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 Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs
 XOverCE - Unlock for Magellan Crossover GPS
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Posted - 08 oct. 2009 :  03:19:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Unlock kit for Magellan Crossover - 2500 GPS
Version 0.1

Download links: (55.4MB)

This unlock kit is intended for use on Crossover GPS (2500-T) devices. XOverCE provides access to the underlying WinCE core operating system of these GPS devices. At this time it has been only tested on NA devices. All included software is freeware/demo. The unlock provides several GPS utilities for testing and configuring the GPSr. Also includes image viewers, media players, office programs and many other system utilities, including a working soft keyboard. No games are inlcuded.

A huge debt of gratitude is extended to the authors of MioPocket (, most notably Osprey and TroNik. Their work has provided the framework for much of the functionality and features of this unlock.

To run the Magellan shell (tnShell) and thereby the Navigator and Outdoor/Marine apps, use the "Magellan Shell" shortcut on the desktop. Alternately, remove the SD card and reset the device to automatically load the Magellan shell and prevent XOverCE from loading.

This unlock kit may also work on other Magellan devices (especially MRM 2000 devices), but at present this is untested.

Extract the contents of ZIP archive and copy it to a SD card (minimum 128MB). Make sure that DM.exe, micManager.exe, micManager.mscr, and Mortscript.exe are in the root directory of the card. Put SD card in device and soft reset the device. After rebooting you will be prompted to install the unlock or load the default Magellan shell. If you choose to install, please be patient, do not use the device while the installer runs and allow the unit to reset itself.

Add custom registry files to be imported during XOverCE install to "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\Registry\Custom" folder.

Add additional programs to "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\Programs" folder and place shortcuts in "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\Windows" subfolders.

Add additional needed DLL files to "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\System" folder.

The unlock contains scripts to adjust the brightness, power management timeouts and time zone. These are found @ "Start Menu | Programs | Settings".

To use a different desktop wallpaper copy your wallpaper.bmp file to "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\Windows\Wallpaper".

Copy additional font files (*.ttf) to "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\Windows\Fonts".

Copy desktop shortcuts to "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\Windows\Desktop".

Copy start menu shortcuts to "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\Windows\Programs".

To have certain programs run when the device starts, copy shortcuts to "\SDMMC Card\XOverCE\Windows\Startup".

Following the initial install and subsequent soft resets, the WinCE clock may not be synchronized properly if the GPSr can't get a valid signal. Goto "Start Menu | Programs | Utilities | GPSTimeSync" to attempt to sync the clock again.

Many of the WinCE control applets (*.cpl) don't proprerly work on the Crossover GPS. Therefore they are not included in this unlock.

The power button does not work to turn off the unit without the Magellan shell running. However, the suspend button will now work to turn off the unit and then use the power button to turn the unit back on.

This unlock kit is provided as-is with no warranty as to its fitness for any purpose. By downloading this software you assume all risk in using it. I will not be held liable for damage that the software may cause to your device.

Magellan XOver 2500T (NA)

Edited by - DoDoubleGeo on 08 oct. 2009 03:28:15



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Posted - 08 oct. 2009 :  03:44:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I get the same thing here:

SD card boot
Please wait...
MountDisk SUCCESS !
open file failed
ERROR happened
Put image file into SD!

I have tried this a few times...each time the same
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Posted - 08 oct. 2009 :  03:51:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
JALinker - your device is bricked so its not suprising that this doen't work. You must figure out how to restore it before this unlock will work for you.

Magellan XOver 2500T (NA)
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Posted - 11 oct. 2009 :  03:38:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I have another Crossover 2500T and put the exact same image on an SD card and I can not make this crossover see the sd card. any suggestions?
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Posted - 11 oct. 2009 :  03:46:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Let me give you more infor, I have my crossover working as I have stated before. A friend has an identical unit. I put my card into his and nothing happens. when I use magellan tools it sees the gps internal storage but does not recognize the sd card. I am not sure what is going on here. I made sure the both have the same firmware revsion. When I tried to load miopocket it loaded about halfway and then a syntax error occured. Now it will not recognize the sd card. this where I am stuck. The unit will still run in the magellan software.
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Posted - 11 oct. 2009 :  16:12:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
OK guys here is how I fixed my problem. I removed the sd card and re-booted. the device would not recognize any went to the Magellan "Utilities" menu and envoked the hidden menu. I pushed the button "Reset for first time use" confirmed and let the device re-boot. Put an sd card in the slot and the device recognized it (I confirmed by trying to browse a music playlist in the Music Player). I put a fresh copy of mio pocket on an SDCsrdd and reset the device. Everything re-loaded and I am back running. Lesson Learned...don't swap sd cards back and forth between devices things can get "hairy".

Thanks for all you guys do!
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Posted - 13 oct. 2009 :  21:10:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello DDG,

I get the following error (this after I was successfully running it!):

Windows 'Venus2' could not be found

Line 33 (\SDMMC Card\XOVERCE\SCRIPTS\XOVERCE_unlock.mscr): close ("Venus2")

Now I cannot use the XOverCE or FileManCE (unit recognizes the SD card; opened a music file).

