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 MioMap v3.2 - Skin Exchange
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Posted - 29 oct. 2006 :  13:11:04  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
* MioMap v3.2 - Skin Exchange *

skins by petitdroud

Following up on an idea by petitdroud, here is a " * MioMap v3.2 - Skin Exchange *" after clearing the presence on the GpsPasSion servers of the full files for easy installation.

    Message format :
  1. Name of the skin

  2. Preview with 3 pictures

  3. Bried description of the changes from the original skin, specify any addition fonts required

  4. Link to your pack to be called with the following content :
    1. the
    2. and/or the list of changes made
    3. Optional : tutorial to make the changes in a .txt file
    4. The method to upload files to the server is >> HERE <<
  5. Skin changes : please update your original message so we the link in the index remains valid. To replace the file, just upload it again, it will relpace the old one
    The Skins :
    FRENCH FORUMS - questions/comments in English to be made below
  1. Satine by Lacagne - details

  2. MyVision by maiqueul - details

  3. Petitrons by petitdroud - details

  4. GPSPassion by Challenger - details

  5. "Pouet" by Lacagne - details

  6. Droudoween (Halloween special) by petitdroud - details

  7. "Simple" by Laurent S - details

  8. 310x+ by Moonbear - details

  9. Journey v1.3 by Roscoe - details

  10. Quicksilver by Roscoe - details - NEW
PLEASE NOTE : all the changes available here are for information purposes only, you are installing them under your sole responsibily and neither GpsPasSion nor Mio can be held for responsible in case of a problem. Since installing a skin means replacing the file in the \MioMap\ folder you should be safe by keeping a copy of the original file.

Happy skins !

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Posted - 29 oct. 2006 :  13:36:51  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Moved form the FRA forums

Originally posted by J@n

PetitRonds V4PP
Sombody send this THEME and data.ZIP to Germanny FOR PPC-PDA
Please !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Jan

i load this but it dont start : tel me Failed to open file ui/night/main_240_320_sheme ui

Are you sure you used MIOMAP V3.2 ?

With the "Failed to open file ui/night/main_240_320_sheme ui" message, it seem's you used IGO2006 so the shemes post here doesn't work with IGO2006.

Perhaps you can try to rename the directory "uip_mio" to "ui", "ui_mio" to "uil" in the after that, you must search in the *.ui files the string "uip_mio" and "ui_mio" and replace them with "uil" and "ui" but i don't think it'll working

let us know if it's working!
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Posted - 29 oct. 2006 :  20:18:32  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
For using skins of Mio with iG and vice versa one mus use following keys in sys.txt

mio=1 ;(for use mio, "0" for use iGO)
base="ui/" ; (for use with Mio don't forget that initial screen and starting settings must be in \ui_mio\)
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Posted - 29 oct. 2006 :  20:23:57  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the tip, that's all there is to it ? basel="uil/" for Mio and base="ui/" for iGO ?

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Posted - 30 oct. 2006 :  09:10:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No, no, no! :)

I mean one must use modificator "mio=1" for programm looks in\ui(p)_mio\mio for loading.jpg at the start. Else it looks in\title...
Keys "base(l)" is for change default folder after initialisation.

And folders "ui" (uip_mio) and "uil" (ui_mio) is for portrait and landscape mode accordingly.

Edited by - Kulverstukas on 30 oct. 2006 10:26:08
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Posted - 30 oct. 2006 :  22:54:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You lost me. I have iGO and would like to use these skins.
Could you please post again the changes I need to make to make it work.
I thought I had it figured out after gpspassion's reply but the "no, no, no" confused me.

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Posted - 31 oct. 2006 :  05:51:09  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The skins are very nice and it's good to swap for fun or for a change.

For all these skins, including the iGO/MioMap original one, is there a simple way that I can just change the displayed numeric for the distance to the next maneuver (eg, 4.3 in the example skin shown above)? All I want is just to change it to a bigger font size or perhaps the font color as well.

Any suggestion, preferrably a step by step guide, is appreciated.

Edited by - on 31 oct. 2006 05:54:22
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Posted - 31 oct. 2006 :  17:36:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

i like very much your skin but i want to do a small modification :

change vitesse on the lower bar ( 240x320 ) in cockpit mode with gps accuracy .
How can i do that ?


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Posted - 01 nov. 2006 :  18:29:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Since MioMap is the same as iGO for maps, is there a thread that deals specifically with iGO in the English forums?
I note there are iGO2006 discussions in the French section but now there are maps for North America and I think it might be prudent to have its own discussion goup.

Also, any ideas how to apply the above skins to iGO?

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Posted - 03 nov. 2006 :  22:55:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
what program i can use for edit the original file of igo/mio with extension .bmp and preserve original parameter (ex. transparency)?

When everything else fails, read the faq' instructions! - skins for navigation software

Edited by - riks on 03 nov. 2006 23:10:25
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Posted - 13 nov. 2006 :  13:53:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Did anyone can make an Version for original iGO2006 Version on normal PDAs? In Germany i can only find this skins:
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Posted - 26 nov. 2006 :  18:16:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've uploaded my personalized version of DATA.ZIP to share with everyone. This will of course take away all the fun out of modifying scripts by yourself.

It's in English.

What's changed:

The flash background is changed to one of my favorite cars, although what I want is the American model made by Lexus.

Tracklog Export / Options
Main Menu Exit button
More Display Options (including more coordinate formats)
More Route Options (including High Speed Fly Over)
Route Parameter (EASY route)

These changes are tailered to my own taste. Further customization is up to you all.
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Posted - 27 nov. 2006 :  00:29:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
On the main menu where you can select mp3, setting or map, anyone added an exit button so that you can quit into Win CE system? How to add it? Thanks!
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Posted - 27 nov. 2006 :  00:33:36  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Would be nice yes, but this thread is dedicated to the navigation software, you probably want to catch up with the customization thread to discuss that.

Discounts and Assistance/Réductions et Assistance (Club GpsPasSion) / Où commencer?
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Posted - 27 nov. 2006 :  11:51:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've tested 3 skins by now which have a dedicated TMC button on the Cockpit-screen and they all seem to have a the same bug, which appears to happen on both PDA as PNA devices.

-> click the TMC button on the cockpit-screen
-> highlight a TMC event in the TMC event-overview screen
-> click on the SHOW button on the lower left of the screen
-> Miomap/Igo is hanging and needs a soft reset

(skins tested: Laurent_S v4, Challenger, Riks)

Could a skin developer please look into this? Thanks!
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Posted - 28 nov. 2006 :  03:31:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
how do you install the skins?
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