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 [Utility] Mio Emergency Disk
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Posted - 03 nov. 2011 :  19:49:50  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote

I have compiled so-called Mio Emergency Disk.


MD5: 0bb9c502471226b1248889444d752bbc
CRC32: 0e0c297e

Mio Emergency Disk is mainly based on the known 'magic-folder' names exemplarily listet below which are known by MiTAC devices. By nature it is simply an unlocker primarily dedicated to various MiTACS's Mio C, Moov, and Spirit devices EDIT: and Navman units, too. You can use it (perhaps also only as an example how) to get into your MiTAC's Mio C, Moov, and Spirit unit EDIT: and Navman unit, if your SatNav has an SD/MMC-card slot and it is capabable to read from SD/MMC-card. This utility especially is intended to be used by those, who do not want to create their own SD/MMC-card (prepared with small tools) - specific to their SatNav.

The download-link provided above always directs you to latest version of Mio Emergency Disk available.

This utility is provided AS IS. I am not responsible for anything you do to your Mio device using this utility.

1) download and simply unpack archive "" as 1:1 to root (NOT any subfolder) of an SD/MMC-card - use a standard SD/MMC-card
2) modify contents of file <sdcard>\MIO_EMERGENCY_DISK\emergency.mscr to your needs (it is currently customized for the Mio V505 TV)
3) insert SD/MMC-card into your Mio
4) remove any USB-connection with laptop/desktop PC
5) restart your Mio

This is a work in progress!
Feel free to report bugs, make improvement suggestions, etc.pp.

Disk Contents (always relates to latest version of Mio Emergency Disk):

Known 'magic-folder' names:

(most part of accumulation "Moov" as following courtesy to Osprey)

Moov 	  	European: 	  	North American (NA): 	  	Australian (AU):
150 	  	Cobia_300L_32 	  	Cobia_300L_32_NA 	  	Cobia_300L_32_AU
200 	  	Cobia_300_32 	  	Cobia_300_64_NA 	  	Cobia_300_32_AU
200u 	  	Cobia_300_64 	  	Cobia_300_64_NA 	  	Cobia_300_64_AU
210 	  	Cobia_T300_32 	  	Cobia_T300_64_NA 	  	Cobia_T300_32_AU
300 	  	Cobia_400_64 	  	Cobia_400_64_NA 	  	Cobia_400_64_AU
310 	  	Cobia_T400_64 	  	Cobia_T400_64_NA 	  	Cobia_T400_64_AU
330 	  	Cobia_410_64 	  	Cobia_410_64_NA 	  	Cobia_410_64_AU
360 	  	Cobia_420_64 	  	Cobia_420_64_NA 	  	Cobia_420_64_AU
370 	  	Cobia_T420_64 	  	Cobia_T420_64_NA 	  	Cobia_T420_64_AU
500 	  	Cobia_500_64 	  	Cobia_500_64_NA 	  	Cobia_500_64_AU
500 R2 	  	Cobia500R2 	  	Cobia500R2_NA 	  	        Cobia500R2_AU
510 	  	Cobia_T500_64 	  	Cobia_T500_64_NA 	  	Cobia_T500_64_AU
560 	  	Cobia_520_64 	  	Cobia_520_64_NA 	  	Cobia_520_64_AU
580 	  	Cobia_T550_64 	  	Cobia_T550_64_NA 	  	Cobia_T550_64_AU

(most part of accumulation "Spirit" as following courtesy to costas)

