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 Traffic Information (TMC)
 News - "Traffic" and "Dead Reckon." GPS receivers
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Posted - 29 janv. 2004 :  01:17:47  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote

and NAVIGON TriCeiver

News item on the site

Here come the first new GPS related products of the 2005 CeBIT (keep track of it in GpsPasSion Live ! later on this week). They will be of special interest to the European visitors of the site as they are TMC based devices - the "Traffic Messaging Channel" is the standard to broadcast traffic information over FM in Europe. They are being offered by GNS, the specialists in this area, starting with the GNS5840 Bluetooth GPS and the GNSFM9 FM antenna. This antenna can be added to an existing GPS system to intergrat traffic information. As Navigon and GNS are long time partners, it's likely that software will be adapted for use with this antenna.

According to, GNS will also be introducing the first prototype of a "mouse" GPS integrating a "Dead Reckoning" module. Let's hope that it will be more efficient than the accelorometer found in the TomTom GO to allow for continued tracking in tunnels.

Navigon announced the TriCeiver at CeBIT and it appears to be identical to the GNS5840 and both seem to be SiRF IIe Xtrac based - more details here


New Modular GPS mouse/bluetooth/TMC - CeBIT news item

(click to enlarge)


News on the main site (and other pictures)

Some brief news for the release of the second GPS receiver equipped with an FM/RDS decoder to receive TMC (traffic information) in Europe. Thanks to @lexis for the pictures.

To the right, a receiver built around the Leadtek 9531 (TomTom v1) and used by Navigon for its Business Mobile Navigator in Germany since 2002 and by Alturion since 2003 in its v5. To the left, the new Navigon receiver, seemingly a twin to theGR-PTG mouse GPS of Jcom a Korean manufacturer.

Two "mouse GPS" receivers for now, but since Jcom also makes a Bluetooth GPS (sold by Teletype)...all hope is not lost!

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 30 janv. 2004 :  09:58:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Looking at the pictures in the main news article, it would appear this new GPS-TMC unit has a PS2 connector, instead of the RJ11 connector of the original. Although the new Seidio GPS ready car mount comes with RJ11, their website talks about "Coming Soon" support for a range of PS2 based GPS units.

If the Jcom unit has the same wiring as the Holux/Fortuna/BTC/Rikaline/Deluo then it should work as well, which is good news. If not, I hope Seidio are willing to produce a dedicated cable for this unit, as the Seidio car mount and the TMC would seem to produce the equivalent of a full SatNav system.

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Posted - 26 juin 2004 :  02:39:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by gpspassion
Some brief news for the release of the second GPS receiver equipped with an FM/RDS decoder to receive TMC (traffic information) in Europe.

Hope this isn't off-topic, but here's a little related personal experience.

I recently rented a low-miles Opel in Germany with a TMC-enabled GPS in-dash. For a little while it seemed cool to be getting all these traffic updates popping up, but it seemed that none of them really affected our route. At one point, it even offered to route around a reported jamup.

To reduce the zillions of popups, we turned on a filtering option to only display alerts along our route and then got nothing. Plus, the TMC message archive was totally flushed, including some older announcments that we thought were on our route. Never got any further TMC updates, but was then after 8PM.

So... the TMC thing is pretty neat. Ultimately the value is in the quality and timeliness of the reporting. Some reports gave tie-up lengths while others didn't. The slowing and construction we did encounter weren't in the TMC reports. Sigh, maybe we just had a bad day. Still, seemed pretty neat. Wonder if we'll ever get TMC here in the States...

If nothing else, the trip did convince my wife that buying a GPS was a good idea. While the TMC experience wasn't compelling, it certainly showed potential.
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Posted - 18 janv. 2005 :  23:10:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The current policy in the States is to let the free-market sort it out. That means expensive and mutually incompatible systems in the few cities covered by such services. So it'll never be integrated with GPS receivers and navigation software until the policy changes and a real decision is made by the government to at least standardize a radio frequency and broadcast signal, even if it's a service you have to pay for.

What I'd ultimately like to see in the States is a simple FM frequency signal that contains local traffic, road construction and NOAA doppler Radar information.

It would be cool to be riding along a Texas highway, see some storm clouds ahead, check the map with my position already located and animated doppler radar overlaid at the touch of a button, and know whether that storm was of the "severe" (eg, to a motorcyclist life threatening) thunder and lightning, hail and tornado variety, or just showers. Heck, in a city, overlay that with traffic info so you can see if the the worst part of the storm is going to cross your path, and whether there's a practical, relatively light traffic but longer route that gets you around the worst part of a storm.

All I can say is, right now Europe seems to have it all over us in a lot of enviable ways.
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Posted - 10 mars 2005 :  21:07:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
wow...what was pretty quick for someone to release a dead reckoning module. I only wished for it a few months ago :-0

Now the question is whether iGuidance will support it too ;-)
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Posted - 10 mars 2005 :  21:56:11  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Well no one's seen it yet ;-)
I think we discussed this elsewhere, but similar to aiding from a network, everything is done inside the GPS module that will output the standard NMEA data, so any software will support it.

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Posted - 11 mars 2005 :  21:40:50  Show Profile  Reply with Quote which SirfIII GPS modules support this dead reckoning module? Sign me up :-)
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Posted - 11 mars 2005 :  21:57:24  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Didn't make it to CeBIT yet, but my spies on the ground were a bit disappointed by their interaction with GNS, apparently the guy didn't have a lot to say about the new products and pointed to a 5840 looking device when asked about it...

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Posted - 11 mars 2005 :  22:21:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From GPS World: Tyco Electronics, Munich, Germany, has added dead reckoning capabilities to its smallest GPS modules, the A1029A and A1029B. After initially implementing dead reconing on its A1030 GPS receiver supporting EGNOS, WAAS and data storage, the compay upgraded its two A1029 models with the dead reconing to deliver continuous positioning, even without access to satellites.

No web link provided in the story.

Don't forget the GPSPassion Club!
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Posted - 11 mars 2005 :  22:59:42  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the info, didn't know Tyco designed GPS chipsets, maybe a company they bought? I discussed DR quite a bit with the founder of SiRF at 3GSM and he didn't seem to think anything very useful was going to come out of the "accelerometer" technology in the near future, so DR would need a full gyro and speedo to work well, not sure how these devices are dealing with this...

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