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 Basic question regarding oziexplorer
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Posted - 24 janv. 2006 :  20:27:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I started using oziexplorer and I am a bit confuzed with the terms they have there. Can anyone please explain me what is the difference between: route waypoint and a tracj and when will I use each one of them?

Thank you in advance.



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Posted - 25 janv. 2006 :  01:13:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
ROYCO: I'll try to make this simple, as it really is.

Waypoints are places you specify that you would like to travel to in planning a route. Another way to state this is a route is a collection of waypoints. A waypoint can be your starting point, some turning mark, road intersection or whatever you like as well as a destination point.

Tracks on the other hand are your actual course you took. Sometime these are known as "bread crumbs".

So you set a collection of waypoints to create a route. As you transverse your route you create a track. You may deviate from your planned route and the track will show that.

Make sense? Hope this helps.

Don't forget the GPSPassion Club!

Edited by - lombard0 on 25 janv. 2006 01:15:34
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Posted - 25 janv. 2006 :  08:45:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey lombard0,

Thank you very much for the explanation but I am still a bit confused regarding the difference between a track and a route. When I want to get from point A to point B will I create a route or a track?
And another question: Does ozi has a voice guidance or is this something I need to "plant" when I create a route/track ?
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Posted - 26 janv. 2006 :  03:19:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
royco: OK let me clarify a bit more.

In "planning mode", before you start your journey; you need to create a route.
During the journey, OziE creates tracks of where you went.

Just to confuse you a bit more, you can convert tracks to routes and visa versa. For example, if you have your GPS on and go hiking (without or without a route) Ozi can keep track of where you went. This is called a track. At some other time you might want to go back on the same trail so you could convert that track to a route.

Are you asking about the Desktop/laptop verion or the PPC verion? I haven't run the latest version in awhile so I'll have to check on your question some more.

Don't forget the GPSPassion Club!
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Posted - 26 janv. 2006 :  08:48:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello again,

OK, now it's much clearer! :)
I am using both the desktop and the pockket versions but I plan to use it next month while I am on vacation and there I will use only the pocket version. At the demo maps and routes that come with the ozi (I am using 1.12.3 veersion) there are voice promts but I don't know if they were planted when creating the route or not....

Best regards,
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Posted - 01 févr. 2006 :  04:48:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You might want to checkout Memory-Map Navigator also. There is a free trial of it. Both programs are great, but I found Memory-Map easier to use than Ozi. You do not need to download several programs. You just download the PC version. In the menu of the PC version is a PDA selection that will install the program on the PDA and it automatically pushes the license data to the PDA. The main PC program displays both the 2D and 3D maps. You do not need to download the three packages it takes to do that in Ozi. Memory-Map Navigator $ 99 for all the above. Ozi is $85 for explorer, $30 for explorer3D and $30 for explorerCE. I heard Ozi was easier to get free maps for. I will admit it use to be more trouble with MM, but that was before the latest version. If you are using MM in the USA check this link out: . I know it say aerial photos, but both methods also support topographic maps. I just choose topos, because they take up less space.

One last option, buy TOPO USA 250 for $49.95. This gives you the 1:250,000 topo maps of the USA. You can then upgrade Discoverer to Navigator for $50. That is like getting the 250K maps for free. I found this by accident. I thought I could get by with the 250Ks but quitely wanted higher resolution. I upgraded, because Discoverer is indentical to Navigator except it will not do 3rd party map formats. No reinstall. A new license enables 3rd party map feature. If you are going to end up downloading a bunch of maps, you might consider the state pack of maps. I bought my state (Missouri), because I got tired of downloading all the time. The one thing Ozi has is it will import 3rd party elevation data. You will have to buy that from MM though. Cheap though Kansas, Missuri, Arkansas and Iowa was $25. Oh and the state packs are normaly $99, but are on sale right now for $71.25.