Spirit 	  	Default 
Spirit S400 	SEEKER_400 and/or Default
Spirit S410 	SEEKER_400 and/or Default
Spirit S475 	Default 
Spirit S480 	TATA2_400
Spirit S487 	TATA2_T420
Spirit S500 (Spirit 500 Traffic) SEEKER_T500 and/or Default 
Spirit S501   	Default
Spirit S505 	SEEKER_T500 and/or Default
Spirit S550 	Default 
Spirit S555 (Spirit 500 HF Traffic) SEEKER_T520 and/or Default
Spirit S568   	SEEKER_FT525 and/or Default
Spirit S575 	SEEKER_T500 and/or Default
Spirit 575 Life Tmc   	SEEKER_T500_LEOPARD and/or Default
Spirit S600 	SEEKER_2_600_EEU and/or Default
Spirit S605 	SEEKER_2_T600_EEU and/or Default 
Spirit S670 	SEEKER_2_600A02 and/or Default
Spirit S680 	Default 
Spirit S685 	SEEKER2_T600 and/or Default
Spirit 687 Truck   	SEEKER_T620 and/or Default
Spirit 760 Truck 	SEEKER_725 and/or Default
Spirit V505TV 	HAMMER_VT500 
Spirit V735TV 	HAMMER_VT705 

How to find out 'magic-folder' name, demonstrated by the example Mio Spirit S605:

(image courtesy to costas)

Excerpt of MioPocket's Readme file (courtesy to Osprey):

If the above does not help you to find the correct folder to use, connect your Moov to your computer and...
a) If you have a file named "app_startup.txt" in the root of your internal flash drive...
Open it, scroll down to the very bottom and look for the line that starts with RunSDCardExecutable. That line will look something like this...

RunSDCardExecutable(SmartST_CE - Run()): CreateProcess(\Storage card\\auto.exe) failed, error 2

...with "" being the folder name that your device requires. Create that folder on your SD card and proceed to step 4Bii below.

b) If you have a file named "version.ini" on the internal flash drive in \Program Files\Navman\SmartST_CE\...
Open it, look under the [VersionInfo] section for the "Name" entry. Create that folder on your SD card and proceed to step 4Bii below.

c) If you have a file named "device.xml" in the root of the internal flash drive, open it in a text editor. Look for a "" tag and create on your SD card a folder named for what's between "" and "". If that tag does NOT exist, look for a string that starts with "Mantas" and name the folder that. If either method works, proceed to step 4Bii below.

d) Read the firmware version listed (usually in white on black text) when you boot the device up and use the first code that comes after "Cobia". For example, the Moov360's firmware version starts with "COBIA 420", so the folder should start with "Cobia_420" (note the capitalized first letter, the following lower-case and the underscore). After that, for most devices, comes the amount of internal RAM, "_32" for 32MB devices and "_64" for 64MB devices. Finally, North American models append "_NA" on the end and Australian models append "_AU" on the end.

Known Navman 'magic-folder' names

Model		Magic folder

S30		S30
S50		S50
S70		S70
S80		S72
S90i		S90i
S30 3D		S35
S50 3D		S55
S70 3D		S75
S100		Mermaid_405
S150		Mermaid_425
S200		Mermaid_455


MY50T (and possibly for all MY5+ Series) Default

Edited by - jwoegerbauer on 12 juil. 2012 14:41:25



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Posted - 04 nov. 2011 :  08:26:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
can be used for MIO C520?

mio c 520, Help me find R48+3+9966+1022
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Posted - 04 nov. 2011 :  13:23:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
thanks to you for the good idea
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Posted - 05 nov. 2011 :  09:48:27  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Re-uploaded "Mio Emergency Disk". See post #1.
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Posted - 05 nov. 2011 :  11:50:43  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by shnik

can be used for MIO C520?

As mentioned here
it should work with C520, because C520 searches for "MioAutoRun.exe", which is part of "Mio Emergency Disk" introduced here.
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Posted - 08 nov. 2011 :  13:18:45  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Added some magic-folders, added two .REG-files to allow touchscreen calibration via importing a .REG-file, and some other additions. Re-uploaded "Mio Emergency Disk v3": see post #1.
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Posted - 09 nov. 2011 :  16:26:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
With the new Navman series (ex. S100 and later) you need to first connect the unit to a computer and using Windows Explorer look in it's flash drive (should be the first of the two drives that will come up) for a file called "source.txt". Open it and it should look something like this:

Created: 2008-09-26 21:21:36:984375000
Software: MERMAID_405 6.00.0048
Map Data:NT_AU_0802_4014
Map Region:AU
Part Num: 565117210203R02

The "MERMAID_405" bit is what you name the 'magic folder' name for the S100.

