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Posted - 06 mars 2010 :  22:51:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This unlock works on my ADVENT ADV800XM GPS, it should also work on the Jensen Rock-n-Road GPS, as they are the same exact unit.


Before you use this hack you agree to not hold me responsible
for any damage to your GPS unit.

1. Connect your GPS to your PC with USB cable.
Open Drive to View Folders & Files.

Copy the navi folder to your PC Desktop.
right click and drag the folder to your desktop
and click copy.

3. Rename the nvxm1000_demo.exe in the navi folder
to nvxm1000_demo.exe.ORIG
Move back to the ROOT folder of the GPS unit.


4. Copy the Black folder you unzipped on your Desktop
to the GPS Unit. MAKE SURE IT IS IN the ROOT of the
hard drive, not in the navi folder.
You Should have 2 folders in the view;

5. Click on the Remove Attached USB Device icon in your
taskbar {bottom right}, click on ok.

6. Remove the USB cable from the GPS unit.

7. Wait 10 seconds. Turn off the GPS unit.

8. To use this MOD when your GPS is on click on MEDIA,
then click on STORE DEMO. wait 5 seconds for it to start.


use the zip attached file...

Thank You for looking at this...

here is the file



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Posted - 06 juil. 2010 :  19:17:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Have model ADV800xm
os ver 1.2.3-06-22-07
sw ver 1.2.2-05-17-07

I need the following stock-(original) files from the navi folder:

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Posted - 28 août 2010 :  00:52:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I performed this upgrade, but I seemed to have made some mistakes while trying to share my port out to IGo8.

First, I screwed up somehow and made it so I can no longer access my unit as a hard drive. I have to copy everything over by SD card.

The XM1000 says it needs Com2 at 9600 baud.

Splitter Mobile 3.2 has the following ports
Com1 (Serial Cable on USP2 Atlas Debugging Board)
Com5 (Serial Cable on USP3 Atlas Debugging Board)

When I redirect the ports to COM2, The built in Nav software recognizes GPS, but no signal can found. IGO8 can never find the GPS unit.

Port Splitter 1.31 has Serial Cable on USP2 Atlas Debugging Board, Serial Cable on USP3 Atlas Debugging Board, Serial Cable on USP6 Atlas Debugging Board, Serial Cable on Uart7 Atlas Debugging Board, Virtual port Com6 and IRComm Com4 as options; I can only perform the split on the first three options. Again, the GPS unit is visible to the Nav software, but no signal can be retrieved. IGo8 again does not see any signal.

Anyone have any ideas? I used to get signal before messing around with the splitter software. I was able to have signal with the GPS hacked, and running IGo8 with no signal; it was only after I tried splitting the ports that I lost signal. Does anyone have any ideas, or know where I can restore the original com port settings to get the GPS recognized by the Nav software again? Thanks.
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Posted - 30 août 2010 :  21:58:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In Franson GPS gate I can see under Input COM Port COM2 open at 9600 baud, but when I try and add any virtual port from COM1 to COM9, I get the message "2: Failed to create device". Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Posted - 02 déc. 2010 :  06:20:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This sounds very complicated. Do not know if there is no easy way, may I ask if anyone knew

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Posted - 17 janv. 2011 :  22:40:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I eventually was able to use JAL Port Splitter to get IGO8 working. The trick is you have to manually enter Com2 as the port to split. I then sent it to COM5 at 9600 Baud. The trick to get things working is you actually have to attempt to start up the native Navigon GPS program ( you can get to the program by hitting the home key to bring up the gps menu. The native program will start out, and say it can no longer find the gps. You can then hit any key, and it'll return you to the Windows CE interface, from which you can start IGO8. I figure the native program must use some special instruction to turn the GPS receiver board on; if there was a way to do this programatically, it would be ideal, but at least this works as a workaround.
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Posted - 21 janv. 2011 :  00:26:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I created some Mortscripts to further automate things. I did a fresh install of Port Splitter (I had use UPX.exe to compress the executable to get it to work), and that allowed me to finally select the autostart checkbox and have it remember my settings. I found out you have to call the main menu, and manually select the GPS application from there in order to turn on the GPS chip; I figure the menu executable is issuing a command behind the scenes to turn on the chip prior to calling the navigation software. Calling the navigation executable directly from the Mortscript does not work; you have to manually do it from the menu. I then can call IGO8 from the Mortscript, and it works. If anyone knows the command the menu executable is executing, please let me know. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone trying to get this to work. Good luck to you all.
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Posted - 06 juil. 2012 :  16:36:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi ultrabots,

I just found this thread on the Advent GPS. I tried to download your but it was removed from the download site. Is there any way I can get a copy of the file from you or download it from somewhere else?

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Posted - 24 déc. 2013 :  16:24:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I also would like this file. Can someone be so kind as to make this available here or let me know how to get it.

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