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 Mini FAQ for unlocked C310x
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Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  05:08:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mini FAQ

C310x new users are always anxious to get an answer fast so that they can continue the non-stop exploration. I'm no more experienced than many French or other European language speaking people on the forum. They have been using the same MioMap/iGo since C710/C510E were available in Europe more than half year ago.

I tried to answer these questions as best as I can in the forum and email, but I felt it's better to put a mini FAQ so that other people don't have to waste time trying.

This FAQ assumes you have an unlocked C310x. Scroll down to The 2-button Unlock to understand exactly what this means.

1. SD Card issue

As a general rule, anytime you put SD card back to C310x, make sure you do a soft reset (with C310x on) or C310x won't find it or refresh its cache. This is not always necessary if the C310x is powered up (screen on) but it is good practice, especially if you get "file not found" type errors. Here and Here are some additional SD card comments that you should read before you post a "problem" topic.

2. Soft Reset and Hard Reset

Some people have never used a Palm or Pocket PC all their lives. I envy them. But there is a difference in soft reset and hard reset in these kind of gadgets, including C310x.

Take a look at the bottom of C310x. There is a recessed on/off switch, hard to get to. Well, it's designed that way on purpose. If you switch it to off, then C310x loses its power, everything you added to the \Windows folder and in the Registry is erased and replaced with files from the Mio ROM. That's all you have to know. Period.

However, there are many times you are reqested to do a soft reset. Just use a clip or toothpick, poke the tiny hole between USB and ear phone. It's like restarting your PC. All your programs are closed but the programs installed (and the Registry/Windows files required to run them) are still there in C310x.

Neither soft reset nor hard reset can restore any changes you made to MioMap, though. Since MioMap are stored in NAND Flash, similar to hard disk, any changes you make is undoable. Don't change anything you don't have a copy, that's my suggestion.

3. Hide taskbar

After unlocking the c310x and running Miomap, the taskbar seems to block button access for MioMap. Here is how to hide it.

Windows icon > Settings > Taskbar and Start Menu ...
Check Auto Hide

4. Fast Fly Over / Track Log Export / Lat/Long format / Easy Route

You can download either of these two files to replace your DATA.ZIP in \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap (with my startup image)

If you applied the DC fix, here is the new

See for detail.

5. Change MioMap startup graphic

Some of you are not fascinated by the startup image in Maybe your girl friend cajoles you to change it to her picture. I understand, totally.

Here is the quick guide to replace the startup image.

Resize your favorite image into 320x240 and save it as loading_C310.bmp (bitmap format).

Open the DATA.ZIP with WinRAR (or WinZIP). Go to ui_mio\mio. Simply drag and drop your file into this folder. WinRAR will recompress and save DATA.ZIP.

Now all you need to do is copy it to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap.

6. Modify script on your own

One of the best features in MioMap/iGo is the built in script language.

One of the best references for MioMap/iGo script is Fred Lynx's web site.

Feel free to use Babel Fish or language tool from Google. I always do. I regret that I only took 2 hours of French class in my university.

7. Map on SD Card

Some people weren't lucky enough to get the 2G Flash model of C310x. In order to make space in Flash, you can off-load those less-frequent used maps to SD. Try this if you have problem accessing them.

You can create a \Maps directory under \Storage Card. Store extra maps in there. If you have a valid license for those maps (e.g the larger size "Canada" map), the Mio software will automatically find them.

If not, then use a registry editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
--> My Document

Change its value to the name of SD card, "\Storage Card". This step, however, is seldom if ever necessary.

If it still doesn't work, please check rule number 1 in the FAQ.

8. Route planning

At first, I was trying to emulate a future vacation. Set my Start point from an airport, there I pick up the rental car. Then add destination and some via points. But then the GPS signal kicked in, my Start point got replaced by my Home or current GPS location. Bummer!