S150 MERMAID_425
S200 MERMAID_455
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Posted - 10 nov. 2011 :  06:58:02  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Although this thread initially was thought only to be useful for MiTAC's Mio devices, I completed, ought to abrams's contribution, list of 'magic-folder* names for MiTAC's Navman units in post #1.
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Posted - 12 nov. 2011 :  07:18:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks bro. Why was this not published much earlier?

Bug report:
Typo in file emergency.mscr, should be Program Files instaed of ProgramFiles.

Add a disclaimer.exe some Mio's are searching for.
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Posted - 12 nov. 2011 :  13:55:53  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for your feedback.

1) Fixed typo.
2) Added a (dummy) Disclaimer.exe - the original Disclaimer.exe simply is a renamed explorer.exe.
3) Added some more (useful?) utility-applications, as those also come with MioPocket and other unlockers.
4) Added the whole bunch of MiTAC Navman's 'magic-folder' names - but who needs this?

Re-uploaded "Mio Emergency Disk" (v4). See post #1.
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Posted - 14 nov. 2011 :  11:22:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
thanks for your work. may i ask how and what should i amend the "emergency.mscr" in order to get it to work properly on my device.... only filemanager is shown.... i don't fully understand...
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Posted - 14 nov. 2011 :  19:21:11  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Anyone can use the tool and modify according to his ideas, there are no fixed rules for it. Means it is only in you, to fulfill the script named with more life. For example, if you first of all (additionally?) want to calibrate your unit's touchscreen, when device boots, then you simply add some lines as following prior then Filemanager (by default) gets started:

### Start registry editor to import a .REG-file in order to set correct touchscreen coordinates
If((NOT FileExists(pth\"TOUCHCALIBRATIONDONE.txt")&&FileExists(rfile))
	RunWait(pth\"Program Files\TRE.exe","/s "&rfile)
        Sleep 2500
	Sleep 1000
	Run(pth\"Program Files\SoftReset.exe")

As you might see, the possibilties are endless.

Happy Mortscripting!
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Posted - 17 nov. 2011 :  19:19:14  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
good work
you're the man

2 issues i have

(i) k.toolhelp.dll, which is required on windows embedded ce 6 units, is missing. providing toolhelp.dll alone is not enough

(ii) an empty folder MIO_RECOVERY_DISK to store folders/files to be copied onto flash drive, should be there

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Posted - 18 nov. 2011 :  14:04:05  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Glad to be of help. Yeah I fix the things you said next days. Please be patient ...
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Posted - 19 nov. 2011 :  09:06:06  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Got yesterday from Mio Technology Europe the following e-mail concerning 'Mio Emergency Disk' (excerpt):

Original (German):

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Dies ist ein Hackertool und ist illegal sich in unsere Geräte einzuhacken. Sobald Sie dieses Tool verwenden werden Sie keinen Garantianspruch mehr am Gerät beziehen können.

Mio Technology Europe technischer Support

English (translation):

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a hacking tool, hacking is illegal in our devices. Once you use this tool, you will no longer have warranty on the device.

Mio Technology Europe technical Support

Unlocking Illegal?

NO. Read more here. So in case you previously had any doubts about getting into legal trouble for unlocking your MIO so that you can run on it applications of your choice, you don’t have to because as of today, it is officially legal in United States and European Union to run OEM-unauthorized apps.

Edited by - jwoegerbauer on 09 févr. 2012 22:01:23
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John Dough

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Posted - 01 déc. 2011 :  23:22:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Brilliant one jwoegerbauer I hope you sent Mio a copy!!!

BTW excellent work on the emergency disk.

Mio V505TV CE 6 16gb microsd card MIO V735TV MP4 R68 16gb sdhccard /MIO C710 4gb sd card MP4 R68 Igo83tts Miomap V3.3ttsVexia 2 android
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