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 [TOPIC] nüvi 5000 - 5.2" 800x480 Screen, Games
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Posted - 12 févr. 2008 :  22:27:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
5.2" - 800x480 resolution - Routes - Games - No battery - $799.99 MSRP

UPDATED 03/2010 : nuvi 5000 discontinued, see details on page 7.
CES 2008 presentation : >> link <<
Product page on the Garmin website : >> link <<

Stopped by my local (Atlantic City, NJ) Best Buy today and was very surprised to see a nuvi 5000 on display with the other GPS'es; I don't even see it on their website yet. Price was $800. I spent a good while playing and have to say that I was not at all impressed. It has a very sluggish feeling when drawing the screen; dragging the map around is really slow with detail set to most. Zooming in and out was also really slow. Garmin really needs some better CPU's and graphics chips in these things. As a comparison, I also tried the same things on a 750 on display and it seemed a little faster although still much more sluggish than the high end TomTom and Mio hardware. The deeply nested menus from the 600 series seem to have gotten even deeper on the 5000 and you need to back your way out just to get to the map. Why can't they just put a "map" button on those screens for a quick return?

The software was pretty much the same as the 700 series although there is a custom avoid feature (buried deep inside the menus). You can select a rectangular area to avoid, and I also think you can select specific roads but I didn't try that myself.

The screen looks nice, but doesn't seem to show any more of the map than the 4" units, just thicker lines. This surprised me a little because the screen is 800x480 which almost 3 times the pixel count of the 4" units (at 480x272). But I'm sure the larger screen would be easier on my old eyes nonetheless. The omission of a battery on this unit is a big mistake IMO, although I guess nobody would carry something this big around with them.

So I'm afraid this model wouldn't interest me at all. Too bad, I really want to like the new Garmin units. Maybe the 800 series will offer better performance?

Edited by - Boyd on 12 févr. 2008 22:29:59



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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  00:13:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Boyd! This helps my upgrade decision a bit.
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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  01:20:57  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for this report, was it supposed to be out already? Not the usual Garmin announcement/release cycle ;-)

Not much to get excited about then, odd that they didn't make better use of the screen, on the iPaq 310 that you also own I think, the higher resolution gives somewhat of a "paper" feel. On the 5000 it seems you get the disadvantage of the added horespower requirements of the resolution but not much of a benefit.

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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  01:24:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just remember that we all have our personal likes, dislikes and expectations. If you're generally happy with the Nuvi series then my complaints may be a non-issue for you. I used a Nuvi 650 for a number of months, putting about 30,000 miles on it. The 5000 and 700 series both have some nice upgrades from the 600 series.... QWERTY keyboard, track log, custom routes and now custom avoidances. That's all good.

What I find particularly disappointing is that the hardware hasn't gotten any faster. I believe my 650 actually re-drew the screen faster than these new models. Try playing with a TomTom 720/920 or a Mio c520/c720. Zooming is MUCH faster and more fluid than any of the Garmin's. And dragging the map around with your finger is considerably more responsive. On the Mio you can even drag the map around in 3d view for a "flyover" sort of effect - pretty impressive.

Of course nothing is perfect though, and those units have their own share of problems. But Garmin really should beef up its hardware to give better performance.
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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  01:33:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
GPSPassion: yes, I agree completely. I was expecting the maps to look great on a screen with such higher resolution, but they just look "bigger". The iPAQ screen is quite impressive - it has the same pixel count as the bigger screen on the Nuvi 5000 but it's only 4.3" diagonally. If you do the math, it works out to 214dpi on the iPAQ screen, which is getting close to laser printer territory.

I really dislike the iPAQ software however and have given up on it. But it makes a terrific platform for OziExplorer CE, which is all I use it for now. But since Ozi uses standard system font sizes, they're TINY on the iPAQ screen... it would look better at 800x480 on a 7" screen, but I guess we can't have everything Nevertheless, if I had to choose between the Nuvi and iPAQ for use as an automotive navigator I would defintiely pick the Nuvi on the basis of the software.

