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 [TOPIC] Navigon FreshMaps - Q2/2011 Available, MAC
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Posted - 26 nov. 2009 :  14:48:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Their response from customer service

NAVIGON did not decide not to deliver a new Freshmaps update, as promised I´ll send you a mail if the update is online and ready to download.

Please also note that the iphone software is on a different platform then the PNA-units.

To assure that we can fulfill our promise in the coming years it was necessary for us to fully rework the map material. This is the main reason for the holdup on presenting the new maps.

Garmin 3590 LMT
Tomtom 540-TM
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Posted - 26 nov. 2009 :  15:06:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Why would they not send out a mass mailing to all the people that are fresh maps customers so we all had an idea of what was going on. I guess that would be the smart thing to do instead of getting your customer base really upset at the lack of an update.
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Posted - 26 nov. 2009 :  20:16:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mr. Swimm,

Since you offered to hear other

No doubt by now you, and others at Navigon,
have received numerous inquiries from owners
of your equipment here in the U.S.

Included among this group, as you must be
aware, are a number of individuals who are
not only owners of Navigon GPS equipment,
but attorneys.

It is my own view, as a journalist here in
the U.S. and a later adopter of Navigon GPS
equipment, nearer to the time when your company
decided to drop out of the North American GPS market
that Navigon did its former customer base a grave disservice.

My own records are thick with appeals to Navigon's
North American headquarters, and notes of conversations
in which I was told essentially that Navigon could do
nothing about such issues as serious hardware and software
issues (in my case with the 7200T) that afflicted Navigon

Here are some examples:

-- Navigon has failed to issue firmware upgrades
that would deal with freezeups in 7200T units requiring
cold restarts.

-- Navigon has failed to issue firmware upgrades
that would correct the problem of DAY/NIGHT AUTO screen
function not working properly (in some cases, owners have
been forced to perform software code modifications themselves
to approach anything near what Navigon promised as part of
this base software feature in its GPS units).

Where NAVTEQ updates are concerned, Navigon has been
consistently behind the curve. EXAMPLE: It is now
nearly December 2009, and most Navigon owners have not
yet seen any Q3 2009 update under existing FreshMaps

In the area of communication with your (former) U.S.
customer base, I believe it is completely accurate
to describe Navigon has having been woefully deficient.
Your company essentially shut down communications on
such issues as map updates, unless prompted by emails
or letters from angry and frustrated customers, with
your web sites becoming basically non-responsive to
anyone's needs.

All of these issues are more than adequately documented
in the various GPS discussion groups. And all of this
comes at a time when Navigon moved into a highly publicized
relationship with Apple for GPS services.

So, it should come as little suprise to you, and other
Navigon officials, that individuals who placed their
confidence in your company's product(s), only to have
the rug pulled out from under them, are upset.

I hope Navigon will go some considerable further
distance toward addressing these issues.

For example,one obvious step would be to address a communication
to existing account holders on Navigon Fresh and Fresh
Maps stating clearly:

-- The status of web site access, and clarifying Navigon's
commitment to continuation of map updates for the duration of
existing contracts.

-- Whether owners of existing Navigon GPS units,
like their counterparts in other world regions, can
expect ANY future support in the area of firmware upgrades
to correct known issues.

-- Whether owners of Navigon GPS can expect any future
support in the area of battery replacement, or unit replacement
or compensation in the event of confirmable defect.

I sincerely hope Navigon will choose to address these
issues clearly and honestly, as one would expect that you
and other company managers value the support of any
customer base you have built, regardless of how long
Navigon has operated in any specific geographic region.


Washington DC

On Thu, 26 Nov 2009 04:31:00 -0500, Maurice Swimm <> wrote:

first of all I would like to apologize for the delay in making the new maps available. To assure that we can fulfill our promise in the coming years it was necessary for us to fully rework the map material. This is the main reason for the holdup on presenting the new maps.

The production of the new map material and the testing is in the final stage and we aim to present the new maps within the next week.