Any ideas how to fix it?
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Posted - 13 oct. 2009 :  23:10:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I fix it.
Edited the mscr file and canceled the "Venus2" "event". Seems that's working fine now.
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Posted - 14 oct. 2009 :  18:09:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi guys! sorry for my english, I'm from Italy.
I tryed XoverCE on my magellan roadmate 2200 eu (2200t) and it WORKS!!!
some infos about my magellan:
roadmate 2200 eu (2200t)
firmware version
hardware revision 2

os version=1.28
sh version 1.37
browser version 1.55
music 1.17
photo 1.10

The only little trouble was an error after click on "yes" for the installation; "syntax error" i'd just click ok and the installation run succesfull! that's all!
now THE QUESTION is, how can I install an alternative navi software?
thank you ;)
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Posted - 15 oct. 2009 :  14:58:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
capncarl - I have had that happen to me as well. Usually what happens is that the OS has lost the reference to the SDMMC Card and creates in its place a reference to SDMMC Card 2. This creates problems because most everything in XOVerCE references SDMMC Card. Usually a hard reset fixes this and you can install the unlock again. To minimize the chance of this occurring again, always make sure the device is turned off before swapping cards.

johnnyV - What exactly were the steps you took that produced the Venus2 error? Was this during the initial install or a reinstall? I can try to put in some error checking to reduce the chances of this happening again.

lorissuper - Thanks for letting me know that this works on the European version of the Crossover. The syntax error is most likely related to a bad registry import file. Did you include any custom registry files? If you did, make sure you save them in ANSI format and not UNICODE. Sorry, I can't help with installing alternate navi software. Try looking elsewhere on this forum for help with that.

Magellan XOver 2500T (NA)

Edited by - DoDoubleGeo on 15 oct. 2009 15:02:22
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Posted - 15 oct. 2009 :  15:58:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I think this happened:
I was copying some files, which prompted me to go back and forth between two SD cards. The first time I just replaced the SD cards from the one with XOverCE loaded to one that had the FileManCE, without resetting the unit, when I got an error (don't remember the name). Next I reset the unit with the FileManCE, but it would not get loaded (went directly to the Magellan Navigator). I resetted the unit again with the XOverCE when I got the "Venus2" error. I repeated this numerous time with the same results: when FileManCE was loaded, the unit kind of disregarded the SD card (went directly to Navigator); when the XOverCE was loaded it would get the "Venus2"error. Finally, to get it to work, I disabled lines 32 thru 35 in the "XOverCE_unlock.mscr" file. I did not go back to see if the unit can run the FileManCE, yet.
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Posted - 16 oct. 2009 :  05:23:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Is this likely to work on the RM 1412 (which runs Win CE 5.0)?

Is the "trick" that the DM.exe is a special file name, looked for in the root of the external SD card?
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1322 Posts

Posted - 16 oct. 2009 :  08:31:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
On the Roadmate 1412, it appears that the "special" file names ToCopy.exe, DM.exe, and micManager.exe do not do anything special.
To test, I tried using the Skin-Changer program that I made for the MIO.

Maybe there is a special operation needed during the reset and Magellan-screen startup to get the 1412 to look for the special file?

Or, maybe there is no special boot-file for the 1412 unit?
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167 Posts

Posted - 16 oct. 2009 :  15:03:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
garygid - The "trick" used in my XOverCE unlock, is that when the device boots it runs a program (TNLauncher.exe) that first looks for a couple of different files on the SD card. If those files are found it launches them; if they are not found then the device continues to boot as normal into the Magellan shell. THe XOverCE unlock takes advantage of this backdoor. From the few threads I've read about the 1412 and similar devices, this will not work because those devices do not look for these files.

Can you copy files to the device using USB and do you have explorer.exe in the Windows directory? If so copy Tascal REgedit (TRE), use the hidden menu to launch explorer and exit the shell. Then run TRE to look at HKLM\init. One of the listed programs in that key should control how the device boots up and wether it checks the SD card for certain files like the Crossover and several other Magellan GPS's do. Once you know that file, you'd have to inspect it using a HexEditor to see what is going on. The other possibility is that the startup procedure is listed within an INI file which apparently some Magellans do use.

Magellan XOver 2500T (NA)

Edited by - DoDoubleGeo on 16 oct. 2009 15:03:57
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1322 Posts

Posted - 16 oct. 2009 :  19:14:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks, I will do some more investigation. Your "unlock" is great (if it will work here), and I would like to see if my "Skin-Changer" program that I wrote for the MIO (and Navigon) will run here. I was able to do a lot with that, and never really neaded to do a full "unlock".

When I connect the 1412 USB to the PC, I see 2 "drives", the external SD card (if in), and the HDD part of the internal flash. So, I must be lacking a utility to see "further in", to the OS directories (WINDOWS, etc.).

What utility is used for the Magellan?
I remember we had a slightly buggy one for the MIO.
Thanks, Gary

The Spring 2009 Map SD card has a small ToCopy.exe file in its root, but it might just be there for other models to use.

Note: This Map update (35 Base, 37 Details) includes the details of many cities in Mexico, and sound files for 12 languages!

Edited by - garygid on 16 oct. 2009 19:47:32
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Posted - 16 oct. 2009 :  22:15:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
garygid - The Crossover cannot be seen by the desktop PC using normal USB. It requires "Magellan Tools" software which is really only used for adding Music, Pictures and POI's to the SD card attached to the GPS. Previous unlocking methods for Crossover required hex-editing this software to expose other portions of the internal drive of the GPS.

Magellan XOver 2500T (NA)
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