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 Garmin's Guide for "Custom Raster Maps"
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Posted - 08 oct. 2009 :  19:18:09  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Well that's a surprise, Garmin have just posted a detailed guide showing how to add raster maps on a Colorado, Oregon or Dakota GPS receiver, using a picture georeferenced in Google Earth and placed in a /Garmin/CustomMaps/ directory. I've taken the liberty to copy that guide below for easier reference and to spread the good news.

I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but hopefully it works as advertised and will not slow down the device. Not sure how big of a map can be imported and how easy it would be to use existing OziCE maps.

Link to original guide posted on : >> LINK <<

Creating Garmin Custom Maps in Five Easy Steps

Despite the growing breadth of maps designed specifically for outdoor handhelds, sometimes the best map for a specific activity is only available in printed form or as a PDF or JPG file. Running the latest beta software releases for Garmin Colorado, Oregon, and Dakota devices, using paper maps with Garmin outdoor handhelds is easier than ever with Garmin Custom Maps. This unique feature allows users to combine Garmin map drawing technology with georeferenced map images, effectively putting a paper map inside your Garmin GPS. Creating a Garmin Custom Map for your Colorado, Oregon, or Dakota device is easy with the following steps. However, please be responsible and only create a Garmin Custom Map from a map that is in the public domain, you hold the copyright in, or you have permission to use from the copyright holder.

Step 1: Save the map in JPG format
Begin with the map you wish to use on your Garmin device. If in printed form, scan the image at an appropriate resolution (Oregon & Colorado have a native solution of 155 dpi). Garmin Custom Maps require the map be saved in JPG format. Since many maps are available in PDF, they may require conversion using GIMP or other suitable program.

Step 2: Create an Image Overlay
Using Google Earth to georeference your map, begin by locating the approximate area on Earth where your Garmin Custom Map will be located. The closer the viewing window is to the location and coverage area of your JPG, the easier it will be to georeference. Once the location is set in Google Earth, use the menu to select “Add”, then select “Image Overlay”.

Step 3: Link the JPG
In the dialog box that follows, three important fields should be completed:
• Provide a meaningful Name.
• Set the Link field to the path of the source JPG to georeference.
• On the Location tab, Draw Order can be adjusted if desired. Draw order values less than 50 places the Garmin Custom Map below roads & trails, values 50 and greater places the Garmin Custom Map above most map features except points of interest & waypoints.

Step 4: Adjust the Boundaries
Before closing the New Image Overlay dialog box, you need to georeference the JPG. The most common way to do this is adjust the green marks to adjust the corners (a), edges (b), center (c), or rotation (d) of the JPG so it matches the satellite imagery beneath. It may be necessary to adjust the transparency (in the New Image Overlay dialog) to a level that allows adequate viewing of the JPG and imagery beneath. Once you are satisfied with the alignment of the source material, select “OK” on the New Image Overlay dialog box.

Step 5: Send to Garmin
To send the newly created Garmin Custom Map to your Colorado, Oregon, or Dakota it should be saved to the device. To do this, right click on your Garmin Custom Map in the “Places” section on the left-hand side. From the popup menu, select “Save Place As”. Use the following dialog box to save your Garmin Custom Map to your Garmin handheld device, placing the file in the /Garmin/CustomMaps/ directory. Be sure to save the file in the KMZ format. If preferred, the file can be saved to a microSD card, in a /Garmin/CustomMaps/ directory for use with Garmin handhelds.

Once saved to the device, the Garmin Custom Map will appear as part of the map. By default, Garmin Custom Maps are enabled on the device, but can be disabled under the Map Setup menu (select Map Information).

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Posted - 09 oct. 2009 :  06:36:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Works as advertised, but you don't even need Google Earth. Any program which can create a .kmz file will work. I used Globalmapper to make these examples from data I already had. It literally only took a few mouse clicks and a couple minutes and they were loaded on my Oregon 400t.

It's a bit slow to zoom and scroll and I ran into some bugs though. You are also limited to a rather small area if you want full quality images. But hey - it's still beta. This is a brilliant move by Garmin which puts their new models above the crowd. Should work on both Macs and PC's and you don't have to buy anything. Bravo Garmin! A lot of people are about to become mapmakers

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Posted - 09 oct. 2009 :  22:45:42  Show Profile  Visit 1drey's Homepage  Reply with Quote
$300+ for a fraction of Global Mapper functionality that I really need! A bit too much :)

Any cheaper alternatives?

I found a method described in Garmin's blog usable only for relatively small areas.
Just for experiment I made few screenshots in GE, stitched them with Photoshop and passed through the procedure of custom map creation. The size of area was something like 2x2 kilometers. And I have to say that it was very hard to overlay my 'map' in GE with reasonable precision.

So I have a question: is there a tool for effective conversion of calibrated (for Ozi Explorer, for instance) raster maps into kmz (and not costing a fortune)?

Edited by - 1drey on 10 oct. 2009 09:51:07
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Posted - 10 oct. 2009 :  00:06:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sorry, I don't know of any other applications but they are probably out there somewhere. Anybody who is at all serious about mapping should consider Globalmapper - it's an amazing program. Have a look at their site, you can run the full featured program for a 30 day free trial and make a bunch of maps.

If you would like a time-limited key to try the full functionality of Global Mapper, including exports, simply send an email to and we will provide one for you.
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Posted - 11 oct. 2009 :  16:31:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Went out for a short hike yesterday to test a custom map I made from the 2007 NJ Digital Orthophotography at 1 foot per pixel. It worked very well, the GPS had no problem keeping up with me on foot and also in the car driving slowly down a dirt road. It is very buggy in other ways though. Trying to drag the map around at zoom settings closer than 50 would crash every time (although it tracked me fine at those levels). The 1 foot/pixel imagery seems to max out on detail at the 50 foot level and zooming closer just makes it blocky though. If you do the math, the largest map you can make at 1 foot/pixel is 2 miles x 2 miles (4 square miles) which would be 100 tiles at 1024x1024. My map had 80 tiles so it was approaching this limit. Extremely quick and easy to make using Globalmapper.

Tracking is broken in this update, it just draws a straight line from your start point to your current position. The recorded track is also broken and appears as a single dot in mapsource. Problems with visibility on the Oregon screen are not made any better by this. The photographs have less contrast than a regular map and can be a little hard to read. Still, this is great for a first beta release and I look forward to future releases.

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Posted - 15 oct. 2009 :  17:10:31  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the update, some enterprising souls just came up with an Ozi to Kmz tool : !

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Posted - 21 avr. 2010 :  17:31:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I created animated guide to demonstrate the process of KMZ Custom Map creation from online maps using MOBAC:

More about MOBAC:
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