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 [TOPIC] Xexun "TK102" Tracker - User Experiences
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Posted - 16 oct. 2010 :  03:20:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've just bought a TK102 and i have problems with all commands, all commands fail everytime, if i call the tracker its response correct, if i change the password it reply "password OK", the SOS function also works,
any idea whats the problem? i send check123456 and the tracker reply was "user,password fail"
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Posted - 16 oct. 2010 :  07:40:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Please use exact these commands to configure the tracker for the first time and note down, if all commands are confirmed with okay or fail and post them.

make fac. settings before continue

Authorize cell phone number

set cell phone provider APN (replace with AT&T)

set APN user (not every cell phone provider has an APN name, if AT&T hasnt one, dont send this command)

set APN password (not every cell phone provider has an APN name, if AT&T hasnt one, dont send this command)

Set server IP and port (replace with orange data)

start tracking mode

set tracking interval (30 seconds in this example)

Edited by - Grottenolm on 16 oct. 2010 20:45:36
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Posted - 18 oct. 2010 :  15:49:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I want to received my GPS location via SMS however the unit replies with:


What can I do to get the Lat/Long to show?

Edited by - daviddjc on 18 oct. 2010 15:50:12
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Posted - 18 oct. 2010 :  21:15:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What model do you have ?

Edited by - rompan66 on 18 oct. 2010 21:16:49
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Posted - 18 oct. 2010 :  22:35:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by rompan66

What model do you have ?

I am not 100% sure, it has USA (340) sticker inside if that helps.

It is a TK-102, most likely a copy.

Edited by - daviddjc on 18 oct. 2010 22:41:17
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Posted - 19 oct. 2010 :  09:59:04  Show Profile  Visit sccarlso's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Just turn it on and put it outside so it can see the sky for about 15 minutes. I have one just like yours and if the GPS hasn't initialized and gotten a good fix once then you won't get anything back until it can.

Once it's initialized you should get lat/long data.


Edited by - sccarlso on 20 oct. 2010 08:25:02
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 19 oct. 2010 :  11:47:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi everyone

I have a TK102 from Coban. battery standby was claimed at 80 hours and perhaps several days use. This figure applies to SMS mode only. With GPRS I am getting under 14 hours which is not very good.

This maybe due to the fact that it sends a heartbeat with its IMEI number to my server every minute which I am unable to change. Does anyone know how to change it?

I could not get an explanation of the protocol document from their sales rep who claimed it was company secret (LOL), I have more or less worked out what the data sent back means but took 2 days of searching around. So if someone has a protocol explanation for the TK102 that will be much appreciated.

Is anyone seeing better battery life with GPRS?


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Posted - 19 oct. 2010 :  14:56:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Still can't get it to work right

What I am doing is:

Turning the unit on outside.
admin123456 my mobile number
Phone the device, it hangs up after 3 bleeps
Receive a text with:


What am I doing wrong?
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Posted - 19 oct. 2010 :  22:04:21  Show Profile  Visit sccarlso's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hmmm, pretty strange.

If you put in


You should get back


Then I would try to use the command


And see if you get lat/long data back.

I had this only happen once and it was when I was inside. Once I put it outside for 15 mins or so then it populated the data as expected.
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Posted - 24 oct. 2010 :  17:45:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Please help me firmware upgrade!

Dear everybody,

I have a TK-102, but it look like a clone one. In Geo-info SMS that have link ...

However, it's working unstable, sometime it can't make GPRS connection (I monitor by Accessport program). So I use the Firmwares download from links in this pages. But now it not working.

Monitor msg after upgrade firmware are:

+CFUN: 1


Call Ready

Does anyone have the correct firware for my device to upgrade. Please send it to me at

Thanks you for your help.
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4 Posts

Posted - 25 oct. 2010 :  18:47:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello, I'm new on this forum. I have read the entire forum and know that i have bought a coban TK102. I have it a week. in the beginning i had only SMS function and now i have also GPRS through Now i have the following problem. The device answers on all the command, like swith from sms to gprs, ipadmin etc. I always get an OK response, the only thing that it isn't doing is sending the GPS coordinates in a www.wxly... SMS. I may call him as often as i like but i don't receive an SMS. Last week i did receive when i called but now not.

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Posted - 31 oct. 2010 :  15:11:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello everyone!

I have a one year old Siberian Husky, her name is Maya and I can't leave her unleashed in forest. Because I doubt she goes away and never comes back. So I made a project that it serves to this purpose.

I Just build my own iphone application that shows the TK-102-2's realtime position on iphone's built-in native maps. My application's name is MAYACHO! (this is how my little sister calls her :))

What is this and how does it work?

1) A server with a proper socket set, gets the data from tk102-2 and saves it to mySQL after parsing the data from the whole string. (Lat, Lon, Voltage, Speed, etc.)
2) A php script gets the latest data from database and writes an XML file including the parameters:
Signal Status
Tracker Date
Server Date

3) Up to this point there's nothing to do with iPhone, but it starts from here.
4) My application reads the XML file and parses data from it. According to that;

- Shows the latest point on iphone's native map framework. So it's much faster than google maps api or other web-based javascript map applications.
- Shows your realtime location on the same map. (remember the blue dot on iphone maps? that's what I am talking about)
- Tracking mode. (switch button) If you turn this on it centers the map by the latest position of your gps tracker and trails it refreshing by every 4 seconds. No screen flickering just moves smoothly.
- You can zoom in/out by your fingers as you always do in maps application.
- You can switch Normal/Satellite/Hybrid map types.
- At bottom right corner, it shows the latest data in terms of: signal status and id (i.e. L / 90) L: low signal 90: 90th record on your sql
- When you click on the red pin, it shows a bubble with details of that point: speed, date, etc.

What needs to be done?

- A setting screen, which other users can input his/her own server and .xml file URL and can set refreshing intervals. (working on that) so I can share this with other people.

- I'd be pleased to hear your recommendations?

I'm a newbie on iphone SDK and It's developig now. I won't publish my app on appstore or anywhere else because I don't want to pay 100 $ to steve jobs!

My app only works on Jailbreaked Devices. Tested on iPhone 4 16GB. Works flawless.

Here are screenshots from the first beta tests.


P.S. Is there a way to set this device (tk102-2) to post data in an endless loop? Because it's not comfortable to send a new message after the n's reached in "T005S010N123456" command.

Or is there a way to send a command directly to the device over the gprs to continue to post data?

Thanks in advance.

Mert Demir / Turkey

Mert Demir
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Posted - 01 nov. 2010 :  12:22:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ok I just read the command T005S***N123456. I think this is for an endless loop.

But it's not stable, sometimes a big delay happens between two gprs datas. I think it's caused by bad GSM reception or my server's delay? Any ideas to improve the device's (tk102-2) stability?

Mert Demir
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206 Posts

Posted - 01 nov. 2010 :  14:52:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I dont think thats because of device's stability. I use a TK myself and self written server and that device is working fine by using the t005s***n123456 command. I think that in your case bad gsm connection is causing the issue.
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2 Posts

Posted - 03 nov. 2010 :  16:20:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
hi, I have a big problem.
I accidentally fed with 12 volts and the tracker was able to enter the burnt food. someone I can 'help? I need to know how I can power the tracker directly from the card, that is, if anyone has the wiring diagram or know where to solder the 2 wires to power the tracker without a battery. thanks.
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