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 MioPocket 4.0 (Unlock for GPS devices)
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  09:41:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Unlock for GPS/PNA devices running Windows CE

Scroll down for larger (and more) images

Current: Release 68 - Dec 6, 2010 (Changelog)
Download: Uptobox
Mirror: openload

Old Releases (all links dead)
4.0: R67 R66 R65 R64 R63 R62 R61 R60 3.0: R59 R58 R57 R56 R55 R54 R53 R52 R51 R50 R49 R48 2.0: R46 R45 R44 R43 R42 R41 R40 R39 R38

Old Skins Add-on (adds the old shell and skins from 3.0): Uptobox (mirror)
Old Games Add-on (adds Doom, DOSBox, MorphGear, Pocket UFO/XCOM and ScummVM): Uptobox (mirror)
Sample Videos: MediaFire
Icon Templates + Extra Icons: Uptobox (mirror)

MioPocket Mini (Release 2): Uptobox (mirror)
MioPocket Mini is a smaller version without many of the features and apps in the full MioPocket. It cannot be used with optional downloads above.

What is MioPocket?
MioPocket (MEE-oh-pok-it) is an "unlock" for GPS devices (aka PNAs) running Windows CE. Such devices almost always boot into the manufacturer's software with no way to exit it, meaning that you cannot run any other software; i.e. the device is "locked." Unlocking your device allows you to use it for far more than the manufacturer intended (ex. for music, movies, appointments, other navigation apps, etc.) and more like a PDA. MioPocket is the most-packed and most-fully-featured unlock for PNAs available and is free and legal to use, as it consists 100% of freely-distributable content. What MioPocket is not is a replacement for MioMap, Mobile Navigator or any other OEM navigation software. It is just a frontend from which you may launch the navigation software that came with your device or that you purchase separately.

What types of programs does MioPocket come with?
MioPocket comes with just about everything that you might want: three media players (video and audio, nearly all popular formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, MP4, H.264/AVC, WMV, MOV, DivX, XviD and more), four e-book readers, multiple dictionaries (including English to 5 languages), dozens of games, two image viewers, two paint programs, MS Office document viewers, text editors, handwritten note-taking apps, four general GPS plotting/mapping apps (good for geocaching), three different appointments/tasks apps, internet apps, registry editors, task managers/switchers, file managers, a contacts app, a calculator, a unit converter, an alarm clock and more (all free/shareware). See the Readme file for a full list. Note: MioPocket does not come with MioMap, iGo, Garmin, TomTom or any other commercial navigation software. Icons are included for them, but not the programs, themselves (since they are not free).

What devices does MioPocket run on?
Technically, MioPocket should run on any Windows CE-based device. Despite the name (a nod to the Mio brand), it's evolved to become flexible and not hard-coded to any particular brand or configuration. Every device is slightly different, though, and due to the great many brands and configurations that are out there, the ease of installation and the number of apps and features that actually work will vary. Most major Windows CE-based GPS brands, such as Mio, Magellan, Navigon, Navman, Sanyo and Asus (as well as many other lesser brands, like Becker, Rightway, Insignia, Binatone, Medion, Nextar, Route 66 and Wayteq) have installation instructions in MioPocket's Readme file. For brands that MioPocket does not include specific instructions for, there are also some general instructions for SD-free installation on just about any device, but it's always a good idea to check around online (especially in the forums) to see if and how others have done it. Note that TomTom and Garmin devices are Linux-based and, hence, MioPocket (which is Windows CE-based) cannot run on them.

