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 [Navigon 21xx/Other] Non GPS soft, How-to, ScummVM
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Posted - 28 déc. 2007 :  13:05:36  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

  • Added: 28/12/07 ScummVM Guide

  • Added: 12/04/08 ScummVM Guide update

  • Added: 17/04/08 ScummVM GAPI Install Tip

  • Added: 24/04/08 *Non-GPS Software* (Continuation)

  • Added: 24/04/08 TCPMP *under construction*


ScummVM Guide

Current version known by me that works for navigon of ScummVM
Version: 0.11.1


Frank read over this tutorial long time ago and added these notes to
an e-mail about two little tweaks to do, so you dont have to worry
about installing gapi all the time, and how to prevent the wince cab
installer from removing itself after usage.

Just thought I would add them here incase it wasn't something
someone knew already.

PS: You can prevent WCELOAD.exe from deleting the CAB- file by
setting the "read only"- attribute to the file.

Alternatively you can copy the GX.DLL and the GX_HPC.ini with the
GAPI settings, into the ScummVM folder of the SD-Card, so you won't
have to keep installing it in the first place.


Forgot to add this update, after I finished
testing the gapi dll for Frank, it was finished pretty much after
this guide was done, so if you didn't notice that there is a 4.01
with the Navigon 21XX series addition, so now you can avoid the
software emulation mode section of this guide and just select your
navigon 21XX hardware in the combo drop down list and hopefully it
should work! (didn't really notice much of a preformance gain coming
from the emulation mode btw) so if people are freeking out about
their device not in the list don't worry about it too much as
ScummVM seemed to run pretty much the same :) but I will leave the
emulation section in there for other devices that are not directly
supported, as this guide should work for pretty much any unlocked
winCE gps not just the Navigon 21XX series. Feel free to say if you
got any device working in the thread also even if it's not a Navigon.


Installing ScummVM

Since I don't see many how-to use other software on this unit
besides unlocking and GPS software tweaks, and I don't want
to step on anyones toes or highjack their thread here it goes...

I was looking all over to figure out how to get SCUMMVM
working on the Navigon 2120 I first started with version 0.9
and that worked pretty quickly with just the addition of the
aygshell.dll v4 to its directory ,
but then I had a problem with no hardware buttons on the unit
and the need for right click for BASS they were telling me
that double click works with a double tap of the stylist but
this did not work for version 0.9 so I wanted to move up to
0.10.0 but when I tried to do that with the aygshell.dll
method it just tossed up errors so I kept seeing this gapi
word in the SCUMMVM forum so i went and searched for it and
found it on a German pocketpc site last which they have
massive support for A LOT of GPS units *unfortunately not this
one though I tried many of the different units as they are
pretty much the same as this one like the 310 it pops up lots
of error messages that are annoying and can get you in a
lockup some times so i started to play with the other options
as one of the error messages said to use the emulator i first
tried the emulator in the list and that didn't work the
greatest so i found the Emulator tab and BAM that worked like
a charm no more nags, it said it will be much slower blah but
I have NOT noticed any lags so far, and then finally while I was
nagging the SCUMM forums about right click I saw a work in
progress for 0.11.0 was out for x-mas so I jumped to that one
to play some Lure and It worked just as great as 0.10.0!

Anyways back on topic picture tutorial:

Don't even bother with your GPS Maps Navigon SD card grab a
fresh one, any size that will hold SCUMMVM and a GAME then
when you want to play a game you can just swap the card as
were not going to be navigating and playing a game at the
same time and if you do please watch out for Poles and other
random objects like people...

If you have a SD card reader/writer it makes this part really
simple and Way faster with USB 2.0, if not maybe a USB cord
from a camera or other USB device that fits in the mini USB
port of the GPS (It will also charge your GPS from the
Computer YAY! "orange light means charging, Green means fully
charged") as the GPS device is in mass storage mode when you
plug it in to the computer and it will act as the SD Card
reader/writer but its pretty slow as its only like USB 1.1...

Extract these files to the root of SD CARD:


Add the GAPI Installer







Add a folders to the SD Card called SCUMMVM

Next you need a game of course so why not some BASS (Beneath A Steel Sky) as its FREE and a good game!:

A couple games need engine helper files so grab that (the CD
version comes with it)...

Grab the CD Talkie version...

