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 Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs
 Unlocking Magellan Maestro series
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Posted - 07 déc. 2008 :  19:40:44  Show Profile  Visit safemode's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I have a magellan maestro 3225 and I have to say that it is so completely worth the money my gf spent on the refurbished model. I followed the instructions on installing the softbutton application.

Basically, in linux or windows, mount the provided partition (sdN5 or such) and copy the softbutton app to the /app directory as the first page of this thread describes.

Then, copy the file manager app as the first post describes.

The tcpmp app is likely not available as the first post has linked. You should grab the cab, and in windows, open the cab and manually extract the files. Rename them to the correct names and then copy them to your gps device. Edit the appropriate unit.xml file and voila, totally functional media player.

The only thing that didn't really work was the customizing of the loading screen. Apparently the images in the app/App/Images directory for the background during bootup dont get used. Well, the SplashScreen_V2_Animation1.bmp file gets used for like 2 seconds but the main one used must be sitting elsewhere. I really wanted to just change the pointer representing your current location to something else, but that too is not found in this directory. oh well.

All in all, I have had zero problems adding apps to the device and most things are working great.
I added new updated maps and the 6 million points of interest too.

The only thing to not function the same as before are the following:

For some reason, volume button when viewing map doesn't work. Volume settings can be altered in the Settings menu though. Probably has to do with softbutton running, much like most issues with bouncing between the Settings program and the Navigator program.

To get back to the navigator after playing with the Settings, you have to use the softbutton to switch to the Venus2 app. No big deal.

File manager doesn't like to move directories, but copying them is fine.

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United Kingdom
1 Posts

Posted - 12 déc. 2008 :  21:38:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi all,
I've been looking at this forum and this thread in particular for some time and think the info excellent.
The problem I find is that the thread is so long actually finding the info I need and/or following a line of discussion is not particularly easy.
What do others think about a Wiki for hacking the Maestro (& other Magellans?) along the lines of the Open TomTom or Navigo ones?
If folks are keen could GPS Passion host it or would it be seperate?

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Posted - 17 déc. 2008 :  20:05:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have not SDHC Transend 4GB Card, and look like it works, so if you want more memory, you can use the same card.
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1 Posts

Posted - 21 déc. 2008 :  22:56:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

found this site when i was looking for how to hack/change the navigator-program in my Maestro 4050.

i have look through all 12pages, but... i cant really understand how i should go forward to hack my 4050. :/

the thing i would like to be able to do is watch movies and try other nav-progs.
can anyone help me to do that?

you can contact me on msn: or just email me if you dont want to write here. :P
would be great to use Garmin, because they have maps for Airplanes (my wife and i fly TMG).

//Dennis from Sweden.
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4 Posts

Posted - 20 mars 2009 :  17:19:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Help!!! I followed Yarus' instructions to unlock my Magellan 4250. After I formatted the gps, my computer cannot recognize the gps!!! What can I do? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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1 Posts

Posted - 21 mars 2009 :  05:43:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey folks--I've been searching for days trying to find something that would allow me to convert my Maestro 4050 to my Garmin nuvi 765t. It's a dat file, which I can open in notepad, but unfortunately the lat/long is unreadable. I've been unable to find any conversion software that will do it and after reading how serious you guys are in this forum I thought maybe one of you could help this old guy. I'd be happy to email anyone the dat file. All I'm trying to get from the file is the very basisc of the file, name, lat, long, and address.
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4 Posts

Posted - 21 mars 2009 :  17:11:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Help!!! I followed Yarus' instructions to unlock my Magellan 4250. After I formatted the gps, my computer cannot recognize the gps!!! What can I do? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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9 Posts

Posted - 29 mars 2009 :  07:11:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
8gb SDHC works on Maestro 5310....just make sure you give it a label (SDcard or similar) when you format it to Fat32....

