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 [TOPIC] Customizing the HP iPaq 310
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Posted - 27 mai 2008 :  03:02:14  Show Profile  Visit specter's Homepage  Reply with Quote

are you able to get your ipaq 310 to boot up in 640x480? I have been trying without sucess. i tried changin the file in the OS/config/ directory. the sys.txt file has this command:

;force resolution

it is also in the file in the OS directory. Tried changing it to 640x480 in there too. no luck. I even changed the splashscreen bmp file to something else and it still showed the old splashscreen.

anyone have any luck editing the OS files on the ipaq 310?

WEBSITE: diMka Skin Homepage

WEBSITE: Ipaq Travel Companion mods
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Posted - 27 mai 2008 :  15:28:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello from Moscow.
1. There was info about resetting device by pressing and holding weel.
2. You can customize your Ipaq and use usual IGO8( or Igo 2006) version, for example, with all maps available fot it.
Some people reported you can buy original Europe and Russian maps from HP for approx. $160
Originally posted by podvodoy

Hello. I have 2 troubles with my HP 310.

1)Can anybody send me backup copy of original registry. My is corrupted.
2)Can anybody help with finding maps of europe countries.(Europe Union + Russia)

Thanks! =)

Alexey on IPAQ 316
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Posted - 28 mai 2008 :  06:22:27  Show Profile  Visit lbendlin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Has anyone managed to get Netfront 3.5 to run yet?

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Posted - 29 mai 2008 :  03:09:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
SPECTER - hope you can help me out. i saw you worked on a skin that shows the current house number on the left and right of your gps position, on the same line as the current street name. do you know how to use this function on miomap3.3 THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

Edited by - stk on 29 mai 2008 03:12:31
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Posted - 29 mai 2008 :  08:51:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello from the new guy!I have been following this thread for quite a long time but was unable to register for some reason.
When I bought my 316 couple of months ago I was slightly disappointed with it.Lbendlin tried to enlight me but soon became desperate with my ignorance...I was having hard times finding and installing things like TC or TCPMP.
Now, thanks to your mods and "betterisations" my iPaq316 has become a much better device.
For those of you working on new mods, a quick glance on what 316 accepts:
#Fullscreen by default and transparent bars, but unable to install the blackstripe (actually, only the one at the bottom was visible)and the color of the font remained blue.
#Compass mode is OK.I only lowered the position of the arrow a bit in order to make it visible when the "next turn" sign"s on the screen.
#Managed to change the settings so that now I can swith between current and next street but was unable to change the color for current street, so in order to know what's on the screen I have made the font size for current street a bit smaller also adding the glowing border.
#Scheme mod is working in all its versions.At the moment I'm using the one that makes my choice permanent but I think day and nighi themes do not swith automatically although the slider for night mode is on "auto".
As for the Skins I only tried once and put one of them into the "scheme" folder, but nothing happened.Suspect I might have done something wrong...
#Managed to change the font, but there's no cyrillic support so the option is to choose any western language instead of Bulgarian (Russian, ect.)
If there's a way I can help you in your wonderful work, am at your disposal.
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Posted - 29 mai 2008 :  16:41:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
How to delete all contacts on iPAQ 316 Travel Companion?
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Posted - 29 mai 2008 :  17:24:58  Show Profile  Visit specter's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Has anyone else noticed that searching for a POI along the route returns POIS that are NOT on the route? It doesn't seem to work correctly. I haven't modified anything that changes the routing behaviour, so I wanted to see if anyone else had that issue. If not, let me know. I may need to figure out what is wrong with my ipaq.

WEBSITE: diMka Skin Homepage

WEBSITE: Ipaq Travel Companion mods
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Posted - 31 mai 2008 :  23:21:14  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
EDITED BY ADMIN : Discussion of software obtained illegally is against the forum rules. Thanks.

K Sankara Rao
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Posted - 01 juin 2008 :  00:00:18  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

would you place your modded ui files in a folder, and maybe upload them somewhere for guys that want the mod, but dont want to screw up.


HP Ipaq 310 -A ppSuite 30555 - Driver version v1.00.02 / MIO C520 firmware: V3.3 01/2008
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Posted - 03 juin 2008 :  22:44:32  Show Profile  Visit lbendlin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by pAdLa

How to delete all contacts on iPAQ 316 Travel Companion?

delete the ipaq\sqdb file

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Posted - 04 juin 2008 :  22:04:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Please help me. I have been going through this forum and google for days trying to find place to get apps for my ipaq 310. I have experimented with .cab and .exe programs. Maybe Im just too much of a n00b to know how to install them. I did manage to get TCPMP and shell program to work. All I want is some more programs on my ipaq. Maybe I missed something in the forums, please give me a lead, anything, anyone.
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Posted - 04 juin 2008 :  22:50:57  Show Profile  Visit lbendlin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
What is your motivation for getting these programs on there? What are you trying to achieve?

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Posted - 04 juin 2008 :  23:37:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
@specter and all the other EFM modders

Great website with the MOD's, thank you very much for that work!
In principle, it seems to work as described (haven't tested it fully though).
I have some questions to MOD 2 (EFM) though... (I have the iPaq314):

1. In the section about ui_hpi_sagan/common/ui/navigatemap.ui, <script sc_Full_MapSize>, you write
"look down until you see the and add the line: ui_fmap.hide"
while below (in the AFTER part), it says
" ;**********************EFM MOD START*******************
;***********************EFM MOD END******************** "
So what is it, .hide or .show?

2. In the file ui_hpi_sagan/800_480/ui/navigatemap_800_480.ui, the biggest modification, there are several lines at the bottom that say
" ;******** Pressing the next street name will" ... seems there's something missing, and each following line is commented out, like
" ;<BUTTON btnSPC_next x=310 y=0 bmp="hp_cur_st_btn.bmp" onrelease='run sc_btnNMQR_Avoid_OnRelease'>"-
Is that correct?

3. On the new screen, the text (street names) and the icons do not seem to be aligned as before (street names too high at the top and too low at the bottom...)?

4. The Volume icon seems static - unmodified, the volume icon changes to the backlight item when tapping twice, allowing for backlight adjustment, but after the mod, the volume icon remains. ??

And lastly: Will the changes survive a reset?

Thanks for your help!!


Originally posted by specter

I have updated the EFM mod;

* Pressing the Next Street name will open the avoid menu
* The ETA data will show Time left on trip, Distance and Estimated Time of Arrival when on a route
* When it is not on a route, it will switch to GPS Time, Speed, Altitude
* Pressing the ETA data will open the ROUTE INFO screen

There have been a few other small changes to the text position to make things look better.

Edited by - simima on 05 juin 2008 00:21:10
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Posted - 04 juin 2008 :  23:55:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by lbendlin

What is your motivation for getting these programs on there? What are you trying to achieve?

I just want to use my ipaq travel companion as more than a navigator and music/video player. I want to use it as a datebook, planner, business manager, etc.
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Posted - 05 juin 2008 :  00:33:38  Show Profile  Visit lbendlin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
frankly speaking you are wasting your time. You need a Windows Mobile device, not a Windows CE device. Get yourself a Windows Mobile Professional Pocket PC phone with built-in GPS.

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