Does MioPocket install to SD or to flash disk (SD-free)?
Both. You have the option of either. See the Readme file for instructions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Which features make MioPocket unique compared to other unlocks?
* Resolution independence. Will work with any resolution, from 320x240 to 800x480 and larger.
* Touch scrolling. Scroll through icons and pages of icons by swiping your finger, like with high-end smartphones (ex. the iPhone).
* Add/edit icons in seconds by tapping and holding on the screen.
* Fully customizable shell. Use your own image as wallpaper and change many other elements.
* Install to SD card or to internal flash drive (SD-free).
* Close or minimize any open application, even those without any way to do either.
* Bring up the keyboard (and do many other tasks) without closing or minimizing an application.
* Input text via many different keyboards or handwriting recognition.
* Rotate the screen on-the-fly for apps that work better in portrait mode.
* Remote control your device from your Windows desktop.
* Access your device while connected to USB (no connection screen in the way).
* Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 pre-installed.
* Assign any app (ex. MioMap, any other navigation app or the device's original menu) to a quick launch button found on every page.
* Access the start menu without displaying the taskbar.
* Skin the taskbar to look like XP (Silver or Royale) or Windows 7.
* Automatic registry importing. Just add your own .reg file to the Registry folder and it will be imported during installation.
* All of MioPocket's settings can be configured directly from a menu within MioPocket.
* More included applications and games than any other unlock.
* Many more things...

For more information and answers to other questions, please read the whole Readme file.

Visual Guide to Key Features:

The Look:
Note #1: Ignore the screenshot resolution. These scale to any resolution (320x240, 480x272, 800x480, anything).
Note #2: These are just some of the presets available in MioPocket using the included backgrounds and elements. You may use any combination that you wish, including supplying your own backgrounds and tweaking other settings.

"Pro Glass" and "Aluminum Glass":

"Navy Glass" and "Pro Wood":

"Gold Wood" and "Industrial":

"Aluminum" and "Neon Grid:

"Earth" and "Earth Map":

"Aurora" and "Ultimate":

"Aluminum Black" and "Wood Black":


Again, these are just presets (or examples) of some of what you can do. If you don't like any of the above graphics, you can supply your own to create a skin that looks just about however you want it.

Other Screens:

The skin changer and lock screen (scaled down in size):

Older Skins (available in the Old Skins Add-on):
Note #1: These skins use the older, less-capable shell, do not have icons for all of the apps/games and don't come in all resolutions.
Note #2: These screenshots have been scaled down.

Enjoy! Feedback is most welcome. If you have any problems or questions not answered in the Readme, feel free to ask here. If you need to upload a screenshot, use this link and the URL for the image will be<filename>

If you'd like some video to test the media player with, see the "Optional" section near the top of this post for a few videos that I encoded at 480 pixels wide (on smaller displays, Media Player will scale) and in MP4 and DivX formats. FYI, I used Prism (an excellent, free converter for Windows) to convert them. Another good, free converter is Handbrake, which works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

If you'd like to create your own icons or add more already-made ones, see the "Optional" section near the top of this post for my icon templates and the full iReflect 600+ icon set (tweaked to match the rest of MioPocket's icon style).

Credit and links for some of MioPocket's included apps:
Mort: MortScript (used for all scripting),
TroNik/tronikos & MiToNiOeS: iPhoneToday (used for the 4.0 GUI shell),
bimbam69: skinnable TCPMP build,
Daniel Schumann: SystemInformation (used for the older, pre-4.0 GUI shell),
Dennis Gröning: SirfTech,
Paludour: GPS2Blue,

Mio C320 (US), R40 firmware, WinCE 5.0 Core, MioPocket 4.0 Release 68
Latest MioPocket: MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 & ReadMe

Edited by - Osprey on 21 sept. 2017 03:44:15



2765 Posts

Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  09:42:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
[Reserved for future use]

Mio C320 (US), R40 firmware, WinCE 5.0 Core, MioPocket 4.0 Release 68
Latest MioPocket: MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 & ReadMe
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  09:43:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Welcome to the new thread. MioPocket 4.0 is a major release. You're going to have a lot of fun with this one. The biggest change is the awesome new shell, which we have user TroNik largely to thank for. There's much more than just that, though. Start your download, then sit back and read the very long list of changes below.