Magellan Maestro 5310 w/Lexar 16gb SDHC card
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Czech Republic
1 Posts

Posted - 29 mars 2009 :  23:50:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have Magellan 4215 and I deleted directory App an now need winceimg.cks and winceimg.bin. anybody help me?

thx Quasimodo

PLS iGo8 work on the magellan Maestro 4215?
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51 Posts

Posted - 30 mars 2009 :  00:20:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I've just tried MioPocket Lite with some success. It has unlock, SD Wifi support (haven't tried), SD or Flash install, multiple skins, a media player, games, etc. I've had more success with this than MP2.

I've also created a Vista Ultimate based skin called XRoads Navigator that is launched during install and replaces the default skin, created an icon for Magellan and Navigon in default screen.

NOTE: My Mag 4250 keeps handling the power button as a hard reset and MP Lite as well as MP2 would keep relaunching their installation routines. MP Lite's has a Q&A approach that made it almost unusable. My skin and scripts replace this with a streamlined launch. IMPORTANT: My script mods load from SD card and don't install Wifi. Edit unlock.mscr to suit your own needs. I've added comments here and there to help.
You'll have to click the red triangle in the upper right after install to get to skin. I'm working on that too as Magellan loves to relaunch and show the caution screen with OK button.

Who knows how to 'force a click' on the app switcher in a script (red triangle in upper right)???

My zip file is meant to overwrite the MP Lite files, so save your original MP lite build.

Download it via this post:

Other: If you like the Stopword skin as I do to be set as default as hard reset, edit
init.mscr file in folder 'MioAutoRun\Scripts to edit the skinname you desire by adding below after
the Run(Close) line towards end of script. Though, I do kind of like my new Xroads Navigator skin replacing the MP Lite default.


#Reset MioPocket Lite's starting page then restart MioPocket Lite.
IniWrite( ScriptsFolder\"Settings.ini", "Skin", "CurrentSkin", "Stopword" )
CurrentSkin = IniRead( ScriptsFolder\"Settings.ini", "Skin", "CurrentSkin" )
SkinFolder = (Drive\"MioAutoRun\Skin" & "_" & CurrentSkin)
WriteFile(SkinFolder\"SysInfoSettings.ini", "Pages\Stopword_Navigation.ini", FALSE, "unicode-prefix")


Omnitech 4.3-WCE5.0 w/MioPocket2.0 / Magellan Maestro 4250

Edited by - richbutler1 on 30 mars 2009 16:25:57
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9 Posts

Posted - 30 mars 2009 :  18:54:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi all,

I bought a Maestro 5310. Is it possible to run miopocket or something similar to unlock it and run other software on? If so how to do.

Many thanks in advance
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51 Posts

Posted - 30 mars 2009 :  19:02:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Try MioPocket Lite via SD, try my skin above for MPLite if you find that the power button forces hard resets each time.

Search for it under Mio category or keywords.

Omnitech 4.3-WCE5.0 w/MioPocket2.0 / Magellan Maestro 4250
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6 Posts

Posted - 31 mars 2009 :  22:15:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Is it possible to put Garmin Mobile XT on the Magellan Maestro?
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9 Posts

Posted - 01 avr. 2009 :  20:36:14  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi richbutler1,

Thanks for your help. I think I made a little progress according to your step. But I saw the skin of Miopocket2.0 only once. Then my GPS reset, a dialog box shown as "Miopocket install" appears. When the install is completed, GPS reset and still the same dialog box, then reset again... How shall I do?
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51 Posts

Posted - 01 avr. 2009 :  20:50:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

This is all due to the Magellan 4250 (maybe other models) power button on top forcing a hard reset instead of soft when pressed. It is a complete pain in the ass, so I made a workaround using MP Lite.

I suggest you install MioPocket Lite instead (no disrespect to MP2) copy files to flash as I outlined before, THEN install my streamlined install via link above overwriting files on SD card if asked.

My scripts eliminate the MP Lite prompts for install each time like yuo get in MP2, it has a great Vista like screens and backgrounds too. If you like to greater # of icons/tabs like MP2, add the script piece I copied above to the init.mscr as described to default to Stopword.

You'll have to click OK twice when warning screens come up and at end click red triangle in upper right to show skin. I'm working on a way to auto click that too.

Omnitech 4.3-WCE5.0 w/MioPocket2.0 / Magellan Maestro 4250
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