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 WMS beta 4.71.04 - "Single Track" - 26 June 2006
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Posted - 01 déc. 2005 :  16:40:06  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage
Hi, folks,

Please go here:

And get this:


Release Notes:

Version 4.71.04 - "Single Track"

* Fixes bug with using the Irish major roads map to open county maps
This applies to any region where they use the form "County X" instead of "X County" in naming their counties.

Version 4.71.03 - "Sea Train" - 27 April 2006

* Fixes cosmetic bug in Color Settings window which failed to consider DST when showing the times of dawn/dusk
* Fixes bug which prevented the satellite display from updating while waiting for a fix
* Fixes bug setting the default value of the "Use GAPI" option which had been incorrectly turned off by default for most users
* Fixes cosmetic bug where the text “GPS Not Responding (COMn:)” would not fit entirely on the display. This has been shortened to “Not Responding COMn:” and the font size has been reduced.
* Fixes tab order on GPS Options window

Version 4.71.02 - "Laika" - 25 April 2006

Some of these may apply to Smartphones...

* Adds new option to "[X] Use GAPI for Video Performance" in order to turn off GAPI if undesired. It is not possible to turn on GAPI if it is off by default.
* Fixes incompatibility with the WM5 GPS applet control panel so that virtual ports now work in Mapopolis, including GPD1
* Fixes bugs in the data validation for GGA sentences in GPS data
* Fixes GPS dead zones along 1 degree south latitude, and 1 degree east longitude (no longer uses -1 as an error code)
* Fixes bug which caused the PPC title bar to appear at the same time as a Proximity Alert message box
* Improves error handling for GPS "zero" data
* Shows "GPS Not Responding (COMn:)" over the navigation pane, instead of "Not Responding"
* Improves speed of data validation used for setting the clock from GPS data
* Increases diagnostic build life from 14 days to 30 days from when they are built.
* Changes "[X] Blink LED at Index [list]" to "Select LED or vibrator [list]" with the added list option "NONE" to disable the feature in the absence of the removed checkbox
* Changes the Set Clock from GPS Data feature to allow the clock to be out of sync by up to 2 seconds from the GPS (to improve performance/speed issues).
* Fixes incorrect window title on the Sounds Settings window

But these definitely apply to Smartphones...

* Fixes bug which caused the language selection box to become broken when using left/right D-Pad keys to change the selected language
* Fixes cosmetic bug in the Edit Landmark window which drew the icon slightly outside the allocated box

VERSION 4.71.01 - "Learning to Fly" - 6 April 2006

Some of these may apply to Smartphones...


* Restructures backend of Landmark and Street/Address searching (search result data management)
* Enhances Find Contacts
- searches by zip code when possible
- searches by city when possible (fixes bugs)
- automatically searches unopened maps for the address, if not found among open maps
* Enhances alphabetical sorting to sort by distance when names match in Find Address, Find Intersection, Find Place or Business.
* Enhances Text-To-Speech to recognize "Ext" as an abbreviation for "Extension"
* Enhances the speed of Finding Contiguous Maps (from >20 minutes to <4 seconds with 1GB of maps), and replaced the related status window with the standard animated wait cursor.


* Changes default option for "Set Clock from GPS" This is now OFF by default.
* Moves the Map Colors Settings window contents to the left (cosmetic change)
* Changes the Set Clock from GPS Data feature to do nothing at all if asked to change the current year
* Changes the Set Clock from GPS Data feature to set the clock after 30 seconds has passed, instead of after every 20th GPS data cycle


* Fixes bug with mismatched "On or Near Street" text showing incorrect information in Find Place or Business
* Fixes bug that allowed the last-entered Find Address search to affect the Find Contacts search results and default data shown when Find Contacts fails and opens Find Address
* Fixes bug with horizontal scroll bars not scroll list-view contents
* Fixes cosmetic bug in the display of Dawn/Dusk times to include padding zeros, as is the usual tradition when writing the time
* Fixes truncated text "Show Automatically requires GPS" which should now fit entirely on the display
* Fixes truncated text in the warning message about duplicate map files
* Fixes bug in error message which would incorrectly say that a voice file did not exist when the real problem was something else, such as a lack of memory
* Fixes bug that showed "x/y/z" in the status box window
* Adds data validation for GPS time stamps, to avoid using wildly incorrect time values to set the clock such as all-zeroes, or day 32 of a month, etc
* Fixes potential buffer overrun error in the Set Clock from GPS Data feature
* Fixes cosmetic issues with the size of the list boxes in Hardware Settings and Find Place or Business/Landmark windows
* Fixes bug when starting GPS, either manually or automatically, which failed to honor the option to Retry Failed Connections forever
* Fixes bug which would show the GPS Diagnostic message when tapping on the menubar - it now checks for the upper AND LOWER bound of the Not Responding strip for this screen tap response

But these definitely apply to Smartphones...