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 60) - 07/30/2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Added and made default a new shell, called iPhoneToday. Its key features are scaling to any resolution, touch scrolling, customizing of all elements (wallpaper, icon spacing, etc.) and built-in icon management (use tap and hold). Also created a new visual skin changer to make swapping wallpapers and other elements of the new shell even easier. Also re-organized the skin folder, mainly by creating a "SystemInformation" sub-folder and moving all folders related solely to MP 3.0 and earlier skins (which used the "SystemInformation" program) to it. (credit to TroNik/tronikos and, originally, MiToNiOeS for iPhoneToday)

2. Created a new, shorter MiniBar that consists of a keyboard button and a menu button. The menu button opens a new feature, called the MiniMenu, which has all of the icons that were on the older MiniBar, as well as a dozen more useful commands. The added commands make working with application windows even easier than before.

3. Added an iPhone-like lock screen that displays whenever returning from the "Display off" or "Standby" power modes. See MioPocket Settings->Skin->"Disable lock screen" to disable it. Also configured the PowerButton app to run MioPocket's "Display off" script for all defined devices so that the lock screen is used when pressing such devices' off buttons. To set it back to the old behavior, open MioAutoRun\Programs\TroNik\PowerButton.ini, find the correct line for your device and change it to equal "off" (no quotes).

4. Added taskbar skinning. See MioPocket Settings->Skin->"Taskbar skin" to switch skins or disable skinning. Skinning uses ~0.6MB of RAM when the taskbar is visible (and none when it's not visible).

5. Updated Media Player (TCPMP) to a new version that introduces skinning support and created skins for all resolutions. The right skin for the resolution and orientation will be automatically selected. Also, GDI is now the default video mode, so that videos can be played without first having to set up GAPI.

6. Replaced Opera Mobile with Opera Mini, which has a very different interface that is more finger/touch friendly.

7. Added AlReader, another book reader that rivals uBook, but without the demo screens. Also set the MioPocket Readme to open in it, rather than Opera.

8. Added TascalSearch, a file search tool. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

9. Added 14 new games: Pocket Uno, 3210, Binary, Blackjack, Connect 4, Crosswords (Scrabble), Duck Hunt, Flash Chess, Mahjong, Missile Strike, Pong, Royal Poker, Spider Solitaire and Sudoku. Due to time and space reasons, they are added only to the new MioPocket 4.0 skins. Also, removed Doom, which will now be in the Old Games Add-on.

10. Replaced the Caisses game with a different Sokoban clone, called Warehouse Guy, that has much better controls (especially for fingers).

11. Consolidated the SD and SDFree scripts (MioAutoRun.mscr and MioMap.mscr, respectively) into one script, MioAutoRun.mscr. This means that the SDFree folder is no longer needed and SDFree installation now involves copying and renaming MioAutoRun.mscr. Also consolidated the SD and SDFree startup menus into a single menu.

12. Copying a new MioPocket release over an old one will no longer overwrite the existing MioPocket.ini (which contains most MioPocket settings). Also, if any settings needed for the new release are missing in the old MioPocket.ini, they will be written to the file. Finally, the icons and settings for iPhoneToday (4.0) skins will not be overwritten.

13. Installation will now convert any free space on the "\" drive to available RAM. This will maximize the amount of RAM available on devices, increasing it by 0-3MB, depending on the device (though most will probably see 0-1MB).

14. Re-wrote the code that handles what happens when resetting after installation. It will also now copy coredl2.dll to \Windows and create more room there, if necessary, for that and the other DLLs if resetting doesn't work. Also, Explorer will now be killed and re-launched to activate certain changes that otherwise wouldn't happen without a soft reset, particularly MioPocket's replacement of the Windows CE desktop wallpaper (meaning such devices will now get to see that wallpaper).

15. Re-wrote how MioPocket's apps are killed (then re-run) when launching nav apps (like MioMap and iGO). Now, the same script that backs up the registry every 10 minutes also checks every 15 seconds whether a nav app is running and kills MioPocket's apps. This means that it's no longer necessary to launch nav apps through MioPocket's scripts (like iGOLauncher.mscr). A user may map an icon directly to iGo8.exe, for example, and MioPocket will automatically take care of freeing memory. Still, it's recommended to continue using the scripts because they free up about 1MB more memory, which is also 1MB more than could be freed up in previous releases. Also, made "Close MioPocket during nav apps" the new default setting.