Please fill free to contact me if you have further questions.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards / Salutations distinguées
> _______________________
> Customer Care
> NAVIGON AG Postadresse/ post address:
> Schottmuellerstrasse 20A Berliner Platz 11
> 20251 Hamburg 97080 Wuerzburg
> Deutschland Deutschland
> Phone: +49 (0) 931 3573-2950
> Fax: +49 (0) 931 3573-33-227
> Web:
> Twitter:
> Facebook:
> Handelsregister beim Amtsgericht Hamburg / Commercial Register Hamburg
> HRB 95046
> Vorstand / Management Board: Egon Minar (Vorsitzender / Chairman), Dr.
> Wend von Wietersheim
> Aufsichtsrat / Supervisory Board: Dr. Klaus Esser (Vorsitzender /
> Chairman)
> Dear Sir,
> I obtained your email from the GPS
> discussion group, regarding map
> updates from Navigon which were
> promised to customers in the U.S.
> market after Navigon withdrew from
> this region.
> It has become clear to owners of
> Navigon equipment that your company
> has had great difficulties fulfilling
> the pledge to provide FreshMaps updates,
> which is extremely disheartening to
> those who placed their trust in Navigon,
> either as first users of your GPS or
> repeated customers.
> Can you provide ANY assurance to Navigon
> users still here in the North American
> market that Navigon will be providing
> map updates, and providing them with any
> degree of timeliness and certainty in
> coming months?
> Sincerely,
> D[ed]
> Washington DC
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Posted - 27 nov. 2009 :  19:51:39  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for sharing, however this topic should stick to discussing the map updates, not go into how Navigon will operate in the US going forward as this will be "lost" in this topic, instead this should be discussed in the Navigon USA cancels new GPS models, to exit US ?, thanks.

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Posted - 02 déc. 2009 :  18:02:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Any update on the updates we were supposed to get last week?
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Posted - 02 déc. 2009 :  18:16:03  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
What do you mean? Either they are available or they are not, since you're interested in this topic, why not check yourself and share your findings?

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Posted - 02 déc. 2009 :  18:29:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
perhaps because I have not received one response from navigon via e-mail and others have had better luck.
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Posted - 02 déc. 2009 :  18:55:29  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I believe you have since your forwared several to me in September, anyway it's a moot point, all that matters is if/when the update becomes available, whatever they may say before that happens is of little value based on what's already been posted here.

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Posted - 02 déc. 2009 :  19:00:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Perhaps I should have said I have not received one response out of the last 8 I have sent. Agreed, moot point.
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Posted - 04 déc. 2009 :  00:05:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've tried checking for new Fresh maps. All I get is an error message stating:"this software is not supported at the moment". Any one know what this means?
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Posted - 04 déc. 2009 :  00:26:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
At least it is differant, maybe the beginning of the end

Garmin 3590 LMT
Tomtom 540-TM

Edited by - lost-in-space on 04 déc. 2009 00:27:25
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Posted - 04 déc. 2009 :  00:35:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, when I just tried to log in to my Navigon account, the login failed. I was able to log in several days ago, but not now. Wonder if that is a indication of anything.
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Posted - 04 déc. 2009 :  15:59:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just got in under my account on navigon's website.
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Posted - 04 déc. 2009 :  16:00:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
But if you try to selecet something after logging in I go back to the login screen again.
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Posted - 05 déc. 2009 :  00:16:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Now if Navigon wanted to step up to the plate and save some face with U.S. customers they would extend our Fresh Maps subscription since they've only released two map updates in almost 1 1/2 years. Nothing close to the "up to 12 maps over 3 years" they advertised.

That is if they ever come through with the map updates.

It's a shame. I worked with the customer relations manager and one of the lead programmers to resolve an issue with the phonebook transfer and LG phones. We had good communications back and forth and they were supposed to get me into the beta program. That was maybe 1 month before Navigon laid off the U.S. staff in Chicago.
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