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 Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs
 [TOPIC] Magellan RoadMate 1475T Unlocked
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Posted - 16 nov. 2009 :  12:14:38  Show Profile  Visit KhaKev's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Product page on the Magellan site : >> LINK <<
Firmware page on the Magellan site >> LINK <<


Maps with NAVTEQ onboard
Millions of points of interest (POI) including Highway exit POIs search and Branded POIs
Text to Speech (TTS, speak street names)
AAA TourBook
Integrated Traffic Service (FREE!)
Highway lane assist


OS: Windows CE 5.0
CPU: ARM926EJ S3C2450 (400 MHz)
VGA: 480x272 pixels, 4.7"
COLOR: 65536 colors
USB 2.0 (mini) advertised but my unit is running at 1.1
2GB Internal Flash Storage
micro SD slot: up to 32GB SDHC
Power button code: 49156 (1475T model)
Power button code: 49157 (1475 model)

Communication Settings:

Baud: 57600
COM6 - TMC_COM (This is the TMC port!)
Baud: 57600
COM7: SirNavDrv (This is the GPS port!)
Baud: 57600
COM9: USB Cable

Storage Names:

\HDD - (Magellan software and maps lives here, make copy of it and store in safe location because there is no recovery disc included)
\SDMMC - (MioPocket software if micro SD AutoRun method is chosen)

Device AutoRun Options:

\SDMMC\iBoot.exe - (rename anyfile.exe to iBoot.exe - best use when restoring HDD if USB function isn't working)

MioPocket micro SD AutoRun Setup:

1. Download latest MioPocket 3.0 Release (see link below)
2. Extract on a PC
3. Copy MioAutoRun files and folders to root of SD card as shown below
Note: SDMMC is not a folder name. It represents a disk name in Magellan.

Micro SD File Structure should look like this (Note first two are folders):


4. On your micro SD card
a. Rename MioAutoRun.exe to iBoot.exe
b. Rename MioAutoRun.mscr to iBoot.mscr

5. Add this code to \SDMMC\MioAutoRun\Scripts\Unlock.mscr, search for Magellan devices section (Perform this step only if you have Release 54 and older. This step is implemented in MioPocket 3.0 Release 55 and later).

# Magellan Roamate 1475T section
If(ToLower(RegRead("HKLM", "init", "Launch80")) eq "AppStartupPri.exe")
    RegWriteString("HKLM", "init", "Launch80", "")
If(ToLower(RegRead("HKLM", "init", "Launch70")) eq "LaunchOrionGo.exe")
    RegWriteString("HKLM", "init", "Launch70", "")

6. Insert the micro SD card and power on the Magellan device
7. Wait for the MioPocket install to complete and have fun with the new interfaces and features!

It's important to note that renaming method on the internal flash (aka \HDD) no longer working due to a new implementation preventing it. BUT, there is always a back door.

1. Rename video.exe to video_orig.exe
2. Copy your app (ie CECMD.exe) to \HDD\APP\ and name it video.exe
3. From Settings window tap Add Feature
4. Enter code DEMO and press the green check button to activate demo mode.

Note: Enter the same code again to disable demo mode or it will launch the app again in an internval. To work around this you can write a MortScript using ProcExists() function to tell it not to launch again if it's already running. Lots of potentials here. You can run MioPocket on internal flash (not recommended for novice users).

Known issues: TroNik's PowerButton does not place the device into standby mode with this line added to PowerButton.ini

;; Off button for Magellan Roadmate 1475 devices
49156 = off

A bandage fix is using the existing MP Power Option menu and select Shutdown option but re-install of MP is required (take about 40 seconds). Display Off option works but drain battery expected. It does as the name implies.

This code has implemented in MP 3.0 Release 55 instead
;; Off button for Magellan Roadmate 1475 devices
49156 = ..\..\Scripts\PowerPrompt.mscr


Latest MioPocket 3.0 Release

Latest MioPocket 4.0 Release

This post is subject to change without notice.
We're not responsible for any misuse of the procedures. Use it as your own risk.

Edited by - KhaKev on 10 août 2010 19:10:04



385 Posts

Posted - 16 nov. 2009 :  12:15:23  Show Profile  Visit KhaKev's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Reserved for future post.
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Posted - 16 nov. 2009 :  16:08:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What does this do?

