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 GarminCure3 - the new way to cure Garmin devices
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Posted - 06 janv. 2012 :  10:06:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here is a special firmware patcher for creating cure firmwares. Patched firmwares enter the mass storage mode immediately, without going through the normal booting process ( e.g. they don’t display “Loading maps…” and so on). That’s why they don’t crash or hang up, therefore, they can be used for curing. It works even if your device was formatted into NTFS.

  • Don't use GarminCure3.exe if you don't know how to enter pre-boot mode. Entering pre-boot is neccessary to flash firmwares after CURE firmware has been flashed.

  • Don't flash GVN-52 and GVN-53 with the CURE firmware, as they don't have a real pre-boot mode.

The typical curing algorithm (in general) looks like this:
  • Flash your device with the CURE firmware (see below for more details). Please note that the CURE firmware will never boot, it can only enter the mass storage mode.

  • Don’t disconnect your device from the PC. It should enter the mass storage mode and the PC should detect it as a new flash drive.

    • If the filesystem on the flash drive is OK then you should try removing/renaming some files that could cause problems. Start from those files that were created/copied last. Don’t forget about making backups.

    • If removing files doesn’t help, or you’ve accidentally formatted the flash drive into NTFS, or its filesystem is corrupted then you should reformat the flash drive into FAT or FAT32. Remember that when your device is cured you can restore most of the missing files by running WebUpdater.
      Many users have suggested that this way of formatting is preferable:

    • Unfortunately, some devices don't boot if the flash drive is totally empty (for example, nuvi 24x0). Then try copying it's contents from a healthy device of the same or close model. If even copying from the same model doesn't help then the problem is somewhere else, you need some other cure.

  • “Safely” disconnect your device from the PC. It should turn off in a few seconds. If it doesn’t then press the power button for at least 30 seconds. Be aware that some devices don’t turn off this way. You should know how to turn your device off if it hangs up.

  • Flash your device with the ORIGINAL firmware (see below for more details), and see if it boots normally. If it still doesn’t boot then go to step 1.

How to flash your device with the CURE or ORIGINAL firmware:
  • Download GarminCure3.exe and updater.exe from here:

    GarminCure3.exe user interface looks like this:

  • Download the original firmware if you don’t have it already.
    This link should help you: [ed]

  • Run GarminCure3.exe and open the downloaded firmware with it. You can do it by dragging the firmware file into “Input file” box or by typing the path to the file or by pressing the “…” button.

  • Press “Make firmware” button. Before doing that make sure the right option is selected from “CURE” and “ORIGINAL”.

  • If everything is ok, “Processing OK : )” message will be printed and all controls inside “Output file(s)” box will be enabled. If it doesn’t happen, please, let me know.

  • Then press "Updater.exe" button, which will launch updater.exe ready for flashing the firmware. Also you can drag the firmware files from the rectangle displaying their names.

  • Then put your device into pre-boot mode and flash the firmware with updater.exe. Search through this forum for what is pre-boot mode and how to flash devices with updater.exe.

Devices that can be cured.
The tool was tested on nuvi 200 (HWID=660), 6x0, 13xx/14xx, 22x0, 24x0, 37xx. So it should work for all nuvis.
Almost all Garmin firmwares are patchable (except some marine GPSmaps and linux-based devices), but this doesn't guarantee successful curing, of course.

Known bugs and issues:
  • There is an issue under Windows Seven and Windows Vista if UAC is enabled. If you want GarminCure3.exe to run Updater.exe then GarminCure3.exe should be run as Administrator. But then drag&drop won’t work.

  • Patched firmwares are stored inside GarminCure3-TEMP folder located near GarminCure3.exe. Don’t forget to delete GarminCure3-TEMP from time to time. Before deleting make sure updater.exe isn’t running.

I would really appreciate if someone posts here a link to any good article about pre-boot mode and updater.exe. I will add it to the topic.

Edited by - kunix on 08 déc. 2012 13:09:38



106 Posts

Posted - 06 janv. 2012 :  11:25:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One Question ?
Is the cure firmware bootable ?
In other words can you get to the WhereTo ViewMap Screen ? or Is it just to get you into the file system ? (USB Flash Mode)

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194 Posts

Posted - 06 janv. 2012 :  11:33:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No, it's not bootable.
Booting firmware is a bad idea, because it's likely to hang up or crash if it can't write to the internal flash drive.
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106 Posts

Posted - 06 janv. 2012 :  11:48:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What you've done here is a breakthrough in Fixing Garmin Nuvi.
Simple and straight forward, no editing Hex and changing Codes.
Anyone can do it.
Thanks for sharing and have yourself a Wonderful New Year.
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15 Posts

Posted - 10 janv. 2012 :  16:34:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Nuvi 200w - Nuvi 360 - Nuvi 285w
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12 Posts

Posted - 16 janv. 2012 :  23:37:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
thanks kunix! worked on 265w

Edited by - zerojj on 19 janv. 2012 01:36:01
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44 Posts

Posted - 17 janv. 2012 :  05:34:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It worked fine with a formatted 255W MTK. Great tool kunix!
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12 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  06:24:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
well, i mananged to do a very stupid thing... While using this great feature, i not only formatted the internal flash, i repartiioned it...