On Garmin's website they say "first quarter 2008" for the Nuvi 5000, so I guess they're on track. But it's odd they would have it in the store but not on the Best Buy website. Maybe they are test marketing in selected areas? Interestingly, everyone here was talking about Best Buy and Circuit City having the 700 series in stock long before they made an appearance this same local Best Buy. The Garmin website says the 800 series will be available "2nd quarter 2008".

Is anybody else finding the 5000 in their local stores yet? Curious to hear your impressions.... maybe I'm being too harsh but I really was "underwhelmed".
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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  05:30:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yes, I played with two this weekend. One at Best Buy in Richfield MN and one at Circuit City Edina MN. I was looking at it from the perspective of can it replace my Garmin StreetPilot 2730 and although I do like:

-larger screen

-Sirf receiver chip

I, too, think it was a mistake to not include an internal battery. Oh well, perhaps the Garmin Nuvi 5100 will have an internal battery.
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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  07:05:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Did you take any picture of the unit? can you post them?
Did you see any of the underlaying linx OS?

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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  07:14:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I saw a 5000 at our local CC & was very underwhelmed myself.

I own two SP 7200 Garmin's & other than including the sirf chip (which I don't really need as I always use an external antenna), the 5000 seemed to me to be a downgrade in almost every way from the 7200's (which I absolutely LOVE)

One of the best features of the 7200 IMHO is being able to set up "custom tabs" with basically any info you want, down the SIDE of the screen plus of course the SP's can all be set up with the "next turn pop-up" displaying automatically......


Edited by - jmorton10 on 13 févr. 2008 07:17:08
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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  08:03:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Boyd

Garmin really needs some better CPU's and graphics chips in these things.

The SiRFPrima is coming...
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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  14:46:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Boyd - they will snare you back in with the soon to be released model. Maybe it will be called Nuvi 201000.
Gads they just don't stop. Add this and miss that.
The old Nuvi 350 keeps mapping me around. I am good.

It will really take something super compelling to make me even look again. Ever fell somewhat impressed and un-impressed all in the same breath. That has been my take.Still Garmin must have a lot of new buyers they tapping into since they keep selling them.
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Posted - 13 févr. 2008 :  18:07:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by jotne

Did you take any picture of the unit? can you post them?
Did you see any of the underlaying linx OS?

Sorry, no pictures. Wasn't expecting to run across the 5000, I was just passing through the GPS dept in Best Buy when I noticed it. I've read that they are linux based, but from a user perspective it behaves just like any other Nuvi. Guess we need to get some out in the field and people will figure out how to hack into the system.

But what about the older Nuvi's? Is there a linux OS lurking beneath the surface there too? TomTom implements linux in an interesting way. The whole filesystem is compressed and stored where you can't get at it when mounting as a USB volume. When you boot the GPS, the filesystem is decompressed and the root directory changes to it. Then the other filesystems are mounted. But with the SDK, or some other hacks, you can open a shell in a terminal session via bluetooth and login as root.

Perhaps Garmin is doing something similar?

Edited by - Boyd on 13 févr. 2008 18:08:40
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Posted - 29 mars 2008 :  23:50:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Revisiting this old thread with some new impressions. Spent awhile with the Nuvi 5000 again yesterday at Best Buy. There's a lot to like there, but it disappoints in many ways as well. As mentioned above, it just seems slow. Subjectively, I feel my Nuvi 650 was faster. I tried doing several things simultaneously on both the 5000 and a 780 on display and the speed of redraws and route calculations seems about the same (eg: both were probably slower than the 650 IMO).

