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 [TOPIC] Lane Assist, Roadsigns, Junction View
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Posted - 26 nov. 2008 :  19:25:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Enhanced JV as seen on the nuvi 3790T in 06/2010 by BAVC10

Updated by GpsPasSion 20100616 : The first user reports from the UK on the nuvi 3790T are quite enthusiastic as expected (slick, fast, nicer maps, better routes, etc...) but an unexpected and unannounced development are the new "Junction View" screens . Not only are they apparently more numerous but they're also "photo-enhanced".

Orignal Message : I am just wondering what I am missing. Yesterday I drove from Ontario CA to Salt Lake City UT and did not see the "Junction View" feature on my nuvi one time. As we came through Las Vegas we took a detour to get gas. After filling up we made our way back to the I-15 by way of some other freeways, several of them being somewhat confusing. In my thinking that would have been a good place for it to pop up. Nothing. Am I missing something? Do I need to register before it works? I do not see a selection to turn this feature on/off. The traffic feature did work and I saw several ad's, but no big deal.

Thanks for your thoughts,



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Posted - 26 nov. 2008 :  19:50:43  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Not that I know of, I'm copying the discussion we started about this in the 7200t topic :

gpspassion : yes others have commented in the 7200 topic after switching from the 765 that there were far fewer RV signs on the 765, which is odd considering the source data must come from Navteq that they both use.

lrtrees : I drove home this afternoon with both the 7200T and 765T mounted in my truck. Nothing on the Garmin and several on the Navigon.

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Posted - 07 déc. 2008 :  22:16:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am in Vegas and have NOT seen any junction view on my brand new 765t. I thought for sure this feature would be avalable in Vegas because the freeways ARE confusing.

I sent a support question to Garmin and got a reply that read,

"The lane assist feature will only show up for major interstates and highways. What you will see on the screen is some arrows or a picture of the signs directing you in the right direction to turn"

I guess Vegas isn't big enough for Garmin to worry about. I have to say I am VERY disapointed in the unit. My TomTom 920 was 1/2 the price and had twice the features. I could never recommend the nuvi 765t (or any other Garmin unit) to a friend.

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Posted - 08 déc. 2008 :  00:17:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I live in Vegas too and ordered a 765t last night. Kind of disappointing to read that frankjake. As long as it works though when I'm driving in unfamiliar territory...
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Posted - 08 déc. 2008 :  02:13:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by frankjake

My TomTom 920 was 1/2 the price and had twice the features. I could never recommend the nuvi 765t (or any other Garmin unit) to a friend.

I have recommended the Garmin line to more than 20 people over the last 5+ years and none of them has had a bad experience. See if you like the maps and routing software better with the Garmin versus the TomTom, as that has always been their number one complaint in the US. Their price is cheaper for a reason.

As long as mine gets me from point A to point B in an unfamiliar area of town or across the country, then it is doings its job. The Bluetooth, weather, traffic, gas station prices, movie theater show times, lane assist, 3D buildings, etc. are just "extra" features which are not deal breakers for me. Garmin has to have them to keep up with the others, but they are not why I bought a GPS in the first place. In fact, I chose the 650/750 Nuvi series because they do not have most of the gimicky features I do not want.

Now that you have mentioned the lane assist is not all that great, I will not be looking for a new 755T any time soon. You might want to return the 765T and try a 750 or a 760, as they are a lot cheaper these days.


GPSV, SP2610, FR201, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 750
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Posted - 10 déc. 2008 :  19:38:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I have to say, I had the tomtom 920 and loved it. I thought it would be an "upgrade" to buy the garmin 765t, and yes more than twice the price of the tomtom. I am very disapointed with the Garmin. I wish I'd kept the tomtom.

I had them both in the car for a few days. I should have know to keep the tomtom when the Garmin routed me home the long way. No matter how I had it set, (fast time or shorter distance) the Garmin would never route me in the most direct route. The tomtom did.

Now I know this is just one address, but I also think the tomtom was faster at calulating routes, offered a more direct route, had more up to date POI's and was much faster at finding a POI's.

