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 [TOPIC] Visiontac VGPS-900 - Logger with voice
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Posted - 27 févr. 2009 :  15:08:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
did they ever update this device to be able to switch between MPH & kilometers ?
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Posted - 27 févr. 2009 :  20:38:48  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Are you referring to the the software ? I wouldn't know as I only use the most excellent BT747 that even concatenates various log files of the v900 and links automatically to the voice tags!

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Posted - 28 févr. 2009 :  01:09:09  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was under the impression that it only shows the speed in kilometers. after you load the way points in what ever you use when you click on one of the way points the info is in kilometers. I am in the US so I would like it to be in MPH.
I read some where that that was going to be an update and be switchable in the software
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Posted - 28 févr. 2009 :  11:37:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In the desktop version of BT747 this option is in the 'Output Settings' tab where you can enable 'Imperial Units'. If that has to be labeled differently in American let me know.

This only influences a few output formats (CSV for example). Most formats have the units defined internally (e.g., NMEA is always in knots). The GUI itself does not take it into account yet (table and constraints/filters). I'll try to change that soon.
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Posted - 04 mars 2009 :  00:52:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, can anyone tell me what to do when daylight savings rolls around in a couple of weeks. I use the V900 to georeference my digital photos. I am on Pacific time (-8 hrs) at the moment. Do I change the Time Zone settings to -7 hrs in the Time Album software for daylight savings?
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Posted - 04 mars 2009 :  09:52:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My technique is to keep the UTC reference constant on the camera. You can keep it at UTC for example.
The GPS time is always at UTC0 anyways.
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Posted - 04 mars 2009 :  16:25:13  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Yes, useful if you change time zones a lot.

Still enjoying the development version of BT747 with the V900, except that I seem to lose it each time I reboot, one suggestion if I may, could you add a link to play the vox file directly from the "repères" page ? It could come in handy when you have a lot of voice notes. Not sure a .csv export could handle a link to the file, but that would be great too as you could import the file in excel and add fields to write notes.

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Posted - 14 mars 2009 :  17:55:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
this is a repost from another thread.....

I am pretty new to data logging and after reading the reviews of various device thought I would get the visiontac 900. I have a Mac and have installed bt747 from the web install but for the life of me I cannot see how to convert the csv files from the v900 to a gpx (or any other format).

I know I must be doing something really dumb so am pleading for help! I tried following the instructions seen.... I set the rawlogfile to the csv file, set my output directory/file location then hit the convert to gpx button (even tried the convert to drop down).

I seem to get an error saying no output file was created (I know there is data in the csv because I can see that in excel). I have checked that the date range is OK but am stuck.

I'm sure it must be easy as others are doing this it!

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Posted - 14 mars 2009 :  18:06:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If you did not change the filster settings then what you say should work.

I suggest that you drag and drop your files to BT747 - or that you add them on the 'files to tag' tab.
Then, once you initiated a conversion (can be done on the files to tag tab with "Tag from file", you'll see the date range of the log file in the top list. If not, there is surely another issue. In that case send me a sample of your CSV (e-mail in the 'about' of the application) and I'll have a look.
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Posted - 15 mars 2009 :  17:44:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks.... did some more looking. I did drag the files as suggested and could see the dates appearing as you indicated. The error message stopped appearing but no output appeared on my desktop. Interestingly when I selected my desktop as the place for the output file it ended up having a directory structure that had "desktop\desktop" Manually deleting one of these fixed the problem.

will test a little more with different csv files.

thanks for the suggestions.

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Posted - 18 mars 2009 :  22:44:25  Show Profile  Visit yekorzh's Homepage  Reply with Quote

I've just received my VGPS-900 unit and have some troubles with GPS fix. Basically it fixes for 2-3 seconds and then goes back into syncing mode for another 30sec-2 minutes. Have somebody experienced this before ? I tried it on pretty open space - no mountains, no tall buildings.

Apart from that everything seems fine - BT is working, it saves CSV files (with 2-3 seconds of data) on flash card, beeps happily :)

I contacted support, but they have not responded yet.

Yegor Korzh
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Posted - 01 avr. 2009 :  00:16:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi to everybody.
I'm getting quite crazy... please help me.

I've a Visiontac 900.
A Mac and a Canon 5dmrkII.

I'd like to use GPS for geotagging and import the path in lightroom.

I've seen a nice plugin

I'm getting creazy because I can't understand how an I convert the tens of CSV files created by visiontac and import them in lightroom plugin.

I've tried BT747 but, I've to say, it not very easy! I can't understand how to convert.
And what I have to set?

I drag the files on software ... and then?

What is the .bin file bt747 asks for?

How can I convert... i can't obtain an output file...

Is there any other easier solutions?

Edited by - lbottan on 01 avr. 2009 00:17:54
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Posted - 01 avr. 2009 :  08:40:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In BT747, do not care about the bin file in your case - it is possible to enter many filetypes in that location and that includes CSV.

To convert: drag the files to BT747 as you indicated and then click one of the buttons 'GPX', 'KML', ... or the 'Convert to' button which will start the conversion to the format indicated in the pull down menu next to it.
The output files are written to the 'output directory' so that directory must exist.

You can also get an internal preview of the path with 'Convert To ... Table in GUI'.
The list of CSV files appears in 'Files to Tag'. You can also position the pictures on a map by dragging your pictures to the app and then do the conversion. The position of the pictures will be stored in the output file. To write the position back into the picture itself (currently only JPEG is supported), you need to select 'Save tagged files' on the 'Files to Tag' tab.
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Posted - 02 avr. 2009 :  21:30:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello everyone,
[ed] I would like to add my two aussie cents to the discussion. Basically i am having identical problems to Yegor couple posts up: unable to maintain sattelite fix. Otherwise a great little unit, love the micro sd card logging, not so impressed with the nearly invisible in daylight led status lights and i would love to get to know it better but the lack of fix makes it useless at the moment.
I have contacted the merchant from which i bought it and am waiting for ideas or an RMA number but in the mean-time i thought i'd ask around here: are there any other Australian owners of the vgps-900 on this forum, happy or otherwise? Or indeed does anyone else have this sattelite fix problem, maybe in another country?
I am sort of quietly suspecting that bad ephemeris data is causing this, if that is the case are there any general time tested ways of correcting this that you guys are familiar with? I know that taking out the battery is meant to help with flushing the ephemeris, unfortunately on this unit the battery is internal and i don't want to tinker with it because i may have to send it for RMA.
Any help greatly appreciated [edit see PM]

wherever you go... there you are?
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Posted - 02 avr. 2009 :  22:09:20  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Welcome to the forums.

I'm not sure why the Visiontac would have problems in Australia and not elsewhere, that's not the way GPS works, unless there is a unique bug in the firmware. As for ephemeris data it's only valid for 4 hours and a GPS receiver will generally update them every 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the Visiontac is a tiny device and therefore has a tiny antenna which makes it a challenge to maintain the required level of signal (28dB-Hz) to download the ephemeris data. Still it's up to the job because the other day I managed to get it to cold fix in a moving train leaving a station in a couple of minutes when my Garmin Oregon took 5+, both were placed against the window as they are coated.

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