But hey, iGo teams are smarter than we think. ;-) Try this on your C310x

Settings > General > Off-Route Recalculation > Disabled

9. TomTom 6

Many of you might be tempted to install TomTom 6 on C310x but in vain. The truth is, you don't have to. MioMap/iGo is far superior to TomTom IMHO, but if you insist, here it goes.

On your SD card, create a TomTom directory, put data.chk(originally in tomtom directory), TomTom Navigator.exe, Voices directory under it. Put all your map directories under the root directory. These are all you need to run TT6. No installation required.

Run TomTom Navigator directly, after you've selected language and voice, TTN gives you error message "No Maps Found".

What can you do?

Easy! Use a registry editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
--> My Document

Change its value to the name of SD card, "\Storage Card", in C310x's case.

Next, TomTom needs to know your GPS device. For C310x, it's
Other NMEA GPS receiver
GPS Baud Rate 4800
GPS serial COM2:

Additional details are located HERE.

TomTom does have its name appeal, but like most brand name out there, the appeal fades on me rather quickly. You can do a test drive on a round trip. Use MioMap one way, TomTom 6 the other. This will give you a fair idea of the difference. Most people find that the Mio graphics are much superior, but the TomTom user interface is more intuitive. As of March 2007, TomTom PDA had more up-to-date maps which, for some areas, may be a signifcant advantage.

10. OziExplorer

OziExplorer comes handy when you are off-route. For example, when you are taking a cruise or mountain climbing. It can record waypoint and track. Remember to turn off the GPS in Ozi before you exit from the program or your MioMap can't find GPS signal at all.

Here is what I did

File > Configuration
o General Settings
Position Format : Deg, Min, Sec
Display Datum : WGS84

Communication Port : COM2:
Baud Rate : 4800
Sentence : GPRMC
GPS NMEA Output Datum : WGS84

Click on the GPS icon to turn on GPS.
Use Map > View Satellites to check the satellite status.

11. The 2-button Unlock

Most of the "stuff" talked about in the Forum relates to having an "Unlocked" device. Hence the first question that is usually asked by a new Forum member is "what is 'unlocking' ". Basically, the MIO GPS is a WinCE device similar to a Pocket PC. The Operating System (OS) that runs most Mio's is MicroSoft Windows CE Version 4.2, which is very similar to WinCE 2003 but does NOT have all the functionality of same. During boot-up, the Mio firmware executes a series of commands that boots you right into MioMap, so you never see anything else but that program.

But of course various "investigators" out there have figured out how to get into the WinCE environment, and this is the meaning of having an Unlocked Mio. There are three main methods of Unlocking; (1) the so-called "2-button reset" method (described here), and (2) the "C310AUTO" method, and (3) the unlock-cab method. You can do the 2-button reset method immediately, the C310AUTO and/or unlock-cab method is the next level up. And once you have an Unlocked Mio, you can add all sorts of software and functionality - Movie Players, picture viewers, other PDA GPS software, games, the list goes on and on.

We'll be talking here primarily about the C310x, but most of the discussion transfers directly to the other models.

Resets and Power (continued)

When you first got your Mio, you charged it then turned it on by moving the recessed switch from OFF to ON. This switch is referred to as the HARD RESET switch- if you have to do a hard reset after you've "modified" you MIO, essential information required for most of the mods will be lost, including most of the settings in MioMap. The main advantage to unlock methods (2) and (3) is that, after a Hard Reset, this information can be restored automatically. We're not going to discuss in detail either method here, there's are linked topics on the subject:

A SOFT RESET is executed by using a paper clip in the hole labelled RESET near the mini-USB connector. Doing a soft reset will not change any of your settings and is completely harmless. If for whatever reason your Mio freezes, a soft reset will usually get you out.

The power switch on the side of the unit is more accurately described as a SUSPEND switch. While the screen goes out, power is still applied to the internal RAM to maintain your settings, and hence leaving the MIO off for weeks at a time may result in a discharged battery (which is the equivalent of a Hard Reset and all that entails).