Now it's stuck in a permanent reboot loop no matter which firmwares i flash to it. only thing i can do is flash this version of cure and i can get it to mount internal flash. I can copy my entire backup of flash back, but once reflashed with regular fw, it is back into a boot loop.
I very stupidly forgot to take a raw dd image of the internal flash instead of just filesystem copy .... :(

I suspect from reading some other threads that I need to put some special filesystem headers on this?
Anybody know about this?

*** please take care with this wonderful method ***
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194 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  07:43:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hm, I suspect that you should somehow be able to access the entire flash drive contents, not only separate partitions. At least under linux. Then you can just reformat it. Can't you?
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310 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  11:50:11  Show Profile  Visit ddabcd277's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Yes, kunix is correct reformatting should work. BTW I have noticed one interesting thing (think it is written on other places too) but for example if you delete the whole file system you can restore it by just writing a few mega bytes. Maybe someone can create an image of the its nuvi 2x5w memory and share it with you. Don't think it is a big problem. You should know on which region to flash it too.

Edited by - ddabcd277 on 21 janv. 2012 11:51:56
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194 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  12:10:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think that by flashing just a few first megabytes you only restore tree of folders. But almost all file contents will be completely messed up. Therefore you need reformatting anyway :)

But there is one situation when flashing healthy filesystem is useful. I've noticed that with some devices (in particular, my friend's 13xx) the following sequence of actions DOESN'T help against formatting into NTFS:
1) flash CURE3 firmware
2) format under Windows into FAT32 (quick format or full, doesn't matter)
3) flash original firmware

But the following sequence DOES help you:
0) flash a few megabytes from a healthy filesystem
1) flash CURE3 firmware (in fact, this step can be omitted, the result is the same)
2) format under Windows into FAT32 (quick format or full, doesn't matter)
3) flash original firmware

Which is very surprising. Comparing the filesystems just after step 2 is completed shows that they ARE different. So, when you are formatting under Windows, the formatted contents DO depend on the previous contents, which is bad for us.
Can someone explain what's happening? Also I think there should be some formatting tool that makes good FAT32 independent of the previous filesystem state.

Edited by - kunix on 21 janv. 2012 12:16:16
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106 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  12:28:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Maybe Nuvi is looking for Directory Structure and files.
What About ?
1) flash CURE3 firmware
2) format under Windows into FAT32 (quick format or full, doesn't matter)

2.5) Restore directory structure and some files previously backed up.

3) flash original firmware.

Question? How do we do this ?

0) flash a few megabytes from a healthy filesystem

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194 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  12:32:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
2.5) doesn't help here, I've checked. In fact, 13xx is able to boot normally even if the filesystem is empty. The only requirement is that it's 'good' the sense mentioned above.
0) it's a loooong story :)

Edited by - kunix on 21 janv. 2012 12:33:07
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533 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  14:53:47  Show Profile  Visit popej's Homepage  Reply with Quote
There are 2 different ways to format removable device:
1. As a superfloppy disk with single partitions starting at the very beginning of the media.
2. As a hard drive with partition table at the beginning and single partition following.

Windows has no option to change format type of the media, it simply preserves existing type. Garmin uses first type of format and probably doesn't recognize second type. So if you switched to version 2, than formatting won't help. You need to use better tools. For example you can re-format nuvi under Linux using option -I for mkdosfs:
mkdosfs -I -F 32 /dev/...

Under Windows you can try to use programs like RMPRepUSB . I haven't done that kind of formating on my nuvi, so I can't guarantee that it all will work as I expect. My suggestion is to try following settings and run "6 Prepare Drive":

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12 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  16:39:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
thanks all.. i was able to revive it somehow... i believe this is what happened:
under mac, disk utility, completely repartitioned the internal flash w/ erase (mbr + fat32). Reboot issue started after flashing original fw back.
then flashed back to cure fw, mounted disk and copied all of my backups (garmin folder, etc) back to internal flash. After flashing orig fw, still rebooting.
Went back to cure fw, mounted in windows xp, and reformatted fat, copied files back... still not working.
then reformatted in fat32 in windows, still not working.

then the following seemed to bring it back to life:
reformatted again, and just made one Garmin folder, and copied over only the following:

I also put an sd card into the garmin, but doubt that had anything to do with booting

Of course, now I have a pin lock on it....
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106 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2012 :  21:34:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Glad to hear that it's fixed.
Without the cure you would'nt have been able to get back in there to try different options.
I bricked my nuvi 1300 last week playing with different firmwares and was able to get in there with the cure to delete files created by the alternative firmware and recover my nuvi.
I guess you formatted it by mistake the first time around.
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