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Posted - 16 nov. 2009 :  21:00:12  Show Profile  Visit KhaKev's Homepage  Reply with Quote
It creates more problems for Mag ;-) j/k. Click on the link above and find out. You can run 3rd party GPS nav on the same device, games, MP3, video, etc... you name it.
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Posted - 16 nov. 2009 :  22:34:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello Khakev,

Would you please let me know did you got a chance to test the Traffic link (from your 1475T) with your Maestro 4250. The reason I ask because I got Maestro 4370. Thanks.
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Posted - 05 déc. 2009 :  06:27:12  Show Profile  Visit KhaKev's Homepage  Reply with Quote

I have not tried it yet. I was able backup and dump the SMFlash ROM. Will look into the registry file and extract the TMC stuff and give it a shot. Let's hope it's not hard coded in Navigator.exe for TMC (the free one) to work.
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Posted - 17 déc. 2009 :  23:04:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Khakev, if you get a chance will you glance at the 4250 thread, please?
Thank you.
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Posted - 05 mars 2010 :  01:14:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Pls help me to unlock Magellan Roadmate 1217??
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Posted - 11 mars 2010 :  22:46:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was able to get pocketmio installed using sd card method on my 1475t. I am having a problem exiting the navigator.exe. I have linked the Magellan icon to Navigator.exe and it starts up the navigation software but I can't exit back to pocketmio or kill the applciation. Any Ideas?
I also get a screen that states the unit must be restarted to increase performace when I run navigator.exe from Pocketmio.
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Posted - 12 mars 2010 :  03:02:45  Show Profile  Visit KhaKev's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Try iBoot.exe or ToCopy.exe method first. Search the forums for your specific model. Good lucks.


You can implement an Exit button and make it appears only when the OEM Settings is top most. When the Exit button is pressed it will kill MgnShell.exe and Navigator.exe and others if shown.

If you have other apps running in the background and using up resources then OEM resource monitor service forces a Restart. Before running OEM Nav ensure there's no other apps active.
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Posted - 15 mars 2010 :  21:07:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank You KhaKev,
May I ask how you would implement an exit button. I have tried using the built in setting of "enable nav app minimize button" in the upper right hand of the screen, but it only takes me back to windows CE screen and not miopocket and it doesn't kill the Mgnshell or Navigator apps (Seems to cause instability). Any thoughts?
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Posted - 17 mars 2010 :  23:37:20  Show Profile  Visit KhaKev's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Try this. Create a MortScript MagExit.mscr and append it to the script that calls the Magellan map within MioPocket.

Inside MagExit.mscr with below code. Of course you have to create the GUI thingy too. Just copy the existing one from MioPocket and rename to MagExit.exe

While (ProcExists("mgnShell.exe"))
	If (WndActive("mgnShell"))
		If (Not ProcExists("MagExit.exe"))
	Sleep 1000

SysInfoSettings.ini calls MagExit.ini
In the MagExit.ini you should have something like below. You have to create/make a Exit.ico

ShowMessage = 0
QuitOnDoubleClick = No
X = 306
Y = 229
Width = 43
Height = 43
Arrange = No
BackgroundBitmap = Exit_bg.bmp
StartUpAnimation = NoAnimation
ShutDownAnimation = NoAnimation
Accelerated = Yes
TopMost = Yes

x = 5
y = 5
SizeNormal = 32
SizePushed = 32
IconNormal = Exit.ico
ScaleAlpha = 80
IconPushed = Exit.ico
NewIni = PATH\Scripts\Exit_Navigator.mscr

In Exit_Navigator.mscr you would have something like

If (ProcExists("mgnShell.exe"))
Hope this helps.

Edited by - KhaKev on 17 mars 2010 23:54:15
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Posted - 29 mars 2010 :  20:25:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am looking to purchase another gps and want to make sure that miopocket works on it. I really like the maestro 4700 and the roadmate 1475t shown here.

Would these steps work on a 4700 or should I just stick with the 1475t?

I prefer the 4700 due to its voice recognition, but the 1475t is fine as long as miopocket can be installed.

I also looked at the 1700 and it seems to have the same software as the 1475t just with a large 7in screen. I think it could work on that also.

Edited by - ankitgps on 29 mars 2010 20:31:22
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3 Posts

Posted - 30 mars 2010 :  09:07:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Miopocket works great on the 1475T! I installed mine on an 8gb card. There are a few niggly things however, such as when running the Magellan GPS software, the "One Touch" button is not available, also the time setting is set to GMT rather than local time.

Also, I haven't had a chance to find a compatible GDI video driver yet, but video still works if you choose the "Direct Video" (if memory serves me correct) driver.

Lastly, for some reason, my GPS couldn't boot to its normal state with the SD card removed from it. I don't know what I did or what happened to it, but I installed Miopocket on my SD card it runs fine, but when I remove it it won't boot up (as described in my other post). In any case, I resolved this issue by using the supplied USB cable and ran the Magellan 2.20 software update.

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Posted - 08 avr. 2010 :  21:05:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a Magellan 4700. The media player show a crash.txt popup when I open the program and eventually close. It the program only works 1 out of 10 times when I tried to reopen again. Does anyone know the solution to this?

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4 Posts

Posted - 11 sept. 2010 :  21:13:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Anyone able to get TMC on this unit working with iGO or any other software?

I have used GNS Tester to scan for TMC and it always fail. Did i get a defective unit?
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