* Fixes error 5041 resulting from the presence of duplicate maps in the system
* Fixes bug in Find Address window which caused the last letter entered in the search text to be ignored
* Fixes bug which swapped the meaning of the Select Address and Select Intersection commands when finding a route

VERSION 4.70 RC3 - "Primer" - 10 March 2006

* Minor maintenance

VERSION 4.70 RC2 - "Wake me up when we get there" - 10 Mar. 2006

* Removes menu command 'Find > All Places By Type' from the Smartphone edition. It was never intended for this edition.

* Fixes Smartphone menu command Tools > GPS > Show Log so that it now does something

VERSION 4.70 RC1 - "Any Way You Want It" - 2 Mar. 2006

* Fixes slow route calculation and flickering text while the Route Calculation status window is showing
* Removes "beta" indication from version number under general program options because this is a release candidate

VERSION 4.69 - "Fly, Pelican, Fly" - 2 Mar. 2006

* Changes all search windows to clear the last search results when beginning a new search
* Changes thread priority of day/night color switching from below normal to normal, to fix failure to switch colors at dawn and dusk when there is a CPU load or GPS is running
* Changes day/night color switching to check for day vs. night immediately at program startup, instead of 5 minutes later
* Enhances day/night color switching to immediately check for day vs. night when returning to the map view from any other window
* Fixes duplicate map check to allow multiple user landmarks files
* Fixes the back button in the Edit Landmark window on Smartphone
* Fixes bug when searching for the second street in an intersection, so that the search text box will not be ignored
* Fixes internal bug which failed to update a critical data table after accessing a Favorite that required automatically opening a map (related to error 3710)
* Fixes error 3710 by adding automatic error recovery for this logical error
* Changes house number box in the Find Address window so that it accepts non-numbers again

VERSION 4.68 - "Lake of the Ozarks" - 28 Feb. 2006

* Adds cancelable status box while finding contiguous map sets
* Changes status box during "Searching for maps" to show the directory names instead of file names
* Simplifies automatic day/night color switching implementation. Should fix intermittent failure to switch colors at the appropriate time.
* Changes house number box in the Find Address window so that it only accepts numbers
* Fixes Find Contacts window so that it will now close properly
* Fixes text-to-speech with abbreviations "Expwy" (Expressway) "Pkwy" (Parkway) and "Is" (Island)
* Fixes bug in Smartphone edition that was ignoring the house numbers entered in the Find Address window
* Fixes non-cancelable status windows in Smartphone to show a blank menubar instead of a non-functioning cancel button
* Fixes placement of icon on status box window in Smartphone edition
* Fixes invalid memory access error when refreshing the map list (was failing silently under WM5, resulting in a variety of problems such as the directory list not populating correctly or a wait cursor not going away)

VERSION 4.67 - "Fixing a Hole" - 24 Feb. 2006

* Adds horizontal scroll bar to custom list view controls throughout the program, when needed (Smartphone edition had this already, but implementation has been improved)
* Hides the crosshairs on Smartphone edition when GPS is running
* Fixes bug which would say "Please Select An Address" in the Find Address window when a street was selected without entering a house number
* Fixes bug in which the GPS position did not update in the map display
* Fixes bugs in Favorites list management
* Fixes tab order for windows on Smartphone: GPS Communication Options and Map Color Settings
* Fixes bug in Smartphone Hardware Button Settings, in which pressing '1' would not return to the 1-6 page
* Fixes bug which failed to save map position and zoom parameters when exiting the program
* Fixes bug in Choose Maps resulting in the loss of recent selection changes when pressing the Auto Select MRMs button
* Fixes bug in [X] Also Open Contiguous which was opening too many maps
* Fixes bug in Add/Edit Landmark window not initializing to the correct default icon
* Fixes bug in Sound Settings, which would sometimes fail to update the voice list correctly after performing a Refresh
* Fixes bug in Smartphone GPS Satellite window, so that it is now possible to get back to the GPS Data window
* Fixes a bug with thread management and LED blinking
* Fixes bug which prevented the Smartphone edition from opening Landmarks.mlp files created in the Pocket PC or WinCE editions
* Fixes cosmetic issues with the status box
* Fixes crash following the use of an MRM county map icon to close a map
* Fixes bugs in Smartphone edition which were blocking entire windows from opening, including the full-screen windows associated with list selection controls when pressing ENTER
* Fixes error 3700-X after selecting duplicate maps
* Fixes error 3700-X when adding a landmark
* Fixes "too many files" error when uninstalling from the Desktop PC, and clarifies comfirmation message to indicate that all files in the program directory will be deleted
* Defaults the option OFF for [X] Allow Blinking LED