If you don't have 67MB free you can use the 7MB floppy
version ("don't copy that floppy!!") with no talkie as I
first tried with a 16MB card (OMG old school!) then later
grabbed the "dime a dozen" now 1GB cards for the larger games
(BASS Talkie, Broken sword 1 & 2 (400MB w/Compressed
Audio/Video as its Like 1GB with out compression) :(

So now make a folder in the SCUMMVM GAMES Folder we made
called "BASS" and extract the BASS files to it:


now your saying "you said picture tutorial??" isn't text
directory structures just like pictures !? yeah no.

so onto the pictures!
(were almost done please bare with me here, we've come a long
way I feel like I know you now! NAWT!)

So first up the sexy <->Navigon 2120 OMG its identical to the
2100 WHOA MiNDfuX, YAY!
Place the SD Card we just setup into the SD SLOT of the GPS
Unit, if its already there as you used a USB cord WONDERFUL
you are ADVANCED! pat yourself on the back and pop your ego
with a pin. Next up HOLD the POWER button for like 7 seconds
to POWER down the unit then hold it down again for like 5
seconds to start the unit backup OR hit the soft reset with a
dull tipped pointer on the side of the device, and now you
should be @ the WinCE desktop I can feel you shaking with
SCUMMVM anticipation so lets get going!

Try out the SCUMMVM.exe in the scummvm folder we made on the SD CARD

OHNOS!, you gone N done it U bR0KZ WinCE!!
hit OK and continue.

what it needs is a nice injection of GAPI

(note: the GAPI cab will remove itself after installation so
ether make a copy of it on the card before hand and toss it
in a folder called backup on the SD card and then copy that
to the root ever time you want to use it, unsure how to stop
that from happening anyone please enlighten me on that if
theres a reg setting or something. suppose you could also set
the physical read only Lock on the SD card?)

so use the device explorer and "navigate" ( GET IT? :$ ) to
the "Storage Card" if its not showing up there, along with
the "Flash Disk", Windows folder, Control Panel shortcut, etc
it is because the USB cable is plugged in and WinCE is
currently running in "MASS STORAGE" mode as it does that
Auto-magically when you plug the USB cable in. You can either
remove the cable or do the easy thing and go to CONTROL PANEL
scroll to the bottom and tap "Usbfn Switcher" then tap "None"
then tap "Change", close that window with the X and you will
magically see the "Storage Card" now. open storage card then
tap GAPI_for_HPCs_v400

now click OK top right to install GAPI to Program Files also
none of this is permanent NO WORRIES!
(If you reset the device all this will go away or put in the
other Navigation Maps card and reset the device will go back
to factory defaults and everything will be removed like GAPI
we just installed!)


Information box pops up click OK!

Then you will have to pick your device unfortunately Navigon
21XX is not in the list, I sent a message to the GAPI guy
Frank Weseloh and hopefully he will be adding it sooner or
later (thanks FRANK!) but for now we can't choose any of
these so close the list box then click the right arrow over until
you find the Emulator TAB PAGE 7/9 check "Use GAPI emulator" &
320x240(Native) as that is the proper resolution for our device
240x320 would be for a vertical screen not a horizontal wide-screen
one like ours.

go to the second last tab "Test" and tap GAPI test 1
them snowboarding :( tap the screen again to stop the TEST.

Next you may want to go to the "Setup" tab and tap "Remove
taskbar" as it will be annoying in SCUMMVM when it pops up in
the way while you are trying to use the games bottom bars.

next is a little bit of a hack as some games need HARDWARE
buttons mapped (BASS, Broken Sword, etc) and unfortunately
there is none on the navigon 21xx besides the power button
and soft-reset and those wont work as a game button :D ( yes I
tried ) so I found there was an OSK (on screen keyboard in
SCUMMVM if you double tap the top of the screen a bunch of
times) which is basically totally useless as when you tap on
something on the screen and then try to tap the SCUMM OSK it
will move the cursor off the object onto the OSK, so I
discovered that the wince OSK even though you can't see it
will stay ON-TOP of SCUMMVM and you can use that for mapping
other keys that games require like RIGHT-CLICK, ZOOM IN/OUT,
HIDE SCUMMVM Bottom-bar. and it will not move the SCUMMVM
cursor off the objects YAY!