16. Added the ability (in MioPocket Settings->System->Manage Startup Apps) to list a couple of apps to kill while MioPocket is starting up, as well as a couple to run. This provides an easier and safer way to kill or run OEM software at startup. The older, more advanced method is still available, but is now blocked for devices with persistent registries, for safety reasons. Also made it so that choosing Cancel in any of those sub-menus throws you back to previous menu, not to the root menu of MioPocket Settings.

17. Upgraded MortScript to v4.3b15. This could improve compatibility on newer, CE6 devices.

18. Updated nPOP (the e-mail client) to v2.14.

19. Updated SpreadCE to v2.04. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

20. Replaced the volume control utility with one that has a mute button and removed the muting behavior when it's launched.

21. Added program for setting backlight, volume and more on Mio Moov devices and set the Device Menu and Device Settings icons on the Settings page to run it. (credit to Hellrayser)

22. Added Pocket Tweak (an app for tweaking system settings) to Control Panel.

23. Updated Task Switcher (MioPocket's alternate task switcher app) to v1.6.

24. Replaced the CE wallpaper with one that takes up quite a bit less RAM. Also added a second wallpaper that can be chosen via MioPocket Settings.

25. Installation will now create a "Backup" folder on the flash drive and store the pre-installation registry backup, init.txt (renamed to StartupApps.reg) and StartupApps.reg there. If MioPocket is uninstalled via the "Remove MP" icon on the Settings page, those backups are moved to a "MioPocket Backup" folder on the installation drive so that they're not deleted along with the rest of MioPocket and may be used to manually fix the device if uninstallation is unable to.

26. Installation no longer applies USB registry settings, since USB is an important lifeline for failed installations and changing its settings can break it on some devices. As a result, the USB mode ought to be the same as it was pre-installation, which is Mass Storage mode on most devices, and the user will need to manually change that to ActiveSync via the USB Mode icon on the Settings page if ActiveSync is what they prefer. Also, running the USB Mode menu for the first time backs up the registry settings that get changed and an entry is added to the menu to restore them in case the settings included in MioPocket for "ActiveSync" and "Mass Storage" mode fail to work with the device.

27. Fixed footer icons not showing pressed effect on the Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480 skin.

28. Manual registry backup on devices with hive-based registries should display the standard prompt and success message now.

29. Repllog.exe will no longer be added to the CE notifications table on startup unless ActiveSync USB mode is set. This might solve freezing when connecting the device to a non-Windows computer (as long as ActiveSync USB mode is not set).

30. When using the "Remove MioPocket" script on a device with a hive/disk-based registry, the registry value that enables MioPocket to run at startup is now removed.

31. Deleted VirtualEarthMobile.exe.config to fix a .NET error when running Virtual Earth Mobile on some devices (probably related to pre-existing .NET installations).

32. Added TapRight.exe to MioAutoRun\Programs and a shortcut to the CE desktop. It's a handy little tool for displaying a right-click (context) menu anywhere. To use, run it and then tap on the element that you want a right-click menu for. This is particularly handy for interacting with the CE desktop.

33. Added TroNik's ToolbarHide.exe, ToolbarShow.exe, ToolbarToggle.exe and ToolbarMove.exe to manipulate the toolbar in apps. (credit to Tronik)

34. Automatic registry backup should no longer display an error if the backup cannot be written (ex. if drive is full). Manual registry backup will display a more insightful error. Also, fixed installation trying to import 0-byte registry files and delivering "Syntax error" messages. 0-byte registry files can result from lack of disk space when backing up the registry.

35. Fixed some of the icons on the Control Panel being incorrect. (credit to TroNik)

36. Replaced the GAPI driver with the "alternate" one that used to be installable via MioPocket's GAPI menu. This simply removes an extra step for a large number of users.