VERSION 4.66 - "Feels So Right" - 20 Feb. 2006

* Enhances Choose Maps window and fixes all related bugs
* Enhances Find Contacts window and fixes all related bugs
* Improves implementation of mapopts.bin file - future versions will be able to load a past version's state file
* Improves performance with large contacts databases (900+ contacts)
* Adds left/right keypad toggling between similar SEARCH windows: Find Address, Find Intersection, Find Place, Find Contact, and Find Coordinates
* Adds option to set the start/end points of a route by using the Find Coordinates interface.
* Adds [Enter] key now accepted as OK when the input focus is on most list view controls (recall route, etc)
* Adds Cancel command to the right soft-key menu on Smartphone for Find Address, and Find Intersection
* Changes the timing of auto-switching colors. Now checks on 5 minute intervals (down from 10), and is completely detached from the GPS thread and the GPS clock sync option.
* Fixes bug that was allowing a background task to close windows and return to the map display, for example while looking at the splash screen at application startup
* Fixes bug in all search windows, which would say "please select one item" even though one item was selected
* Fixes general UI bugs on Smartphone related to list selection controls and various windows malfunctioning
* Fixed a memory management bug which was causing the use of recycled memory in many places. This should improve stability.
* Additional internal changes related to the following systems: MRU list, map file list, map state data, GPS, contacts database, window management

VERSION 4.65 - "Stayin' Alive" - 12 Feb. 2006

* Restructures program code related to all full screen dialog windows
* Divides GPS Options window into a second window for GPS Communications
* Adds user options for LED blinking on/off and which LED (General Program Options) This addresses the vibration bugs.
* Auto-start GPS option moved from General Program Options to the new GPS Communications window
* Adds Auto-Switch day/night colors feature to Smartphone
* Automatic day/night color switching is more pro-active about changing the colors at the right times (may fix bugs)
* Adds user option to control whether to set the mobile device clock from the GPS data
* Will no longer set the clock from GPS data during GPS log playback, regardless of user options
* By default, now accepts Enter key as "OK" when the input focus is on a full screen dialog window (and not focused on a checkbox or other control)
* Fixes help in WM5 (WM help system, peghelp.exe, was hanging with a wait cursor or failing to come up)
* Fixes missing SIP button in the Find Contacts window
* Fixes crash from second use of Find Contacts window
* Fixes bug causing some devices to show an error message about the event "\\.\Notifications\NamedEvents\Mapopolis"
* Fixes a bug in the calculation of turn costs during route calculations (too much weight was being assigned to some turns due to a programming error)
* Fixes a bug that caused the title bar to appear incorrectly after switching between portrait and landscape modes

VERSION 4.63, 2005-12-07

* Adds enhanced error reporting window to replace "Should Not Occur Error Code 1-*"
* If you find any more goodies than that for Smartphone, please report them here.

VERSION 4.62 beta, 1 December 2005

* Fixes lost user options bug
* Fixes inversion between landscape and portrait mode window layouts for the General Program Options
* Fixes name of DUTCH female voice to say "Vrouw" in voice installer application
* Map copier application now centers dialog windows instead of showing them in the upper left corner

VERSION 4.61pre, 2005-11-28

* Adds feature to hide contacts which do not include street address data (Find > Contact Address)
* Adds landscape display layout for the Find Coordinates window
* Fixes compatibility with contacts database in Windows Mobile 5
* Fixes reporting of lost GPS fixes with certain GPS receivers
* Fixes GPS lockup condition resulting from a corrupted data stream
* Adds handling of unexpected GPS communication behavior when certain GPS receivers are turned off
* Fixes "Too many files" error when uninstalling
* Improves stability of Desktop PC apps (map copier, installer, etc)


I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday.
- W.C. Fields

Edited by - on 06 juil. 2006 17:31:19



396 Posts

Posted - 01 déc. 2005 :  20:21:27  Show Profile
Great - another beta cycle already

Nothing much new for me to check, I wasn't affected by any of the bugs fixed.

But I hope there's a mistake in the change list: "Krouw" is NOT female in Danish, it's not a Danish word. Probably, this is a fix needed for Dutch, so I hope that's where you fixed, otherwise you will need to fix it back again for Danish.

Best regards
Allan Hvass

Using SmartPhone QTek 8020, 512MB miniSD, BlueTooth enabled Holux GM-210, Mapopolis, Parrot BT car kit
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2508 Posts

Posted - 01 déc. 2005 :  21:06:31  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage
Hi, Allan,

I voted for "Vrouw," but what is it really? I'm going to mangle this, but is it "kvigen?" (This is in the voice selector.)



