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 [TOPIC] Xexun "TK102" Tracker - User Experiences
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Posted - 25 mars 2009 :  13:56:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Does anyone know what mcu-pin the green-led is connected to ?

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Posted - 29 mars 2009 :  23:02:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
[edit] I live in Brazil and bought 6 appliances GPS/GPRS (GPS Tracker). One device is working properly the others came with a label (inside the battery compartment) USA (340).

Appliances with this label do not respond to "begin123456" and when I turn falls in mailbox.

What should I do?[edit]
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Posted - 30 mars 2009 :  21:14:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

My friend give us some more infos so we can help you.
What is your model? is this a TK-102 device?
what do you mean when you say "..... and when I turn falls in mailbox"??
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2 Posts

Posted - 30 mars 2009 :  22:01:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Kokos,

My unit is the TK-102.

I put the Simcard and battery and when sending the command "begin123456" he does not answer me.

When I call to the number gives signal as the device was turned off.

I bought 6 appliances and all models that have the label USA (340) in the battery compartment, do not respond to the command begin123456.

I have to update the firmware? How do I do this?

What should I do?


mauriciopcs at hotmail com
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80 Posts

Posted - 30 mars 2009 :  22:32:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Qual operadora você está tentando? Tenta usar outro chip Abs!
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United Kingdom
1 Posts

Posted - 01 avr. 2009 :  16:04:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by dquintao

From the firmware file GPS101NEW.HEX I generated the .BIN file and I got this (I just pasted the ASCII legible ones):

Where do you get this firmware from? How do you upload it to the tracker?

Peter S Sims
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31 Posts

Posted - 01 avr. 2009 :  16:20:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Today I ran into a problem with my TK102. It has been in my car for about a month. For the last two weeks it was in SPEED mode. Today I sent it MOVE command (without NOSPEED) and from than on, the TK102 does not reply to any of my SMS commands, including BEGIN command.
It does reply SMS with geo-info when I call it.

Any ideas?
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31 Posts

Posted - 01 avr. 2009 :  20:28:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Solved it.

I pressed the SOS button. It seems like the TK102 was stuck in some loop. I got many SMS after pressing the SOS button. Now it responds to all commands.
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United Kingdom
22 Posts

Posted - 02 avr. 2009 :  19:41:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi all,
Has anyone had a problem with the on/off button? After upgrading my firmware, the tk102 comes on automatically now when I insert the battery as intended. I can then switch it off but cannot switch it back on again. I have to remove the battery then re-insert, not good when it is in a car install.
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Posted - 10 avr. 2009 :  17:50:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, I'm new to this forum and I wuld like to ask you how I can interface to the TK-102, since there is no cable to connect it to a PC. And there is also no software in the package I got, so I would like to ask you as well where I can find it? And third, I would like to know where to get the latest firmware for my device and how to upload it to the tracker. Therefore I also need to know how to find out which is the firmware that suits the rev of my tracker? Thank you very much for your help in advance, I really appreciate this! Cheers, Hartwig
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2 Posts

Posted - 15 avr. 2009 :  19:53:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello from Germany,

reading a lot about the TK102 in this forum I think it is useful to build into my car to increase the chance to get it back in case it gets stolen.

I have two more questions, maybe someone can help me:

1. the "battery-problem": is there a way to use another battery to get more power (so the power will last for more than 48 hours), like 4 weeks?

2. where can I buy the TK102 in Germany?

Thanks for your help!

Regards Joerg
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1 Posts

Posted - 24 avr. 2009 :  04:51:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi All,

I need a little help with my (I found out I have a copy) tk102.
It is the model that in the bottom next to the baterie slots has a stikcer that says USA 340.
It sends the report along with the link it never works..)
When you put the batery in, it turns on.

But I have these huge problems:

I send the sms begin123456 but I get NO ANSWER
I send the admin123456 number not answer...
I can not send any command and I get no confirmation answer.

The only thing that works ok is when I call the unit, it replies me whit LAT LON speed and link...

any ideas?
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80 Posts

Posted - 24 avr. 2009 :  05:37:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good news, this week i got the TK102-2 device, with 5second delay function and Micro SD for log all data when GPRS is off, very pretty device, and i must trial better... if somebody have interest i can have it for 135 shipped. Contact-me janio_at_denken_com_br (email/msn) Regards!
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41 Posts

Posted - 26 avr. 2009 :  01:30:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Are you using vivo sim?
If yes, maybe thats your problem. I dunno why, but it seens the regular tk102 doesnt works with vivo chip, but works fine with any other sim card brand.

Anyone else in Brazil got this problem? Vivo seens to be the cheapest one to transfer data over gprs, but it isnt working :(

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2 Posts

Posted - 26 avr. 2009 :  02:36:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Lattely i´m with many problems with trackers, about stability, After a few days or hours, it goes crazy, and we must remove battery and power it again to put it alive (GPRS)

Maybe someone can helps with stability problems,
I report it here some times, and until now nobody seems to care,
or has same problem and can help
maybe this time someone helps to resolve this

I bet its a high temperatures that occurs in this time of year, the trackers goes hot and any other hardware it crashes....I can be wrong

thanks in advance

Hello, we also had problems with 2 TK101 units we got from Xexun. These units share the same hardware as the TK102 but are more for automotive use and directly connected to the car's battery. WE had both inside the glove compartment in the heat of summer. After 1 month of constant GPRS running (30 secs intervals), they stopped one day and started acting up ever since. So they DO seem to be affected by heat. I hope I'm wrong but they dont seem to be too sturdy and reliable. Also, the internal batery swelled up. WE had the manufacturer replace the battery for a supposedly better one. At least is not soft-bodied like the ones that swelled up and failed. We're testing them now.

ANybody else has had experiences with these type of symptoms? Suddnely stop sending data and sometimes a hard reset (via the ON-OFF button) will wake them up, other times...they just die. We tried reflashing firmware..we tried new firmware that Xexun sent us (supposedly with the incorporation of a watchdog routine) but nothing.

Lets keep our experiences being exchanged. I want to really determine if this little thing is worth the trouble...or are there better more reliable units in the market?? Any experiences out there?? Thanks so much....
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