37. Fixed an error message when setting the language in MioPocket Settings to Dutch.

38. Added provisioning XML support. Put appropriate .xml files into MioAutoRun\Registry\XML to have them imported during installation. (credit to daniHG)

39. The system font setting is now backed up with the registry.

40. Fixed ROMExtractor not working as expected when the user has changed the window colors (via Control Panel->Display->Appearance).

41. Fixed issue with the MiniBar not being run after returning from Standby via MioPocket's power menu. Also, the "Waiting for SD card to initialize..." message when returning from Standby with SD installation should no longer display if it's not necessary.

42. Fixed issue with the correct EuroKeyboard layout for the screen width not applying when certain apps rotate the screen by themselves (i.e. not via scripts). This affected MS Reader, for example, making it hard to browse Encarta Pocket Dictionary.

43. Added Win32 programs CFF Explorer, Resource Hacker and Panasonic's SD Formatter to the Win32 folder and moved the "Win32" folder outside of the MioAutoRun folder (so that it doesn't take up space on the device) and into a new "Extras" folder. Also moved the Win32 apps ASRDisp.* and cePIMS_eva021009.exe to "Remote Display" and "cePIMS (Outlook Synchronization)" sub-folders, respectively. Also moved the "Patches" folder to "Extras."

44. Changes to the "Regional Settings" Control Panel applet are now backed up. Also, the applet is launched after setting the MioPocket language via the "System->Set language" option in MioPocket Settings.

45. If MioPocket's language hasn't been set, it will be set from the locale that CE is set for. (thanks to abram, daniHG, jwoegerbauer)

46. Updated MioPocketLanguage-German.mscr. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

47. The iGO launcher script (iGoLauncher2.mscr) now disables Outlook contacts lookup in iGO8, since, for some people, it leads to a long wait on startup at the "POI Manager Init" stage.

48. Uninstallation via the "Uninstall MioPocket" icon will now ask if the user want to delete MioPocket's files. Not deleting them would be particularly useful for SD installations, as well as any installations on most generic/no-name Chinese devices, so that the user can re-install at a later point without having to re-copy files.

49. Added keyboard languages (Croatian, Czech, Cyrillic, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese), as well as a sub-menu in MioPocket Settings (under System->Install Keyboard Language) to switch between them. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

50. Added languages for the Total Commander file manager (set via Show->About/Settings).

51. Added icons for iGO Primo. The files are iGOPrimo.png (MP 4.0 skins), iGOPrimo.ico (MP 3.0 skins except for Stopword) and navi-igoprimo.ico (Stopword).

52. The "\Application Data" folder will now be re-directed to an "Application Data" folder on MioPocket's installation drive. This helps Virtual Earth Mobile, particularly, since it caches its map to that folder by default. Also, the Start Menu is now re-directed to the flash drive.

53. Fixed issue with rare devices displaying "Couldn't create directory <path>" error messages during installation when the flash drive path could not be determined.

54. Removed the outdated 1.0/1.2 skins (Blue, Ice and Metal) and the GSThemes skins.

55. Added some code to Bluetooth.mscr to enable/disable the Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

56. Fixed the MiniBar "hide" icon not changing when clicking on it on Windows 7 skins.

57. Renamed numerous scripts: AudioMute.mscr->Volume.mscr, CloseActiveWindow.mscr->WindowClose.mscr, MainShell-Exit.mscr->MainShellExit.mscr, MinimizeActiveWindow->WindowHide.mscr, RouteManager.mscr->MioMapRouteManager.mscr, SkinManager.mscr->MioMapSkinManager.mscr, SysInfo-Close.mscr->ShellClose.mscr, SysInfo-Start.mscr->ShellStart.mscr, SysInfo-Restart.mscr->ShellRestart.mscr. Also deleted all *Launcher2.mscr scripts, since they are no longer needed with the new nav app launch method.

58. Added automatic logging to installation and startup. This is useful for seeing where either hangs or otherwise fails. The installation log is <installdrive>\MioAutoRun\Backup\InstallLog.txt and the startup log is <installdrive>\MioAutoRun\Backup\StartupLog.txt.

