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 How to Unlock QUE NQ-500 (and other PNAs)
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Posted - 17 oct. 2010 :  23:08:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
How to Unlock QUE NQ-500 (and other PNAs)

I just got a QUE NQ-500 device with preinstalled IGO 8 More on it with the map of Israel. As soon as I turned it on I realized that there is got to be a way to put OziExplorer CE on it. So I played around with it for a few hours and figured it out. Here is what you need to do.

1) Connect your QUE with the provided USB cable to a PC. On Windows 7 it will be automatically recognized and all the drivers will be automatically installed. It took about 5 minutes before Windows 7 installed all the drivers. It will ask you to name the new device and that name is what you will see in Windows Explorer when you open it.

2) Open the device in Windows Explorer. You will see the following folders listed:
a. b. Network
c. ResidentFlash

You will need 2 of these folders: \ and SDMMC. \ is where Windows CE 6 Core is installed. You cannot copy anything to that folder because it will be erased and rewritten anyway by the ROM in your device every time you turn it on. But you may need to execute some files located there. SDMMC is your Flash Card which is where all of the preinstalled software is and where you will install your software.

3) Notice that besides IGO8 the QUE comes preinstalled with 3 games: Trivia, Simon and MemoryGame. You cannot edit the links of the icons on the QUE shell, but you can move the software to which it’s pointing to and put something else in its place.

4) Now you need to download a few tools:

a. MortScript -
b. GoShell 2.0 -
c. OziExplorer CE for PNDs for ARM processors -

5) Go to the Games folder on your QUE’s Flash Card:

Rename all 3 folders located there by putting ~ in front of their names. Now you will have 3 folders there:
a) ~Simon
b) ~MemoryGame
c) ~Trivia

Don’t delete them, because you will need to remember what their correct path and file names are.

6) Copy your OziExplorer folder to the \SDMMC\ folder on the Flash Card.

7) Copy your GoShell 2.0 folders (follow their instructions) into the \SDMMC\ folder on your Flash Card as well.

8) Now extract MortScript that you downloaded onto your PC and copy it into the \SDMMC\Games\ folder on the Flash Card. Now rename the folder that you copied with MortScript in it to Simon. Inside that folder rename the file autorun.exe to SimonGame.exe.

9) Now on your PC create an empty text file and write in it the following code:

SCRIPT_DIRECTORY = SystemPath("ScriptPath")
Run ("\SDMMC\OziExplorerCE\OziExplorerCE.exe")

Note that \SDMMC\OziExplorerCE\OziExplorerCE.exe is the path to your OziExplorerCE executable. If you placed it in another location then put the appropriate path.

Then save this text file and rename it to SimonGame.mscr. Now copy it to the Simon folder on the Flash Card where you already put MortScript.

10) Now copy MortScript to \SDMMC\Games\ again except now rename the folder to Trivia. Inside it rename autorun.exe to Trivia.exe. Create another script with the same code except in the path to the executable specify the path to the GoShell 2.0 executable. If you used the default folders and file names then the path should be /SDMMC/MobileNavigator/MobileNavigator.exe

Now rename this script to Trivia.mscr.

11) In the same manner you can create a 3rd folder with a copy of MortScript and rename it to MemoryGame with the autorun.exe inside it renamed to MemoryGame.exe and the script renamed to MemoryGame.mscr. That script can point to whatever software you like.

12) Now all 3 icons that you have on your QUE shell point to something that can give you freedom on your QUE. You can click on one of them and it will launch OziExplorer CE. The other one will launch your Go Shell which you can customize (if you can’t figure out how search these forums) and create on it all kinds of icons to various tools. And the 3rd icon is reserved for another software you like.

13) One last important thing to note that if your QUE crashes because you messed something up there is no need to panic. Just pull out the stylus which is located in the right upper corner of the QUE and use it to push the RESET button which located right above the SD Flash Card slot. The QUE will reboot and go back to its default configuration. However everything that you have done will remain intact, because it does not touch anything that’s located on SD card. Now you can fix the mistakes and try again.

By the way if you have a different PNA you can probably follow the same logic as I did to unlock it. Even if it does not have any software installed on it besides that one Navigation software, you can put MortScript into its folder and use it to run GoShell 2.0 and then use GoShell to run everything else. As long as you have one icon that you can point to MortScript you will be able to unlock your PNA.




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Posted - 18 oct. 2010 :  02:08:12  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Been a while, nice to see you round ;-)

First unlocked WinCE devicey in 2004, but there are now some great tools like MioPocket and MioPocket Mini, you should give them a try.

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Posted - 18 oct. 2010 :  12:29:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I didn't even know about MioPocket and MioPocket Mini. I will give them a try. All this stuff is really hard to find especially when it's in the Mio forum and I didn't even bother to search there. Google also comes up with almost nothing. May be you can put together a list of all of these different posts about generic unlocking devices and link it to the front page?
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Posted - 18 oct. 2010 :  20:00:14  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Already there : if you think you can do better, feel free to pitch in.

Discounts and Assistance/Réductions et Assistance (Club GpsPasSion) / Où commencer?
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Posted - 19 oct. 2010 :  00:54:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I tried MioPocket the full version and on my device it's a complete memory hog. It makes everything run so slow. It takes forever to load a particular program and then it starts cycling through all the windows: QUE's shell, then Win CE dekstop, then its own shell. It kind of defeated the purpose of the whole device. I wonder if other users have experienced this on their devices? There is just probably not enough processing power and memory to run this thing on the QUE. So far I uninstalled it. I should probably post this in a different thread but not sure which one.
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Posted - 14 avr. 2012 :  11:40:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Shalom Eli,

Its been a while since you post this and I'll appreciated your help.

I have a newer version of the QUE named NQ503, I tried to follow you guidelines but they changed the games link, its look like the games you start from the QUE icons are "inside" the CE and not on the SC Card.

Can you help?


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