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 [TOPIC] Xexun "TK102" Tracker - User Experiences
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Peter McGuire

New Zealand
15 Posts

Posted - 05 janv. 2011 :  03:24:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Je suis en Nouvelle-Zélande et ont acheté firmware USB et 3 Pilotes etc et bientôt pour essayer de corriger un TK102, il n'y a rien que je devrais savoir, qu'en est-il le câble USB est-il un câble spécial ou puis-je utiliser un seul je l'ai déjà obtenu. Y at-il d'autre à partir de NZ ou Aust sur ce forum.
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11 Posts

Posted - 08 janv. 2011 :  11:30:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The TK-102 one send position with GPRS this how much byte traffic upload and download ?

I defined geofence area for TK102.
If tracker leave area the GPRS send tracker position ?

I would like if tracker inside area GPRS not connect, if outside area GPRS connect. This is available ?

Edited by - k2laci on 08 janv. 2011 11:30:59
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11 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2011 :  12:50:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi to all.
As I reported in my previous post my TK-102, after a short period while everything is ok, seems don't work properly anymore(when I call it non sms will be sent, when I send sms commands - such as "begin" or "admin" I don't receive "ok" reply from TK-102).

I bought a USB cable to reflash my unit, but when I try to do it using Flash Magic I receive "Operation failed. Failed to autobaud - step 1" error message.
I test port and baud using terminal and it seems is not a port problem.

Using terminal I can see the unit receiving a call but then the unit not send sms with position; I can see the unit receiving sms command such as "begin 123456" but after it the unit not send sms "begin ok" as it should. Otherwise if I press SOS button the unit send correct sms to admin number.
I suppose could be a problem related to the fact the admin number is "0039366xxxxxx7" but when I call the unit the number displayed is "+39366xxxxxx7"... but if I can't program the unit via sms commands the only way is to reflash it.

Someone can help me to resolve "autobaud" problem?

Thanks in advance,

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1 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2011 :  22:41:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

This is my first post.

I have a clone tk102. It works ok, but my cell number (admin number) was changed by the cellphone company.
Now I am unable to access the configurations by sms messages. So I want to reflash this unit. I saw at the gpspassion forum that the user kensms have a working firmware to reflash.
If anyone can help me, please send me a working firmware to reflash and how to do.
Thank you

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5 Posts

Posted - 12 janv. 2011 :  06:36:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
afaik, as long as we know the password, we can reset the unit with 'begin+password'. we can send the command even from the non admin cell phone.
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11 Posts

Posted - 13 janv. 2011 :  12:57:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi to all, is it possible to program TK102 via special USB-to serial cable instead using SMS commands? If yes, how to do it?

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1 Posts

Posted - 14 janv. 2011 :  00:26:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello. I want to ask... Does this GPS tracker has to be in STAND-BY mode to work?
I mean... this device can run about 2-3 days in stand-by mode, right? So when I call it, it will send me coordinates, and from this time, it will run out of power in 2-3 days? Am I right?

Example: I have GPS tracker placed in my bike for e.g. 4 months. Then I discover, that somebody stole my bike, so I call the number, it will send me coordinates. - COULD I DO THAT? (after e.g. 4 months of inactivity of GPS tracker)
OR - Do I have to had it turned ON while it is placed in my bike and every 3 days recharge the battery?

Thank you
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South Africa
4 Posts

Posted - 14 janv. 2011 :  06:50:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My TK 102 does not reply with sms any more. It is a coban.
It worked only one day. When i connect it to pc it starts ok going through probaby self test.
If i send it commands with sms i can see on pc screen that it received sms fine but does not send sms back.
On pc screen it say SMS RECEIVED UNREAD with phone number and command that was send for example:
begin 123456
etc etc...
but no sms is send back.
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61 Posts

Posted - 15 janv. 2011 :  19:20:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
XEXUN has put a validation tool on their web site to check if your tracker has been manufactured by XEXUN. On their main web page, top left, you have an input field where you can put your IMEI, hit the "Search" button, and you will get a popup with a simple YES/NO answer.