I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early.
- Yogi Berra
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9 Posts

Posted - 01 déc. 2005 :  21:16:00  Show Profile
With 4.62 beta1 using PPC (Mapopolis_Pocket_PC_v4.62_Setup.exe), I got mapcopy.exe crashing on WinXP during installation.

Putting the files on SD card, it installs to '\Storage Card\Program Files\Mapopolis' instead of '\Storage Card\Mapoppolis'
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2508 Posts

Posted - 01 déc. 2005 :  21:22:28  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage
Hi, mr_ding,

We'll be discussing Pocket PC in the thread in the News section, and we'll be doing Smartphone discussion here.

If you'll run the installer again and manually point it at the folder on the card, it will install without crashing further.



Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
- Albert Einstein
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2508 Posts

Posted - 01 déc. 2005 :  21:38:46  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage

You're right - it was DUTCH, not Danish.


In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher.
- Dalai Lama
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8 Posts

Posted - 02 déc. 2005 :  06:03:16  Show Profile
Hi, I am using mapopolis version 4.62. Every time when I tried to find an address or an intersection, there is a popup window 'Should not occur error. Code=1-183'.

Anyone has any suggestions?

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United Kingdom
379 Posts

Posted - 03 déc. 2005 :  07:15:19  Show Profile
Hi all, one very minor problem I have been experiencing ever since upgrading to the C550 is a misplaced Mapopolis icon...

Not earth shattering but as you are into a new beta I thought it would be worthwhile pointing this out.

On my old E200 the icon is dead centre.

Orange C550, TomTom BT GPS
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United Kingdom
379 Posts

Posted - 05 janv. 2006 :  09:26:01  Show Profile
Hey guys, I have found a problem that comes up practically everyday. I have tried to replicate it after the problem occurs but I cant.

I am using the 4.64 beta SmartPhone version. I switch on in the morning, start Mapopolis, this connects to the GPS and the map is always north up. If I press Menu, Settings, GPS Options the Centre view Forward box is ticked so I untick the box then re-tick the box and press Done and hey presto the map is now track up.

I have tried to replicate this many times but without joy but when I start first thing in the morning the map starts moving north up.

Orange C550, TomTom BT GPS
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16 Posts

Posted - 05 janv. 2006 :  15:52:56  Show Profile
I had this problem with my PDA, exact same thing and what it was was me changing some settings on the GPS itself with Sirfdemo. Once I reset the GPS back to factory defaults Mapopolis went back to "direction travelled" up rather than North up all the time.

Specifically I turned on the WAAS setting on the GPS which is a Holux SlimGps236 unit.
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United Kingdom
379 Posts

Posted - 06 janv. 2006 :  07:53:46  Show Profile
Thanks rp1790, I just have the plain old TomTom BT GPS and I haven't changed my GPS settings (don't think you can on these units anyway) but if I run the 4.6 (official release version) it always reverts to track up its only on the 4.64 this problems happens.

Orange C550, TomTom BT GPS
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2508 Posts

Posted - 06 janv. 2006 :  15:25:46  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage
Hi, guys,

Just a note - the Palm Treo 700w was announced yesterday and Verizon is offering it for sale today. Palm has gone all out on their website to promote it, too. Coolest feature? Looks like the revised Today screen is the biggie.


I know the voices aren't real, but what they say ~does~ make a lot of sense.
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United Kingdom
379 Posts

Posted - 06 janv. 2006 :  17:23:58  Show Profile
Not wanting to sound like I am blowing my own trumpet

But this is what you call a fully loaded Today Screen or Home Screen

Orange C550, TomTom BT GPS
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2508 Posts

Posted - 06 janv. 2006 :  17:44:41  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage
Hey, no fair! You have a big screen model. The Treo 700w has a 240x240 screen like the HPs. I like the look of Palm's version - enter a number or part of a name for the dialer at the top. Appointments, email notification, SMS, etc in the middle, and Google search at the bottom. Want to talk about uninspiring? You should see my MPX200. (Yes, I still ave it, and yes, it's still ticking... on the original battery, too.)


I know the voices aren't real, but what they say ~does~ make a lot of sense.
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679 Posts

Posted - 07 janv. 2006 :  01:49:38  Show Profile
Oooo I like your home screen Dr. StrangeTrick!

Best Regards,

Project Manager for Windows Mobile Platforms Inc

C Code
C Code Run
Run Code Run!
Run Damnit Run!!
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United Kingdom
379 Posts

Posted - 08 janv. 2006 :  09:44:35  Show Profile
if I say so myself, me to.

Everything I need in one place, Date and time, a decent and free calendar plugin, next 5 days weather for 6 cities, GPRS usage (daily/Monthly) and system information.

It took ages to get it all on one page but I am proud of it

Orange C550, TomTom BT GPS
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