Edited by - dlwgps on 01 févr. 2006 04:53:39
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 23 févr. 2006 :  15:39:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I would stick with OziExplorer! As you can see the money mounts up by the time you start buying the prescanned maps. For walking/hiking you will need at least 1:50000 to get sufficient detail to set accurate waypoints. As you will (should) have paper maps with you in any case - it's just a matter of scanning them into the PC for calibration. Once you get used to it - it's quite a quick operation. I've been a user of OziExplorer for lots of years and find it invaluable. But please note - no topo mapping/gps system is a substitute for a paper map - especially when walking. A PDA will do you 4 hours on a good day, probably less if you have a CF/BT gps - a map will last for years! I use GPS extensively for walking and cycling. I use a Garmin GPSII+ which gives me 24hrs on a set of batteries and occasionally use an iPaq with OziCE just to check on position - but I always have a paper map with the route on it.


Garmin GPSII+
Garmin 165HVS
Haicom 305III
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Posted - 24 févr. 2006 :  02:13:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Philpugh, you should read my post better. You never have to buy a map again if you choose not to. You can download all the 1:24,000 maps you want for FREE. You never have to buy, scan and calibrate a single map either. The desktop program will let you print the maps with your planned routes on it also.

I chose to buy the maps of Missouri to make my life easy. I have the entire state in a single 1:250,000 map and a single 1:100,000 map. They devided the state into two 1:24,000 maps, one north and the other south. I use to keep the 250K MO map on the PDA all the time. I recently upgraded the size of the memory card it is on and now keep the 100K instead. You are right, I would not use it to plan a route. It does come in handy if we find a park we want to investigate. I mark the location of the car before we leave it and always know the shortest way back to it. For trips I plan, I do that on the PC on the 24K maps and then print them and send them to the PDA.

I could download all the different USGS maps, but that would would be a bunch of maps. I like having that condensed into 4 maps since I do so much iin my home state. I went to BalloonFest in Albuquerque, MN the first week of October. I did not buy a single map. I downloaded all the maps I wanted. Again I did not download a bunch of Quads. That link explains how to download large seamless maps. I downloaded 4 seamless map. They all overlapped with the ballon grounds near the edge. Depending the direction the wind was blowing, I could either load the one that went north, south, east or west on the Balloon Fest grounds.
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Posted - 21 juil. 2006 :  15:55:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am going to explore Baja and the west coast of Mexico this fall and have settled on Ozi. I can use virtually any map that is in digital format. I can scan it from paper or save it from the web. One must then calibrate the images with geographic coordinates but most maps show their grids or you can use landmarks. If they don't label them, Google Earth will provide the information. You just click on the interesections and tell Ozi the coordinates. Ozi is pretty good at telling you when you goof. The feature I am most impressed with as I capture a maps in pieces and then run Ozi's MapMerge utility to create one larger consolidated map. I admit this is tedious but you can't buy pre-calibrated maps for Mexico and when I'm done I will have merged fifty map pages into maps for four Mexican states or one big one if I want. With Ozi I won't be driving off the edge of a map and have to load another although Ozi will page automatically. I will also to be able to zoom way out in order to see the big picture.

Correction: It looks like MM does have Mexico for $100.00

Edited by - schneid on 21 juil. 2006 16:08:50
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Posted - 22 juil. 2006 :  03:09:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Memory-Map Navigator will let you scan and calibrate paper maps also. It will let you import most digital formats. It will also let you merge maps. One of the things I did not like about Ozi is all the little tools/utilities. This is where Memory-Map has Ozi beat. You do this all inside the main PC program instead of having to run different program to merge the map another to convert the map to ozi format for the CE version.
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adel bichara

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Posted - 30 nov. 2011 :  13:55:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
hello I am trying to find an ozi tutorial if possible, I would like to learn how to operate and make use my car computer which i custom made with a Garmin 18x USB connected to it and veiw desert maps???
any advise!
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