Drag the keyboard to the lower right so its out of the way of
the game and only the amount of buttons you need to be mapped
are on-screen.

And now the time we have all been waiting for go run the
SCUMMVM.exe in the SCUMMVM folder we made on the SD card
again and it should run like so! YAY wonderful!! amazing!

next tap "Add Game..." it will ask if you want to auto scan
if you have a lot of games for SCUMM hit yes then browse to
the games folder and add it other wise hit no and navigate
manually to each game folder to add it to the list (you have
to do this for Broken sword other wise you wont have any
speech or video as scan only adds the game folder and leaves
out the other folders outside of the game files folder)

double tap the game and it should load if this is the first
game you ran (BASS) it will ask you to map the right click
button and will get stuck in a loop and wont let you out till
you map it or reset or end the SCUMMVM task. so make sure you
have the WinCE OSK open before you do this!!

tap the "right click" selection then tap MAP button on the
right then tap the WinCE OSK "ESC" key, REMEMBER we put it in
the corner before you loaded SCUMMVM, it might move the
keyboard up try to find the window top bar and drag it back
to the corner where it will stay for the duration of the

See the magic hack glitch boarder for the WinCE OSK when

NOW PLAY THE GAME PUNK! What are you waiting for? ENJOY as I
did figuring out all this magical stuff VOONDERBAR!
P.S: double tap will pick up items in BASS or the right click
we mapped OSK button but to use the items in the top bar you
must drag the mouse cursor on the item at the top and then
take your tap (finger,Stylist) off the screen then tap the "ESC"
key we mapped in the bottom right corner it should highlight
the item with a lighter green colour to know you did it

now here is a lovely shot of Broken Sword running smoothly
turn on subtitles as some of the game character accents are
French and are difficult to comprehend sometimes.

Thanks to all the people that made all this possible with
their software and other hacks.

I wish I had something to read like this when I was figuring
out all this delightful stuff. <-- awesome guy keeps the WinCE port of SCUMMVM going! useful files to get apps working

Don't forget your processor is ARM so only try those packages listed for ARM

Feel free to add any other FREE software you know works well
on the Navigon 21xx and what files are need for it to work
properly to this thread with URLS other wise I'll just keep
adding the software I am currently playing with...


*Non-GPS Software* (Continuation)

Since above we pretty much covered how to unlock and install
software the rest of the section will be sum'd up as follows the
quick and skinny versions of software working that I have played
with so basically file listings and files needed to get it working
and maybe a picture or two of it working and or not working :D





App Type:

Main URL:

File Extra's:

Install Note:

File Listing:

Optional Settings:


Lazy Build:


Title: The Core Pocket Media Player, AKA: TCPMP

Version: 0.72RC1

App Type: Multimedia

Main URL:

Software URL:

File Extra's:

Install Note:

File Listing:
*Software Files*
\Storage Card\TCPMP\splitter.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\network.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\common.dll
\Storage Card\TCPMP\interface.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\mpc.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\mpeg4.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\mp3.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\mpeg1.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\amr.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\camera.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\matroska.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\vorbishq.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\language.tgz
\Storage Card\TCPMP\copying.txt
\Storage Card\TCPMP\tcpmp.htm
\Storage Card\TCPMP\player.exe
\Storage Card\TCPMP\setup_ce3.dll
*File Extra's*
\Storage Card\TCPMP\AC3.PLG
\Storage Card\TCPMP\ffmpeg.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\flac.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\speex.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\vorbislq.plg
\Storage Card\TCPMP\wavpack.plg

Optional Settings:


Lazy Build:

Edited by - TeknoJuce on 24 avr. 2008 13:49:17



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Posted - 01 janv. 2008 :  02:00:51  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Excellent guide, thanks for sharing ;-) Linked from the index !

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Posted - 05 janv. 2008 :  04:51:28  Show Profile  Visit pdragonfly's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Navigon 5100 w/traffic

¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*
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Posted - 12 janv. 2008 :  04:54:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the link to GAPI!

Works great on VM970 (though not officially listed either)
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Posted - 31 janv. 2008 :  14:57:10  Show Profile  Visit Kondyke's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Positively Fantastic
Great Post!
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Posted - 31 janv. 2008 :  23:11:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Terrific and it works!

** wise men learn from intelligentsia's mistakes **
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