The big screen is really easy to read and sets it apart from all the 4" models. But I confirmed that it shows no more detail than the small screens; they make 800x480 look like 480x272. For comparison, I found a state park near me which I know, and zoomed in until it nearly filled the screen. At this level all the little roads became visible on the 780. Then I found the same park on the 5000 and zoomed in until the park was about the same size on both screens. On the 5000 you could see a larger area surrounding the park due to the bigger screen. However, at that zoom level the small roads didn't appear yet. I had to zoom in one more click - to the same scale as the 780 - and then the little roads became visible. So, in other words, the park filled the same proportional area of the screen when the little roads appeared - it was as though I just used a magnifying glass to enlarge the size of the 780 screen. And yes, both units had detail set to max.

Now I learned that the 5000 shows DEM shaded areas when you zoom fairly far out - which is cool. My iPAQ also does that, and it seems to really slow things down. I didn't really understand what the criteria were for it to display the elevation data though. Sometimes it showed it and other times it didn't. Seemed like it would only appear when you stopped messing with the screen for a little while. I'm guessing this data comes from the same basemap used on the Colorado handhelds. I'm really curious how the topo maps will look on this screen - it might be a nice unit for those. The shading never appeared at higher zoom levels - seemed like you needed to zoom out to 5 miles or more. There were no menu choices I could find which controlled this.

But I did make one significant "discovery"... YOU CAN TURN OFF AUTOZOOM ON THE 5000! Wow. It's hidden in the menu where I didn't find it originally. Like Garmin's other awkward Nuvi menus, this one is accessed by pressing a down-arrow on the Map screen, which brings you to a second page. I'm sorry, but it's really ridiculous to have a 800x480 screen which only shows 4 menu items on a page. C'mon Garmin.

It has track logs like the 700 series, another plus. The QWERTY keyboard on the big screen is very nice actually. I also played with routing. Haven't really tried this on the 700's, but I think it's all the same. You can insert and delete waypoints and import routes. But calculation seems really slow. I made a route of several hundred miles, then inserted a stop at a restaurant 2 miles away from my starting point. It took forever to recalculate that route.

So this all makes me very curious about the 800 series. Will it have any improved software? Will it have a faster processor? Or will it just be a 5000 with a smaller screen and a battery?

[edit] Just looking at the 880 vs 5000 specs on Garmin's site. The 5000 can store 3000 waypoints while the 880 only supports 500, like most of Garmin's other models...

Edited by - Boyd on 30 mars 2008 00:04:06
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Posted - 29 mars 2008 :  23:59:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Note - the Nuvi 5000 manual is available here:
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Posted - 30 mars 2008 :  00:23:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I played around with a 5000 today at Best Buy and was also unimpressed for the same reasons you mentioned. Personally, I also feel that these units are getting too large. Seems like the 6xx/7xx series are in the sweet spot, size-wise. I understand that others may feel the need for a larger screen/unit but if you have a smallish-sized car, it just makes mounting the thing even more of a task. But better more size options than none.

I also wanted to comment on the lack of a battery...what is the point of putting numerous games on a unit like this, not engineering a battery within the unit and forcing the user to play the games in the car? I would REALLY hope that the games have a lock-out feature that do not let you play them while the vehicle is moving. All we need is for someone to be playing a game on their nuvi 5000 while yapping on the cell phone and attempting to drive at the same time.

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Posted - 14 mai 2008 :  01:20:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Okay, I just received my Nuvi 5000. I bought it to see if it can be a replacement for my current StreetPilot 7200, which I use basically for the XM Navtraffic information. I just returned my Dash Express, which did not impress me, and will receive my MSN Direct receiver tomorrow. I'll be comparing the Nuvi against my StreetPilot for a while, especially comparing the traffic data. My short trip with the Nuvi today was pretty impessive, I really like the screen, even though it is smaller than the 7200.
More to come....
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Posted - 16 mai 2008 :  01:13:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mort I can't wait to hear your review. I have the 2730 and I love the XM navtraffic, but I need to keep an eye out for a replacement if my 2730 quits. I wish Garmin would allow the Nuvi to use the GXM-30 antenna, I guess I can keep hoping.

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