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 [TOPIC] Xexun "TK102" Tracker - User Experiences
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2 Posts

Posted - 02 juil. 2008 :  18:34:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello Guys,

Anybody can direct me on how to set the APN for this device.

I send APN123456 internet

but i don't receive any response from the device: neither APN OK nor APN FAIL.

Any ideas please??
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27 Posts

Posted - 02 juil. 2008 :  22:58:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

apn123456 internet

notes: change "internet" with your isp gprs apn
you receive "APN OK!"
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5 Posts

Posted - 15 juil. 2008 :  16:23:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi all,

I'm interested in buying this product but I have a question for you guys. Have you try to link the tracker to your car/bike battery ? The supplier said me that is not possible but others seems to say that it is...

Is this possible and easy to do ? I have a bike with a 12 Voltage.
I don't want to have to charge the tracker every two days. I wan't to intall and forget it (until needed).

thanks for your answers!
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34 Posts

Posted - 15 juil. 2008 :  19:14:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
yes it is. You can buy the little box to connect the battery to the usb-plug-in together with the tracker. I have it and the box is ok
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5 Posts

Posted - 15 juil. 2008 :  19:31:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
little box: You mean the tracker ?
usb plug-in: what do you mean ? +/- battery to the tracker usb port ? Where can I find one ? Do you have a picture of what it can be ?

Thank you for your answer!

Edited by - walou15 on 16 juil. 2008 14:29:06
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2 Posts

Posted - 16 juil. 2008 :  13:35:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi all! It is great that there is some kind of support aviable from other users.

But still... I have a problem. I sent sms with "apn123456" and didn't receive any confirmation. Is it possible it happened because before I set up apn command I sent adminip? Well maybe there is something else?

Oh and what about drivers? I downloaded drivers from and installed them but there is no reaction from computer when I connect the device using USB cable.
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2 Posts

Posted - 17 juil. 2008 :  10:45:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here is some useful information:
And some info about upgrading (, but you should send e-mail with more questions to Xexun for more info.
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United Kingdom
22 Posts

Posted - 17 juil. 2008 :  22:00:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, I just bought TK102 and I'm trying to set up using GPRS. My sim is Virgin (UK) and the apn is ''. I keep getting APN failed, is it becuase there are more than 15 characters? Do I need to change sim to Orange with shorter APN?
I'm using hyperterminal and also a small delphi socket program to listen in on the received messages, nothing is coming through yet because of the above I think. I read elsewhere in the forum that you may need to send a reply back to the GPS to let it know that a message has been received?
Any help appreciated.
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27 Posts

Posted - 20 juil. 2008 :  03:16:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I have already report this problem in this thread

for the 15 chars APN limit is confirmed by manufacturer
I request a firmware 2 weeks ago
and it sends me this week with instructions and hardware requirements.
U must have this fw to flash to work with max 15 chars in APN

I dont have the required hardware yet
(and it seems hard, I think I will request it from manufacturer in next order LOL)
when I have the HW I will try it and report here

I think I can post it here ;)
nobody tells me, do not share it, and I think its for all

Manufacturer says that this new fw has more stability in GPRS
and now you can use username and password too :)

Better GPRS connections, I hope so i have receive triple connections,
after a few days of inturruped connections
like send 3 request to server, or more, and the connections interfer with the precision, I must have to skip at service socket when it arrives

one problem that I note its the warm time in this hot days,
the trackers keeps hot after a few days,
and tends to fail, and we must power off/on

I m the only one that have problems of hot trackers?

Has anybody confirm that we cannot uses domains in adminip
like versus the

this is a MUST for next firmware,
In future I will pay 30€ for month to have a fixed IP,
just because it can work with domains :(
its a shame, even if we use operator APNs with DNS.
If someone has clues about it, please confirm or deny it :)

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34 Posts

Posted - 20 juil. 2008 :  18:16:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
what version of firmware do you have and what date the firmware was coming
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27 Posts

Posted - 20 juil. 2008 :  19:44:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
fw file : gps101new.hex

I would like to specify its difference with the old one as following for your kind information:

(1), New software: For the first time, after you installed the battery, the GPS tracker will automatically powered on. After the first time, you can power on/power off the GPS tracker by pressing ON/OFF button; Old software: even for the first time after installed the battery, you need to press the ON/OFF button to power on/power off the system;

(2), New software: the characters of APN can exceed 20, you can change the user name and password of APN by yourself; Old software: the characters of APN must be within 15, you can not change the user name and password of APN by yourself;

(3), GPRS function of new software is much more stable than the old software.

To update the software, you may need following things:
1, The tracker.
2, Testing mainboard.
3, DVI connector
4, USB connector
5, Adaptor

where can we buy the "Testing mainboard" that is required for flash it?
it seems that is better to order it form manufacturer,
maybe someone has a partno of it, I only has the "Testing mainboard" :(
without for details I cant know for sure, what testing board are
PPL try to answear to my past questions...thanks
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27 Posts

Posted - 21 juil. 2008 :  12:46:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
repply from manufacturer about adminip quations:
I already confirmed with our enginner just now, can not use domain in adminip.

maybe in a near future, I hope so
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62 Posts

Posted - 21 juil. 2008 :  20:19:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There all, i have the same issue with the 15chars apn.
I have the Cable, interface to flash the device.
But i do not have the software to flash it and the new firmware.
It's possible to share it some where ? so i can test it, and report if it work or not.

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27 Posts

Posted - 22 juil. 2008 :  21:13:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
@ghi001 and for all for the other ppl 2 ;)
it includes all the files
flash, software, instructions, the FULL PACKAGE LOL

I will receive the hardware next weak,
so I dont tet it yet
but belive me it works, Its developed by myrequest,
and I´m in talk with manufacurer ;)
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United Kingdom
22 Posts

Posted - 22 juil. 2008 :  21:20:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Keepkool,

I've been playing around with my gps for a few nights now and have some limited success. I bought my unit from ebay only 2 weeks ago but wonder if it is still an old firmware rev as the GPRS is very dodgy. Nothing comes back to my delphi socket for hours then suddenly I might get about 10 gps readings. The sms seems to be OK.
I've been programming delphi for many years but I'm new to internet comms.
You suggested in an earlier reply that you must echo back the serial number to the gps. Why? My serial number is always 0000000. This could be another problem with this firmware rev? Do I send back the serial number to my orange provider IP address or my own static IP. I've just picked a port of 5000 and added this to my firewall router and used my own IP address (it's not truly static but doesn't seem to change). I used adminip xx.xx.xx.xx 5000 and sent this to my GPS and get adminip ok response, on my cellphone, not socket.
I sometimes (rarely) get a GPS coordinates from the gps to my IP address and the orange IP is picked up by my delphi program. Does the socket time-out or do I need to reply very quickly to the orange IP or to my own Static ip with the serial no. before the connection is closed?
As you can see, I'm a newbie to internet things but I'm keen to learn and create a bespoke delphi (.exe) program to transact and manage all the gps handshaking and ultimatley show the gps position on google static map. This part of the code is almost complete and works a treat. Just now need a relaible gps source.
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