The 2-button unlock is simple, and you can't get into too much trouble doing it. Here is how:

(1) Power on the MIO
(2) Using a paper clip, perform a SOFT RESET
(3) Before the MIOMAP opening screen comes on (which is less than 2 seconds), press and hold the "Vol+" and "Menu" keys (the middle two keys) on the side of the MIO. If you were quick enough, you should see a screen that looks very much like an empty Windows screen. Release the keys. You're now almost there.
(4) A "splash" screen will appear that says "There is no DM in SD card". Tap on "OK"
(5) A second splash screen appears that says "If you want to copy map files?". MAKE SURE YOU TAP NO. If you tap YES, all your Maps will be erased. But don't panic - you can restore them easily from the DVD that came with your MIO, it's just a long (1 hour plus) process for the USA maps.
(6) Congratulations - you're now UNLOCKED !

Tap the "windows" icon in the lower left. You'll see some basic Windows like programs. Be careful, do not do stupid things like "format", etc. Feel free to use Windows Explorer and Control Panel to look around, but don't start renaming, changing, or erasing stuff. As one of the Forum Moderators like to say, "knock yourself out...".

Now the next question you'll ask is - OK, I'm in WinCE, how do I get back to MioMap (which is presumably why you bought the thing in the first place). Well, the quick and dirty way is to simply do a SOFT RESET again but do NOT hold the two-buttons down. There you are, back in MioMap, just like you never left. But - if you're a little more adventurous and want to add things like a Movie Player, Slideshow software, other GPS software, games, etc... you'll start by reading the Forum topics.

As a start, here's how you can place a MioMap icon on your Desktop and run it from there:

(1) In the WinCE environment, tap the "Windows" key in the lower left corner
(2) Select "Programs", then "Windows Explorer".

Look familar? Not exactly Windows Explorer from XP or similar, but if you're even remotely familar with that utility you'll have a very short learning curve for the CE version.

(3) Navigate to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap and highlight the MioMap icon

If you need help doing that, I'd suggest you go no further and practice on a WinXP machine.

(4) Tap on File\Send to\Desktop as Shortcut (you may have to tap on the little vertical bars on the top of the screen to get to the "File" selection). Exit Windows Explorer.

That's it - You can now execute MioMap from your Desktop, and when you exit MioMap you'll be right back in the WinCE screen.

Remember, if you Power down using the side button when in MioMap, you'll come right back into WinCE.

That's about as simple as it gets, Mio fans. Here's a preview of coming attractions as you wade through the topics:

(1) The WinCE OS included with the Mio is not a full blown WinCE OS - many dll's (Dynamic Link Libraries) that are not included and are needed by a good deal of the software we discuss here. And even then, there are sometimes different "flavors" of these dll's out there that different programs want to see. And it gets even better - putting some of these dll's in may screw up other programs !

(2) The 2-button unlock is fine as long as you never have to do a HARD RESET. A hard reset, as mentioned above, overwrites your existing Windows directory, Registry, Programs, Desktop, etc. It will not, however, touch My Flash DIsk or, if you have one (and if you don't you will shortly) , a SD card (called the Storage Card in the Mio file structure).

But there is hope, Pilgrim... that's why GPSGator (a long time Forum member) invented C310AUTO.exe. Here's the topic.

(3) To install software, see HERE for a description of the '.cab" method. In any case, you'll want to (a) install Activesync 4.2 on your PC and possibly the so- called Mio Transfer hack. This improves upon the Mio Transfer program supplied on your DVD, but be aware that it does have some nasty bugs, especially when you try to rename or make a folder inside My Flash Disk. These "nasty bugs" are not irreversible, since you can restore functionality using the DVD (but it does take a while over the Mio's USB 1.1 interface). Transferring files back and forth with the hacked utility is fine. And speaking of software, as you browse the topics and beyond (to the Internet) for WinCE software to install, stick with WinCE 2003 compatible software - the C310x does not and (barring a new firmware release by Mio) never will support a later version. And in case you didn't "catch the drift" in the Forum rules, discussion, links, assistance, etc. of or for pirated software is absolutely VERBOTEN. Irrespective of the legal and moral issues, this site is advertiser supported. How long do you think that would last if the "wArEz d00d's" took over ? Enough said.