Here is another example. I'm in Las Vegas. I searched for TOYOTA trying to find a toyota dealer near me (I've only been here a short time). With the tomtom, I found 4 or 5 dealers and listed them on the screen in literally a few seconds. The garmin 765 searched for 2 minutes and 52 seconds and finally brought up 12 Sam's Clubs with the closest being 197.1 miles away.

so I thought something was wrong with my unit. I go down to a local store where they have the Garmin 760, Garmin 850 and a tomtom XL330. I did a search for toyota and Sam's Club on all 3 of them. Tomtom was the fastests search, basically both Garmins were the same as mine. so now I have the same results with 3 Garmin units and 2 tomtom unit. You can bet my next one will be another tomtom. I just wish I hadn't spent $500 buck on this Garmin. I'm very disapointed with everything about the unit.
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Posted - 12 déc. 2008 :  15:06:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I had TomTom 920 before I bought my 765T and I can say the routing engine on TT is definitely not as nice as the Garmin.
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Posted - 12 déc. 2008 :  23:21:02  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Rather off-topic in this JV discussion, but TomTom's routing in the US has been vastly improved by IQ Routes -> - orginally available on the x30 only but also on the x20s now with the v810 or v815 maps.

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Posted - 06 janv. 2009 :  22:55:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I never noticed the lane guidance screen going up, but we had the volume down and it was not until coming home going through Kansas City that we turned the volume up and I saw that the lane guidance screen only flashes for a quick second or so when the half mile verbal warning is given before an interchange. It would be nice if you could set how long the screen stayed up so that in towns you knew you could leave it off and then in unfamiliar places you could leave it up longer. Kansas City was the only place we got traffic info and it was confusing, probably because it is the first time I have used the feature. The GPS also died and reset itself when we were going into Kansas City. Don't know it if was because of the traffic or because it was hot having sat in the sun all day during the drive.
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Posted - 06 janv. 2009 :  23:27:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The Junction View on my 765T has come up several times in the Chicagoland area on I-355, I-90/94 and on I-294.

Nuvi 765T
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Posted - 07 janv. 2009 :  04:15:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"It would be nice if .........and then in unfamiliar places you could leave it up longer"

Fred, the Junction view can be shown for a longer time. Go to the "next turn page" and if there is a junction view hit the junction view bar at the bottom of the page.

I had several "junction views" traveling from Ct. to Fl., but would have thought there would be a few more.

Edited by - tampa8 on 07 janv. 2009 04:18:36
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Posted - 07 janv. 2009 :  04:39:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
With the 765, I don't care much about seeing the 3d picture of the junctions, but I love the lane assist arrows (at the top left). All I really care is knowing which lane I need to stay on. I know that Houston isn't that bad, but having that feature helped me alot when driving around with all the inter-twining highways.

And yes, those 3d junctions don't show up for all of them. Typically only for the big major ones or something.

Edited by - nightshades49 on 07 janv. 2009 04:47:50
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31 Posts

Posted - 07 janv. 2009 :  09:41:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I agree with nightshades. While Junction View is a nice picture and I enjoy seeing it (they use several different pictures that represent the interchanges quite well), it's the Lane Guidance that I depend upon, and has really helped me out (live in SoCal).
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1815 Posts

Posted - 07 janv. 2009 :  12:32:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
@ nightshades49

I for one don't like the junction view since it displays for too long, especially in closely spaced junctions (I timed it being displayed for 13 seconds on each view). You can disable it by simply renaming the junction view file. It's named D1279000A.JCV and located on the nuvi drive in x:/Garmin/JCV. I have mine renamed to D1279000A.JCV.disabled. To re-enable it, simply delete the .disabled extension.

nüvi 3490LMT, nüvi 3790LMT, nüvi 765T, nüvi 855, nüvi 760, nüvi 750

Edited by - SergZak on 07 janv. 2009 14:03:16
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Posted - 18 janv. 2009 :  10:53:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I have purchased a nuvi 765T in sweden there I live

but my problem is at Lane Assist don't work
I push battery icon in few seconds and a test menu comes up I start the test and then open inventory menu in this meny I find Red Error on this

Junction View (JCV)


I call garmin in sweden and tell them this problem but they don't have a answer on this problem

and I ask them if this Lane Assist works everyware or only in some places and they tell me at this should works everyware

the garmin support don't have a answer so I ask in this forums and hope a member have a answer

reg kenta

Edited by - kenta2 on 18 janv. 2009 10:54:30
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United Kingdom
283 Posts

Posted - 18 janv. 2009 :  12:02:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Your 765T is fine - mine shows the same info on the diagnostics screen but lane assist and junction view work fine in the UK. I know the Navteq maps aren't up to the same quality all over Europe.

You could try a route which ends in the UK and uses the M25 or M1 motorways as these have lane assist and junction view at nearly every exit / slip road
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