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 Custom POI "Collections"
 Canadian Speed Traps & Cameras - 1,817 Loc
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Posted - 23 sept. 2007 :  22:30:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I added the BMP files to \\Nuvi\garmin\gpx

This is the only folder that contains any *.GPX folders on my nuvi, and there is only one file titled current.GPX.

There is also a sub folder in the garmin directory titled POI, but it only contains one file titled poi.GPI.

Should I just manually copy your files to the \gpx directory? I use the POI loader and use the express settings. Am I doing something wrong, since it does not automatically copy your BMP file.

I've put the BMP file in both and nothing seems to happen.

What should happen, will this actually put the BMP file in all map views - meaning just driving, or following directions?



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Posted - 23 sept. 2007 :  22:50:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi jbedford,

When you run POILoader, the program takes all of the gpx, csv and bmp files in the destinated folder on your computer, not your GPS. The red light camera bmp file must have the exact same name as the gpx file, otherwise it will not work. Do not load the files onto your GPS, it will not work. POILoader create a single file, called, poi.gpx containing of all the files.

Fron POILoader help:

"POI Loader can also associate customized bitmaps (.bmp) with the points in a data file if the .bmp has the same file name as the data file. For example, a customized bitmap named "Speed_30.bmp" would be associated with all the points in the file named "Speed_30.csv" or "Speed_30.gpx." Bitmaps must be saved in the same directory as the associated data files."

"Your Garmin GPS device may have image size requirements. Most compatible Garmin products work well with icons that are 24x24 pixels or smaller. Bitmaps that do not meet those requirements may appear distorted when viewed on the unit's screen. "

The icon will show on all maps views but you may to zoom in to see. As you are following a route, the icon should display as the nuvi automatically zooms in.

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Posted - 28 sept. 2007 :  15:37:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by hpatlik

Changed Pharmacy Ave & Lawrence Ave - Toronto ON to:
-79.30746,43.75029,"Pharmacy Ave & CN Overpass".
Co-ordinates revised. Two drivers have reported speed trap as you come over the bridge.

Changed Moore St & Bayview Ave to:

-79.36979,43.69609,"Bayview Ave & Pottery Rd"
There's the curve in the road once you're past Moore Ave going to Pottery Road. They set up after the curve before the traffic light at Moore.

Please provide speed limits on those missing in the dbase.


Speed limits to add:
Pharmacy Ave & CN Overpass = 50kph zone
Bayview Ave & Pottery Rd N = 60kph zone
Birchmount Rd & Anaconda Ave = 50kph zone

Another one that needs modification is "Birchmount Rd & St. Clair Ave @ 60kph". It's also currently located right within the intersection of those two streets. Birchmount is a 50kph zone at that point, so I'm assuming the speed trap is along St. Clair somewhere, since it's the 60kph zone. It could be on St. Clair between Birchmount and Warden at the subway underpass (43.712614°, -79.278781°).
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Posted - 28 sept. 2007 :  16:56:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Dewi,

The convention that has been used for the speed traps is the 1st street name is where the police are parked and the 2nd street is the closest intersection. I will check my references and see if it should be shifted away from the intersection. It is not likely that the trap is right at the intersection.


Edited by - hpatlik on 28 sept. 2007 16:57:41
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Posted - 28 sept. 2007 :  17:39:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
OK, well if it's on Birchmount Rd then it should be changed to 50kph whether it's located north or south of St. Clair. I checked this location just this morning.
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Posted - 07 oct. 2007 :  16:19:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
hi jlb,

I have sent an updated file. Please update the new link.

Thank you.

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14 Posts

Posted - 07 oct. 2007 :  18:41:42  Show Profile  Visit rkllkr's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Another Unknown Speed updated for the Ottawa Area

Maitland St and Clyde Ave @50 kph


Ottawa, On.
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Mister E

107 Posts

Posted - 08 oct. 2007 :  04:14:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

-79.56005 43.6463 "Burnhamthorpe Rd & The East Mall"

this should be a red light camera and not a speedtrap.

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Posted - 08 oct. 2007 :  05:24:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
hi somebodyelse,

There are reports of a speed trap where police sit in the parking lot of the mall at the corner of the shell gas station. However, I cannot find a Shell gas station at this location. I will revise and update dbase.

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Posted - 08 oct. 2007 :  08:57:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi hpatlik,

Link updated.

Please update your first post.

Team GpsPasSion - Moderator
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Posted - 08 oct. 2007 :  14:22:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Total listing: 1,389

Note: Load either *.gpx (Garmin GPS units) or *.csv files (non-Garmim). Do not use both formats because you will get double entires.


New Speed Traps

-73.50893,45.66590,"Henri-Bourassa E. & 43rd Ave@50"
-79.4345,43.7181,"Lawrence Ave W EB & Glenmount Ave@50"
-79.2377,43.2072,"Lakeshore Rd & Tanner Cir"
-80.3736,45.5962,"Hwy 69 & Hwy 644@70"
-79.3446,46.0508,"Hwy 11 & English Line Rd@80"
-79.3681,46.0971,"Hwy 11 - N of Powasson@80"

Red Light Cameras


Birchmount Rd & St. Clair has been deleted. Listed as:
-79.2731,43.7186,"Birchmount Rd & Anaconda Ave@50"

Added speed limit to Bayview Ave & Pottery Rd@60

Renamed Eglinton Avenue West & Creditview Road to Eglinton Avenue West & Barbertown Road

Thanks to all of those that contributed.


Edited by - hpatlik on 08 oct. 2007 14:24:31
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624 Posts

Posted - 08 oct. 2007 :  17:06:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The file has "Pharmacy Ave & CN Overpass" @ 60. It should be @ 50.
Thanks for the updates HPatlik.
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Mister E

107 Posts

Posted - 08 oct. 2007 :  18:31:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

There's a Shell station further west on Burnhamthorpe Rd. at Old Burnhamthorpe Rd:

Etobicoke, ON M9c

Can't say I've ever seen a speed trap there though. The Red Light camera at Burnhamthorpe and The East Mall is not indicated by a sign (at lest none that I saw), but the camera is definitely there.

I remember seeing some speed traps on Burnhamthorpe further east as well as on Rathburn at The West Mall, but haven't seen them in a long time. Actually, there are a few places where I've seen speed traps routinely in the past, but haven't seen them there lately - I don't know whether or not to submit these.

Further west on Burnhamthorpe you've got a speed trap listed (either the one at Ponytrail or Creditview), but the speed limit is wrong - I believe it is 60Km/h, but need to double check next time I'm up that way.

I've also seen a few 'No Left Hand Turn' signs that are conditional depending on the time of day (or No Right on Red) where the cops are just sitting on the other side of the turn waiting to catch offenders.
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Posted - 08 oct. 2007 :  23:13:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi somebodyelse,

Radar traps come and go and come back again, so submit the locations and I will add them. It's better to slow down, anyways. Check the speed limits and I will correct them.

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Posted - 09 oct. 2007 :  23:59:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The new redlight camera listing for Bayview Avenue NB & Cummer Avenue - Toronto ON (-79.39358,43.79228) as I mentioned previously (in the current listings), it was not clear if they were active. I received the following response from City of Toronto:

"The red light camera at Bayview and Cummer has not been activated.
Before any new red light camera is activated, advance warning signs are


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