(4) Don't like the "look and feel" of the stock Mio interface. That's been modified so many ways from Sunday that you won't be able to keep track. Trying out a new skin is dirt simple - just replace the existing file (make sure you make a backup copy of the original first) in \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\ with a "skinned" version. Here is more than you ever wanted to know.

(5) Errors in routing? Crazy directions. Sorry, Charlie, that goes with the territory, plenty of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about Mio doing a map update.

12. The "Blue Screen of Death"...

Yes, there is one, but it takes some effort to see it. It appears to be a factory-only screen that allows OS upgrades, disk formatting, etc. - stuff that really borders on the "bleeding edge" at this point in time (March 2007) and is a definite USE AT YOUR OWN RISK area. Intrigued - HERE'S the link, don't say I didn't warn you... NOT FOR NEWBIES.

Well, that oughta keep you busy for an hour or two anyway...

Now PLEASE - before you post anything, go back and read the Forum rules and guidlines. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS TOPIC, almost anything you can possibly think of has been asked already. When you do post, try to be descriptive in the topic title. A subject like "Help" or "My Mio is Dead" will not elicit a massive response. Do not do multiple posts on the same topic, that just pisses off the Moderators. And BE PATIENT. You'll probably do better here than with Mio-tech, if you have the right attitude and are willing learn.

One More Thing

People are never satisfied. Once they got an exciting gadget like C310x, they want to install as many programs as possible. However, you can't just install everything out there. Make sure the program you're trying to install is at least made for PPC2003/2002 if not specially made for Win CE 4.2 (not 5.0). On the other hand, you don't expect to run all Win CE 4.2 apps on a WM5 PDA either. It's a fair game. In addition, remember that the WinCE OS supplied with a Mio includes only those dll's (dynamic link libraries) required to operate MioMap and not the full WinCE dll complement. Many topics are posted within the forum describing the trials and tribulations involving "guess the dll version you need" for different software packages. DO A SEARCH WITH THE GOOGLE TOOLBAR AT THE TOP OF THE FORUM PAGE BEFORE POSTING A QUESTION IN THE FORM OF A TOPIC. It is likely if it's out there, someone has tried to install it already.

Edited by - Supremo on 18 mars 2007 16:12:00



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Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  05:27:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Greatly appreciated. I always wanted to see this kind of faq. Hope you can tell us more when you have the time. If possible, I'd like to learn how you activate the hidden function "Easy", then we may try to unhidden the functions what we need. Do you know how to add one more showings on the left in cockpit mode? Normally there are only 3 rows to show you details of your choice. I've seen some french skins have 4 on the left. I'm using your skin right now, mainly because of the fast fly over mode, if you can add one more rows in your skin, it would be perfect for me.

Forget what I said if I asked too much, I replied this just wanted to thank you for your effort to make up such a good faq.
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Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  05:47:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is great. It's very much appreicated. If you have the time, I'd very much still love to know how to tweak to my own needs.

Also, do you know what some of the settings your activated do? Like off-route sensitivity? U-turn penalty,etc? I have no idea what are "good" settings for those because they aren't covered in the manual.
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Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  05:57:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Visit Fred Lynx's site.


There is a question mark on the upper right corner of every screen which explains every function.
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83 Posts

Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  07:21:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A big thanks to everyone on this forum. I've sucessfully hacked my C310x and installed TCPMP and can now play videos! I've also fiddled some with the UI scripting to enable some hidden software features.

Just a few questions though.

1) A lot of the WindowsCE dialog boxes don't seem to fit on the screen (usually too wide), and I have to drag and drag in order to get to the 'OK' or 'X' buttons. Is this normal? When I hacked it, I didn't use Activesync (had some mapi32.dll conflicts on my machine), so I used the hacked MioTransfer tool instead, and maybe some settings didn't get set correctly or something.

