Recode which works fine. Neither of these are free, but they both work well on Vista.

Unlocked Mio c310x | Navigator 2.2b Shell | HPC Media Player 1.07
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6 Posts

Posted - 03 mars 2007 :  19:57:53  Show Profile  Visit tek79's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I think its "VISTA"
The pocket divx prog works great now. This is a new laptop only 2 weeks old so it came with Vista. But I went to my 2 yr old PC with XP and downloaded the Pocket Divx and it worked perfectly. So just incase anyone tries that program with Vista and you have a problem with it, try using it on another computer with another OS.

Now I just need a bigger SD card and figure out how to drive and watch movies at the same time :-)
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6 Posts

Posted - 11 mars 2007 :  08:53:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I installed the HPC media player and it the file loads ok. The problem is when I try to play any media file type (so far MP3 and WMA) I get a very gargled static audio. I am trying to play some WMA files I got from Overdrive for a long car ride I have coming up. Anyone have any ideas?

thanks in advance
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