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 My Nuvi 370 Impressions/Review thread
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Posted - 01 nov. 2007 :  19:24:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just got my Nuvi 370 about a week ago and have been playing with it since. I thought I would write a mini review and keep it rolling as I get more experienced with it:

Initial Impressions:
I bought the nuvi for the same reasons that everyone buys one: the size, the garmin brand, the navteq maps. I went with the 370 in particular because of the added features of bluetooth and the fact that it comes with a traffic receiver. It also has maps of Europe which I hope will be useful in the future. A lot of people ask what to get well you won't be dissapointed with the 3xx series of Nuvis

350 - excellent mapping
360 - +bluetooth
370 - +bluetooth, +Europe,+included traffic receiver

The case is very sleek and the entire thing is packaged very well and tightly. The screen is bright, and the thing is very intuitive to use. Really anyone could use this thing right out of the box

The good so far:
* Small easy to handle little unit
* The map quality thus far appears to be pretty excellent (see below though)
* The blutooth functionality is pretty excellent
* The MP3 player is excellent
* The integration between all the audio sources is excellent (it mutes the MP3 to give you directions)
* It's very easy to use
* Once it's locked on, I have yet to lose reception despite being burried down in my dash
* Plugging it into a computer is easy. WebUpdater makes like pretty easy too
* Recalculation is EXTREMELY fast, it doesn't waste any time getting you back on track.

The bad so far (looking for ideas/solutions if you know of any):

* Can be somewhat slow to lock on at the beginning, usually I have to bring it above the dash to get a lock then it goes down below. I have ordered an external antenna

* There is a great difference between the volume of the music and the volume of the directions. Often I have the music set right but I strain to hear the directions. I may have to edit my MP3s to solve this problem

* I think ALL ports should be duplicated on the little black bracket that plugs into the back of the nuvi, I don't want to have to unplug things from the Nuvi to remove it from the car. I should just be able to unplug it and go. The two ports in question: the external antenna port and the headphone jac

* If the antenna port must be on the unit (I suspect so), then it should be on the body, not on the flip antenna...the probably put it there because of the magnet that keeps the unit from acquiring with the antenna closed

* I can't always find the address # I am looking for, what's this all about. I type in a number of an address and it gives me choices around but not exactly. I later find out that the place I am going is listed in the POI's with the correctly numbered address, what's this all about

* The routing isn't quite perfect, it seems to often want to take me backwards a bit in favor of the "fastest way" but I suspect that it's hard to agree with it when you're in an area you're truly familiar with (it's really a bad test).

The accessories I have purchased:

I have an invisible shield screen protector: It's good, $12 with lifetime warranty. Not sure what I was expecting but it looks like a regular screen protector to me

I have a speck products "skin" for my nuvi. Considering I may carry this thing around, I bought one of these. Fits like a glove, cut well to fit all the ports perfectly including the antenna, etc in the back

On order:
Garmin GA25MCX
Garmin Microphone

I will post pictures of my setup once I get it all wired up.

* Nuvi 370 * Garmin Microphone * Garmin GA25MCX External Antenna * Speck Products Skin * Invisible Shield Screen Protector * Modified VPM voice files for higher volume

Older b&w etrex vista for outdoors activities!

Edited by - merlin2375 on 01 nov. 2007 19:41:18



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Posted - 01 nov. 2007 :  21:40:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When did the City Navigator Europe NT 2008 maps start appearing on units?


Edited by - hufaunder on 02 nov. 2007 20:16:54
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Posted - 04 nov. 2007 :  05:52:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
how much did you get that for?

i just bought me 350 for $500 and I just saw the 370 for $450 (special price) online frys
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Posted - 09 déc. 2007 :  04:41:43  Show Profile  Visit RedRaider's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I got the 370 in about August, I'm guessing, from Fry's as well. It was about $450 on sale. This is my first posting on this forum, a
friend of mine recommended this site to me.

So I haven't a clue about what all my Nuvi can and can't do, yet. Guess I could read the owner's manual? Nah, I'm a guy, we don't read
those things. :)

I do have a couple of gripes about the unit. The one thing I would really, really like to see is the option to make the keyboard a
QWERTY keyboard. I know how to type and I'd much rather the unit be laid out like a typewriter instead of ABCDEF. Yuck!!

Secondly, a few times, the unit is wrong about an address I've entered. Specifically my sister's. When I am traveling to the south to go
to her home, it tells me to turn left at her street, when I should actually be turning right. Same story when I am going north. It tells me
to turn right and I know I need to turn left to get to her house.

One other thing and maybe this is because I haven't read the owner's manual yet. What is all this stuff I read about traffic updater?
I'm interested. Where do I go to find out about this and what it is?

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Posted - 09 déc. 2007 :  10:06:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
That's probably because you serched your sis's address by house number, and the numbering on that road is incorrect.

If, when you are at your sis's, you add a favorite while you are sitting in her porch, the next time you will be able to ram her porch...
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Posted - 09 déc. 2007 :  13:32:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Smiley, you're killing me.. ;-)

nüvi black 260 v3.60/2.30b * nüvi 200 v3.60/2.30b * nüvi 660 v4.20/3.00
Garmin GPS 72 * GPSMAP 76S * Mag. Roadmate 800 * Honolulu, HI .. USA
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Posted - 11 déc. 2007 :  00:21:58  Show Profile  Visit RedRaider's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Well here is what is really weird, GoogleMaps and/or GoogleEarth has her home listed on the other side of the avenue as well.

If that is the case, how in the world does the post office not get confused?

Does anyone else have the same gripe about no option for a QWERTY keyboard? I thought others would feel the same way I do about that.

Lastly, can someone please address my question about Traffic Updater or lead me to a site where I can learn about it? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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1269 Posts

Posted - 11 déc. 2007 :  14:38:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Probably because the postman can read the house address?

Edited by - smiley1081 on 11 déc. 2007 14:39:30
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