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 Garmin Nuvi 660 will not acquire satellites.
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Gavin S.

6 Posts

Posted - 04 juin 2009 :  21:10:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My Nuvi started acting up a few weeks ago in the form of losing sats briefly while traveling a route, but eventually they would reacquire and all would be well. Now it cannot find any sats no matter how long I leave it on. I assume something has happened to the wire that connects the antennae to the unit and will have to send it in, but I was hoping to hear from someone with a similar problem that could confirm that or tell me what they ended up doing to fix it. Thanks.



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Posted - 04 juin 2009 :  21:52:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'd advise you do a forum Google search for Nuvi 660 antenna or similar search term and you will find a ton of information about your problem. One example is at

Your problem is probably an antenna wire issue and if you want to have it fixed one of our members should be able to help you. See , although I see he's now so busy he is not accepting any new repairs until mid June.

Rick James - Nuvi Forum Moderator
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4 Posts

Posted - 04 juin 2009 :  21:54:50  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Gavin
It is probably the antenna that is causing the problem. I have experienced the same with my nuvi 670 and it seems it is quite a common problem.
as a quick test you can get some very thin wire and plug it into the antenna where the ext aerial would go (if you get flickers of sat reception that is good)
You will need to have some decent soldering skills to fix it but try this.
open up the flip out antenna by removing the two small torx screws (you can use a jewelers screwdriver for this.
remove the outer plastic cover carefully to expose the pcb.
remove the metal tape covering the antenna frame by running a sharp blade between it.
the faulty component is the one that is circled.This is an rf switch that switches between the int/ ext antenna when you 'flip out' the aerial. It fails and always thinks that there is an external antenna attached which is why you dont get any reception.
Solder a very thin insulated wire indicated by the red line which will bypass the rf switch and re-assemble the antenna.
switch on and leave out facing the open sky for about half an hour and it should be fine.

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Gavin S.

6 Posts

Posted - 04 juin 2009 :  21:57:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for that. I called Garmin and they were less than helpful. Out of warranty flat rate fee of $110 to fix it, regardless of what might be the issue. I started to argue but what's the point.
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Gavin S.

6 Posts

Posted - 04 juin 2009 :  23:10:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks rhaines. Could you email me that photo as it's not appearing in your post.
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Gavin S.

6 Posts

Posted - 11 juin 2009 :  07:46:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Update. I bought an external antenna and my 660 is working again. I guess I had an esd (electrostatic discharge)that rendered the internal antenna useless. Thanks for those that pointed me in the right direction to get my gps working again. It may not be a perfect solution, but it only cost me $15 for the antennna and all I have to put up with is that thing coiled on my dash when I'm using the gps. Better than paying Garmin $110 to send me a refurb unit. It'll hold me til I upgrade down the road. May not be a Garmin, though. Not thrilled with the company at the moment.
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2 Posts

Posted - 21 oct. 2009 :  01:02:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was able to "fix" my Nuvi 660 by simply jumping the external coax connector to the internal antenna. The fix is detailed by ernesas here:

He includes a photo of the circuit board with instructions. (Note that it is the second photo on the page, not the first one!) The downside to this quick and easy fix is that you will probably lose external antenna functionality. I never used an external antenna so no big deal.

Edited by - robonaut on 21 oct. 2009 01:03:35
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27 Posts

Posted - 21 oct. 2009 :  18:47:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The wire fix is only a temporary fix. The real cause of this problem is a defective part that is right at the external antenna input. The part is damaged, thereby fooling the unit into thinking an external antenna is connected. When the part fails, it becomes resistive, drawing current (simulating that an external antenna is connected) and also affects receiver sensitivity. Eventually the part may short to ground and you will no longer have signal again or notice that the signals will be weaker. Even if your unit is working with the wire jumper, the sensitivity is not as good as it should be as a result of the failed part, which is still in the circuit (RF path). The part needs to be replaced with a new part that has a higher rating than the factory original. The wire fix affects the circuit impedance and since the internal and external antenna are now jumpered together, using an external antenna will give unpredictable results. It also places a standing 3V bias on the internal patch antenna. The better replacement part is only 41 cents and the unit will work again with either the internal or external antenna like it was originally designed to do.

One additional note: The manufacturer is well aware of this problem because they revised the printed circuit board to use a higher rated, and physically larger part. The new printed circuit board can be identified by the number 105-00969-03 VER 1 and has no white silkscreen for the components.

Edited by - Landscaper2009 on 07 nov. 2009 17:38:34
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Posted - 09 nov. 2009 :  00:02:49  Show Profile  Visit PouchX's Homepage  Reply with Quote
What part you are talking about?
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11 Posts

Posted - 30 mars 2012 :  21:18:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just repaired my Nuvi 660 by replacing the defective RF switch: see

Update 23 April 2012: eventually, replacing the RF switch did not solve the problem, but a fix provided by PouchX did: connecting a 1 kOhm resistor between pin 6 and GND (

Edited by - RolandM on 23 avr. 2012 23:33:34
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