Now, before anyone starts thinking that their original tracker is a copy; if your tracker is old, it will NOT be on their IMEI database. I noticed the tool on their web site a month ago, tried some of my IMEIS, and quite a few were telling me they were NOT original XEXUN trackers. I contacted my agent in XEXUN, and he told me that they were not keeping track of the IMEIs before the construction of the new web site. I sent him a list of my IMEIs, and now they are all returning me a YES when I check if they are original XEXUN trackers
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Czech Republic
1 Posts

Posted - 15 janv. 2011 :  22:07:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, at first place sorry for my english

I´ve bought tk102-2 to track my car (I´m proffesional driver) but not everything goes the right way.
After while I successfuly configured it to send coordinates via sms. In response sms isn´t anything like so I think I have genuine XENUN. But now I want to configure it to send info via gprs to

I´m trying configure it according to but it doesn´t respond after gprs123456 command. Even when I try send adminip123456 ... it response something like admin number fail. So it tries command admin with password ip1234... Problem is that the special USB cable wasn´t in package so i can´t configure it through PC.

I would be really grateful if you could help me out of my situation. Thanks.

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5 Posts

Posted - 15 janv. 2011 :  23:17:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
my tk-102 become very hot when i install the battery and dosent work. nothing work
somebody know what happens? any idea? thanks for your help.
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Peter McGuire

New Zealand
15 Posts

Posted - 16 janv. 2011 :  10:46:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

The tk102 std by mode is 48 hrs on one battery, so you need to have it hard wired to you bikes power system. I have the units for this in NZ
or you could get one of ebay.

continued : I have been through the process of all the things that can go wrong with the tk102 and now have them working perfectly.

At first i could not get sms reply
Then co ordinates put my tracker in the wrong place, (in the ocean)

I have the upgraded software and the cable to install but have not used it yet.

My trackers were copy fake units with the upgraded software installed.

Peter McGuire
New Zealand
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Ivan D

1 Posts

Posted - 19 janv. 2011 :  20:23:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Please, try to solve my problem. I've got a tracker TK102 or its clone (I don't know how i can check this). Everything was ok. I send a SMS "begin123456" / Tracker responded "begin ok" . Then i send admin123456 +7926204***3. Tracker responded "admin ok". After this tracker stoped to respond to any SMS (begin123456, admin123456, etc). I can dial my tracker? but it doesn't respond with an sms/ I dial from the number +7926204***3. How i can flash my device or make another authoriized number? What could happened?
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1 Posts

Posted - 21 janv. 2011 :  21:15:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Guys

I have a big problem with tk102 , I configured a authorized number but I had a mistake with the number.

The device dosen' t respond my calls , How can I reset to factory default or delete the authorized number ?

Please I need help.

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7 Posts

Posted - 24 janv. 2011 :  00:11:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am Brazilian and English is not my native language, so I beg your pardon for my writing.
After browsing this topic and checking info on, I have realized I have purchased a clone of Tk102. The unit's IMEI failed the test. I have also compared the photos of the original Tk 102 published elsewhere on this forum and they do not match with my equipment. Who could guess that a Chinese company would pirate another Chinese company?
The clone imitates the new version of the said GPS tracker because it turns on when I insert the battery.
I have also learned the hard way that I need an open sky place to calibrate the GPS :)
After a few failures I managed to operate the device and it gives accurate Geoinfo.
Some commands like move work nicely, but they continue to send data until a nomove command is issued.
Commands like tracking work in a limited way. I have programmed to have a tracking of 5 times on an 8-minute interval, but they failed to work. Only 2 messages were sent.
The batteries are horribly unreliable. I have given them an initial 8-hour charge before initial use and when they are discharged I charge again for 5-6 hours.
Overall, being a clone of the Xexun's TK I cannot complain. It delivers what it promises.
Of course the TK original would do much better :)
Now a few questions:
- How can I stop the low-battery messages? They eat my SMS credits, as I use a pre-paid SMS card.
- Are there any more reliable batteries for sale? As I said, the ones provided with the device are sh!tty and crappy.
You are welcome to comment this long post, and I would appreciate some Brazilians to contact me at n+dot+rath+at+hotmail+dot+com.
I live in Brasilia and am using a Claro pre-paid SIM card.
Hasta la vista!

Da Enquirer
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