59. Medion-only: The "Device Settings" icon now runs what "Device Menu" icon ran before, but with the MiniBar, so that the menu can be exited. Also, the "Device Menu" icon now run displays the Medion "CleanUp" menu. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

60. Mio Digiwalker-only: Fixed screen getting stuck on Mio menu when disconnecting USB in Mass Storage mode.

61. Added an "About MioPocket" entry to MioPocket Settings.

Mio C320 (US), R40 firmware, WinCE 5.0 Core, MioPocket 4.0 Release 68
Latest MioPocket: MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 & ReadMe

Edited by - Osprey on 31 août 2010 21:42:52
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  10:28:52  Show Profile  Visit KhaKev's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Great job Osprey and many other contributors! Glad to be the 2nd post and the first to download :D Many thanks.
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  13:03:29  Show Profile  Visit Lieuallen's Homepage  Reply with Quote
MioPocket 4.0 is a HUGE change, and it will take some getting used to. Congratulations to all on a major accomplishment.

US Mio C320 (R40) with SanDisc 8GB microSDHC card; MioMap 3.3 (Jan 10 2008)
2007.07 (12M POI) maps, TTS, Jerry's Skin 20090315 with custom override and Haplo's icons
Customized MioPocket 3.0 r59
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  13:46:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks, both of you. Yeah, it takes some getting used to, but it doesn't take very long to become comfortable with it. I did try to make it as familiar to MioPocket users as possible.

I'm sure that it won't take very long at all for people to understand what's so nice about this new shell and some of the reasoning for the switch. There are even more reasons that the average user may not even notice (like how all resolutions use the same icons and how you don't lose your icon arrangement when you change your skin, just two examples out of many).

In all, hopefully, people will still recognize it as MioPocket and come to appreciate how much of an improvement it is as they really start to work with it (ex. customizing the skin, customizing their icons, tweaking the icon size and placement, etc.).

Mio C320 (US), R40 firmware, WinCE 5.0 Core, MioPocket 4.0 Release 68
Latest MioPocket: MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 & ReadMe

Edited by - Osprey on 01 août 2010 12:42:43
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  16:21:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Great release Osprey,
There's much to explore!
The 4 month wait for a new release was definitely worth it!

So far, I only found two minor problems in this awesome release:
1) The free RAM icon in "Settings" actually shows used RAM, which can be easily changed. (icon type = "17" not 18)
2) Also when running portrait programs and games, it is easy to accidentally press another icon on the lower have of the screen. I just set the iphonetoday settings -> "Animation" -> "Delay 2nd part of animation for (ms)" to "5000" to keep a black screen behind the application. This prevents confusion when the shell rotates, and also, surprisingly, the app ( under full resolution ) keeps the black background behind during the time of use :)

Other than that, I would like to commend you on your dedication and commitment to this project. The hours you put in is probably innumerable.
Thank you for your hard work!

EDIT: Also, in my opinion, the "Text quality" option under "Transparency" should not be set to anti-aliasing, because it doesn't make that much difference in our Mio devices (should be set to "Default"). On the contrary, "Text qual. in icons" should be set to "Cleartype" which actually makes the icons such as the battery and RAM gauges look much better.

Mio C520
MioPocket 4.0 (Release 60)

Edited by - mathwiz314 on 31 juil. 2010 17:56:08
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  16:25:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

really awesome! And it works! Only one remark: RAM-optimization is exaggerated, thus I can't run "EveryWan" or similiar utility.

You should reserve at least 500KB for such purposes.