2) Also, does anyone know if the SD card slot is SDIO? That is, can we install an SDIO wi-fi card? If so, does anyone know where to find a good web browser? It seems that WinCE 4.2 Core doesn't come with IE. If indeed we can install SDIO wifi and get a web browser for this, that would be incredible.

3) And finally, does anyone have some scripting examples on how to modify the Mio shell menu screen (the one that has three buttons, one for MP3, settings, and MioMap) to also include a button to get you back to the WinCE desktop? I saw a blog where the guy went crazy with the UI elements, and I think this was one of them. I don't care too much about learning how to overhaul the entire UI, but I would be interested in getting pointers on how to add this 'exit to desktop' button to the Mio shell.

Thanks for the help.
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90 Posts

Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  07:43:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

On your data file, you say you added a main menu exit button. I'm just curious...does this mean if I use your transferred in by the mio transfer hack I can get at the OS without having to go through the unlock procedure? Even if it did, I assume it does me no good as I still wouldn't be able to install applications....or would I?
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94677 Posts

Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  11:56:35  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Nice work and stickied and linked, we'll have to be careful there isn't too much overlapping with the customization thread.

Discounts and Assistance/Réductions et Assistance (Club GpsPasSion) / Où commencer?
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424 Posts

Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  14:19:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

1. It has nothing to do with Unlock-C510-********.cab or no Active Sync. I was worried about what Unlock-C510-********.cab will do to C310x in the beginning, too. Used Mio Transfer Hack comletely for about 1 week. Then I started to need Active Sync, and went ahead to install Unlock-C510-********.cab. When it prompts about duplicated file, just skip them. I use the files originally in C310x just fine.

2. No. I don't think it's SDIO.

3. Most script web site deals with MioMap script. The shell you are talking about is under control of MioMainshell.exe, I believe. Well, once you go with Unlock-C510-********.cab, you don't have to worry about it any more.


Nope. I meant the main exit in the menu is moved to upper left corner to be consistent with the rest of program. Once exit, you're back to Mio main shell if your C310x is not unlocked by Unlock-C510-********.cab.

Edited by - MoonBear on 10 déc. 2006 04:28:49
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Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  16:17:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by MoonBear

There is a question mark on the upper right corner of every screen which explains every function.

I guess that was pretty obvious. The help is actually pretty helpful (as is the manual, by the way).

The only thing, it looks like some of the menu options that you opened up, aren't included in the help (i.e. Start in opposite direction and U-turn at via point). I guess those are so minor, that it probably doesn't matter too much.
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Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  16:48:32  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
For those extra functions, they are well documented in iGo's manual.

iGo User Manual
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Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  17:35:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks! I didn't know that existed. I guess that probably will answer the question as to what other options we might be able to "open up".
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Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  18:37:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Is there a "minimize" function you can add to the miomaps In the IGO version, you can minimize the program. How else would you get back to the mp3 player to switch songs?

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2 Posts

Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  20:06:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Is there a way to go back to Desktop from the main shell program other than soft-reset? I am hoping we can add more icons into the main shell so i can launch tcpmp from there instead of the desktop/program/player.
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2 Posts

Posted - 30 nov. 2006 :  21:50:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the help guys. A lot of the WindowsCE dialog boxes don't seem to fit on the screen (usually too wide). Did i do anything wrong during unlock process?
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Posted - 01 déc. 2006 :  00:31:14  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thx for excellent info MoonBear. I wanted to ask you about TomTom 6. Do you know if the MAPs or POIs of TomTom 6 were newer than MioMap? I'm curious because my address is not listed on MioMap and I'm in the process of trying out iGuidance v3. I'm not sure if you have any experience with installing iGuidance on your Mio C310x.

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Posted - 01 déc. 2006 :  04:09:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
4. Fast Fly Over / Track Log Export / Lat/Long format / Easy Route

You can download either of these two files to replace your DATA.ZIP in \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap (with my startup image)

So are you saying that the only difference between and is that file still maintains the standard Miomap startup image
and has the SC430 startup image???

I just want to clarify the difference
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