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 Amcor 4300B
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Posted - 25 mai 2008 :  18:15:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I picked up an Amcor 4300B at to use with OziCe and Nav Charts on the boat.

It isn't the best deal out there, but the software is easy to modify.

The unit has a 4.3 inch screen with Bluetooth and runs WINCE 4.2.

It runs iGO Nav software and comes with Picture, MP3 and Video applications right out of the box. It also has a functioning SIP keyboard.

To modify the unit I used the following steps

1. Install Activesync and connect to the unit as Guest.
2. Used CE regeditor to backup the registry
3. copied the rest of the directories to my HD
4. Modify IGOPATH.TXT file and add the line
Explorer = "icons/files.bmp", "\\Windows\\explorer.exe"
**NOTE** this is the same as the ADDON.TXT file found on some threads in the forums here.
5. Reboot and you will now have a menu option for Explorer.
6. Copy OziCE files onto an SD card
7. Modify IGOPATH.TXT file and add the line
Marine = "icons/oziexp1.bmp", "\\Storage Card\\CE OziExplorerCE 2\\OziExplorerCE.exe" (Note leave a few spaces at the front of the line to move the text to the centre of the soft button.

8. I created my own ICON and added it to the DATA.ZIP file under the "ICONS" folder. You can use any of the existing files instead.

9. Reboot and your done.

Heading out on the boat today to have some fun with it!





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Posted - 19 juin 2008 :  16:10:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Hi man.
I have some questions if I may:

1. Did you perform any modifications to the winCE registry after taking the backup?
2. On step 5 you mention a reboot, how did you do that? Was it a soft reboot or the hard one (power off from the back pen/switch)?
3. Why use OziExplorerCE? I've read about it and it has many limitations since it is not an automatic route planning software, you cannot request the best way to get from point A to point B.
4. Step 9 again reboot (soft or hard)?

My confusion about the soft/hard reboot is due to reading some forum topics and finding both references. I am now trying to make a difference between them and learn how to do both.

Thank you,

Edited by - s1l3nt6h05t on 20 juin 2008 09:32:29
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Posted - 20 juin 2008 :  05:11:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There are no registry setting changes required for what I did.

I used the power switch to hard reboot the unit.

The reason some others refer to a soft reboot is when they have made registry changes on units that don't save the registry changes on a hard reboot. I am not sure if the Amcor will save a registry change on a hard reboot since I had no need to make any changes to it.

I chose OziCE so that I could use Canadian BSB Navigation Charts in my boat with "Moving Map" functionality. I originally tried Fugawi which I am more familiar with, but I could not get it to load on the Amcor unit.

For Car Navigation I load the iGo software that came with the unit.

By editing the IGOPATH.txt file you can add additional program icons to the menu allowing you to switch between applications.

Hope that helps
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Posted - 20 juin 2008 :  09:32:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Clear and str8 to the point!
Thank you man! :)

So basically you are using the IGO Lunch Panel interface to launch other applications like the OziCE.

Did you try to hack the registry so that the PNA becomes a PDA? Meaning that you will actually get access to the desktop instead of the lunch pad of IGO.

I basically want this since my lunch console has the tendency of staying on top of any other application I lunch beside it, like lets say explorer.exe...

I have tried to modify the registry and there seems to be a key called <Launch50> under <HK_LM\init>. From value <malata.exe> to <explorer.exe>, but this actually didn't stop the launch interface from initializing and would not allow the launch console to finish loading. So the result would be <Loading GPS software...> forever...

I am still looking and testing solutions. I'll keep this forum updated. Just search for AMCOR4300B.

See ya,

Edited by - s1l3nt6h05t on 20 juin 2008 09:34:12
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Posted - 26 juin 2008 :  03:48:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A word of caution regarding adapters for charging the battery on the Amcor.

*** warning this post discusses changing out a Li-ION battery. Li-ION batteries pose an explosive hazard and require a working PCM circuit to prevent under and over charging. Any use of the following information is at your own risk ***

The 4300B came with a cigarette lighter charger and no adapter to charge the unit in the house.

I purchased a 110V plug adapter that accepts the Amcor cigarette charger and it worked fine, but I kept forgetting the charging cord in the house and inevitably I needed it in the boat on a long trip.

I decided to purchase a proper charger for the house that had the correct 5V charging voltage and the correct Amcor charging connector.

Only thing that I forgot to do was check for correct polarity. When I plugged in the 4300B the unit immediately powered off and required a hard reset using the power switch on the back. When I got the Amcor booted I realized that the reverse polarity had fried the Li-ION battery. (More specifically the PCM board that protects the battery)

A search of the net for a PCM board was fruitless, but I did find a source for a new battery which includes the PCM for $17. I ordered a battery with a higher Mah rating (1250Mah vs 720Mah in the original).

I now have a 50% increase in battery life so all is well.

For those interested I ordered a battery designed for a Garmin Nuvi 360T. I cut the leads from the existing battery and soldered them to the leads on the new battery. This avoids heating the Li-ION battery terminals and a potential explosive situation.



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Posted - 11 juil. 2008 :  05:58:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Please someone help. I tried installing tcpmp and now i have bricked the gps side of the unit. I didnt make a backup (like a fool) and my wife is super mad. Can someone post their flash disk file so i can make this work again. I will be forever in your debt, and will not touch the inner workings on a CE device ever again.

I know how this site feels about scammers can prove that i purchased this unit.

Thanks in advance for your time today.
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Posted - 16 août 2008 :  06:48:32  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
how instal miomap on Amcor 4300B
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Posted - 07 sept. 2008 :  00:58:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
@ s1l3nt6h05t

just a question ... how did u get the key board up so that u can type in info. for the life of me i cant get it to pop up ... for that matter i cant get it to pop up on any thing even to change the name of a file or folder.

thanks in advance.
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Posted - 10 août 2009 :  14:44:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote said that you purchased a replacment barttery for your Amcor 4300B GPS that included the PCM. Could you provide me the link to where you purchased the battery with the PCM? My unit turns on for a little bit and then promtly turns off even with the car adaptor plugged into it. I beleive the battery is the problem, any idea's.

thanks in advance
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Posted - 14 sept. 2009 :  04:39:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Can't remember where I got the battery now. I had just Googled around until I found a place to get one.


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