Thanks again.
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  16:29:28  Show Profile  Visit gandalf_barbones's Homepage  Reply with Quote
hi! great new release. the introduction od iphonetoday is a great add-on.

anyway, i encounter many many bugs, but i guess this is related to my device the ipaq 314.

anyway, if i could get help to solve some, it cound be great
- sometime, when i try to lauch some programs, i got an error 'this not a valid winCE file". after a soft reset, i can launch those programs again
- mediaplayer/tcmp crashes at startup "unexpected program failure.please send "crash/txt to developers. program will now exit"... and i cannot find crash.txt. i previously cinfigured gapi driver to ipaq 314, with no result
- i have error message from iphonetoday when i launch Igo...anyway this is a minor bug because igo is launched anyway. i was surprised i did'nt have to configure anything to get the igo icon working.
- in many apps, the top right "x" (close button) don't work (cecommander, xnview...) (only way to exit=reset button sometimes). not permanent.. this happen only sometimes

HP Ipaq 314 + Miopocket 4 (R64) with NoniGPSplot registered FR

Edited by - gandalf_barbones on 31 juil. 2010 16:41:54
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  17:34:04  Show Profile  Visit gandalf_barbones's Homepage  Reply with Quote
just a question. do i have something special to do to properly remove a application from miopocket, or just deleting files and icon?

I would like to remove all applications that do not work well with 800x480 and try to find some high-res equivalent to replace them.

HP Ipaq 314 + Miopocket 4 (R64) with NoniGPSplot registered FR
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  18:27:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi All,

I'm totally newbie here. I've bought Moov v735 a week ago (my very first one).
I tried to install MioPocket on it (on SD) by following ReadMe file bud didn't manage it.
I created 'Default' folder on SD root, copied/renamed files to 'auto...', copied needed folders and rebooted but nothing happened.
Can someone help me please?
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  18:36:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
hi! The new release is great! I need help. I have mio c520 with spectec 821 and opera don't load any page. I read "MioPocket Readme" but I don't get the answer. I copy the registry for spectec and instal driver, the internet connection is working, I checked it on internet explorer and pocket mail. Please help cause skyfire don't suport my country and it will not work for me. Greating's from Poland. Sorry for my simple english.

on usb opera works but i don't move registry usb internet from exclude

MIO C520 + spectec sdw-821
MioPocket 4.0 r65

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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  20:42:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wow! Wow! this new release.

I got a prob with the minibar. Yes it was activite, but when i try to use my main GPS programs Magellan 1470, (btw i got no more prob with my language now with Miopocket 4 tankx) the minibar disappear completely with the new skin iPhoneToday, then i can't recome back in Miopocket menu, i try to use the altrernative minibar to but nothing change. I can use it in all other program, clik on it, switch app, but when i try my main GSP prog i gonna to be stop over there.

Xp Sp3, Magellan 1470 v1.12, Miopocket 4 r64, Windows CE 5, SD install

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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  21:29:40  Show Profile  Visit jwoegerbauer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
@H226 and all

increase in file Unlock.mscr value 200 to 1024

#If not a hive/disk-based registry, re-adjust the memory division again 
#(so that exactly 100KB is free), now that installation is complete
If(not HiveRegistry AND DirExists("\"))
		TotalDiskSpace("\", KB) - FreeDiskSpace("\", KB) + 1024)

and you are able to run Win32 apps like CeRegEditor, EveryWan Remote, etc.

@Osprey and @Tronik,

my respect! MioPocket 4.0 (regarding iPhoneToday skin) indeed actually is a a quantum transition compared with MioPocket 3.0 Rel.59.

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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  21:36:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you for the new version 4 software it looks great.
I have uninstalled version 3 from my chinese device ( i used SD installation not the flashdisk on my Sat Nav and version 3 ran great ).
Then copied all files to my SD card.
I have mapped my gps to mioautorun.exe.
When i click the gps icon i get this error,

"sub mudst not be in control structure
line 156 (\sdmmc\
Sub RunOrigNavApp

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong ?
Thank you for any help given.
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Posted - 31 juil. 2010 :  22:50:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Having done according to the readme (I've used many releases of Miopocket) I get this error:
"Script file not found: '\Storage Card\MioAutoRun\Scripts\MioPocketLanguage-.mscr'

Pls advice

C710, Wince .Net 4.2 Core
ROM Version R37F.3.112.1201
Sandisk Ultra II 2GB
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